The next day Fay and Eve got ready to go to see Mr Arthur.

What if he asks about your parents? Eve asked suddenly. Well just say that mom and dad are not home and that we have something important in the drawer. But what if he insists on talking to your parents first? Eve asked starting to get worried. Well just come up with some excuse Eve Fay said grunting. Lets just go for now.

As the girls were going down the street,they noticed something….

Hey, look at these posters on the street walls.Eve said. Yeah,Ive never seen so many of them before. Fay replied. The list of MISSING posters go down the whole road.

Theres been a lot of such cases within these few weeks. A voice suddenly said from behind. The girls turned around to see an old man wearing a suit and hat smiling at them.

Hello dears. The man said. Hello. said the girls replied. The man turned towards the posters and sighed. Is something wrong,sir?Fay asked the old man.

See this girl? He said pointing towards a girls picture,who was probably in her 20s.She was one of my close friends daughter.She went missing last week and her house was in complete chaos,trying to find her. Oh,Im so sorry for your friend. Eve said. The man smiled and said nothing.

Everything was quite for a while when the man said, Okay children I have to go now. With that the man went on his way. The girls also continued walking down the street.

They saw a few more posters on their way and reached a small but pretty house. Here we are. Fay said. They went and rang the doorbell. Even after waiting for a few minutes no one responded.Eve was about to ring the doorbell again,when someone from behind said-Hey Fay! Oh, hey Mia. Fay said surprised. Who is this? asked Mia. Oh,this is Eve. My friend from boarding school. She replied. Well what brings you two here,early in the morning?

Is your dad home?she asked. Well he just left for work. Damn really. They said disappointed. Why so? Mia questioned. We needed help in fixing a drawer.replied Fay. Want me to help you? Mia offered. You can?Eve asked.yeah learnt a thing or two from dad.she said.

They went home and entered the room.

This is the menace. Fay said opening the closet. Mia went to the closet and tried to see what the problem was.After a few moments she saidThe hinge has rusted. So…can it be fixed?asked Fay and Eve.Of course it can. Mia said taking her tool box out.

Fay and Eve sat sown and watched as Mia started to fix the hinge so it could move again. All done. she said after a few minutes. Thank you so much Mia.replied the girls beaming.Your welcome.

After Mia left,Fay quickly entered the room and opened the drawer.Finally!She exclaimed.How much do we take?Eve asked. Lets just take the approximate amount and leave.

The girls left the house and after walking for a while they noticed a lot of noise coming from somewhere. Hey whats that noise?Fay asked. I don know,lets go see.

They went to see where the noise was coming from.But what they saw made their jaw drop.It was a huge fair with so many different stalls put up and there was a huge crowd there.Wow!When was this put up?Eve asked in Awe. I don know.Come on lets check it out.Fay said starting to walk towards the fairs entrance. Shouldn we go t-.But Fay didn let her finish and just dragged her inside.

So,where should we go first?Fay asked ignoring Eves protests.You know what lets just go to the antique store first.She continued.They both went inside the store and explored the place in silence as they were in awe looking at the beautiful art pieces.

Then later Eve saidFay its almost evening lets go eat something.Fay agreed and they both went to the stalls and filled their bellies.They went on a few more rides and then Eve suggested,Fay its getting late lets go home.But Fay said,Okay but lets go on the ferris wheel once and then we can leave.Eve agreed.

They went on the ferris wheel and admired the view in front of them.

After they were done riding,they started walking home.Halfway there Fay suddenly said,Oh no!We forgot to buy the ornaments. I tried to tell you but you just dragged me inside the antique store. Oh yeah,the sandwiches that the owner offered us were so good.Fay said thinking about the food. Eve snapped her out of her imagination and said,lets focus on getting the ornaments Fay.

They counted the amount of money they had.Well this should be enough to get us a few ornaments.Fay said.Lets see if we can find a store on the way.

When had almost reached home,the girls noticed a small and sketchy looking store. Look theres a store right there.Lets go and get the ornaments before it gets too late.Eve said.Its already really late Eve,besides this store looks a little strange to me.Well,doesn look like theres another store we can find this late,can we? Fay then agreed to go to the store with Eve.On the way Fay also told Eve that she had never seen the store before,so it must have recently been opened.

The girls entered the store and noticed that it was a bit dark and eerie inside the store.There was a man sitting near the counter.His face wasn noticeable due to the darkness.Fay and Eve started looking through the ornaments.They
e pretty cheap.Looks like we can get a good lot of them.Eve said.

They gathered the ornaments and went to the register.The man sitting grinned at them and started to check out.

When he was done registering,he gave the bag to the girls.He still had that grin on his face which started to creep the girls out.They payed for their items and left the store.When they started walking back they noticed that the mans smile grew even wider.Eve grabbed Fays hand and they left.

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