WOW! THATS HUGE! Said Fay and the others in amazement seeing the Christmas tree in the store. ”Yes, it is but don go too close to it alright. But why? asked one of the children to Mrs. Elsher, Fays mother. Well, it may lose balance and end up on you. Oh ok then said the children moving a few steps behind. Whos is this though asked Eveleigh, Fays 9 year old sister. Mine said a head popping out from behind the tree. Oh nice to see you Mrs. Lock heart. Said Fay. You too Fay dear. Said Mrs. Lock heart smiling.

Everyone enjoyed talking about how excited they were about the holidays coming up. After about an hour Fay and her family returned home.

Mom. Said Fay to her mother. Yes dear? she replied. Can we have Eve over for the holidays as she her school closed too? she asked. Well I have to make sure with her parents first. Her mom replied unsure.

Hey Fay. Said Eveleigh coming in the room with a big cardboard box. Look what Ive found. Keep it there; Ill be back in

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