Howling sounds from the mountains prompted my panicking self into taking my wolf form. My claws dug deep into the ground as I sprinted through the woods. Branches twigged at my ferocious contact with them. I was determined to escape my predators.

The vibration from underneath and the howling sounds closing up on me was my nemesis. My weak wolf could only run a few kilometers a great speed. Soon, I was exhausted but I was not about to stop. That would be suicide.

I hadn seen the cliff till I got to it, screeching to a stop. Deadend. Now there was no chance of survival for me. It was die or die. A dilemma.

My predators were getting closer, and their howls spoke more of their enthusiasm to tear me apart.

Surely, I was gonna die one way or the other. But at least, I should get a less excruciating death. And thats wasn surrending to them.

I looked down the cliff and it was all rocks down there. There was no telling if I would survive the fall but I wasn about to stick around long enough to find out.

With my eyes shut, I launched forward and took a leap. My howls were endless and pierced into the night.

Quickly, my eyes flew open at the voice of my best-friend. I was literally shaking, grabbing my duvet in panic.

”Daisy, its okay. Just a nightmare. Youll be fine, ” Her voice was laced with concern as she stared down at me.

Another nightmare. Another reminder of the agony etched in my existence. There was no escaping it. Not in my dreams. And never in my reality.

My name is Daisy. A goner. An Omega.

Staring out the window at the familiar sights, I gulped down the nauseous rumble in my stomach. Id been feeling under the weather since I opened my eyes to dawn. There was no telling if I had actually come down with a flu or if it was just the only reaction my body could give to the ugly turn of events.

My nightmares had always been warnings to an ugly fate closing up on me. The first night I had a nightmare, I ended up bedridden for weeks with a broken arm and bruised foot. That day left a lasting imprint, as it was the beginning of being a Target and a plaything for the four horsemen of the pack.

Silver pack remains my root and the only place my loyalty would always lie, despite how much agony Ive had to endure over the years. My parents were Omegas and had died the year I was born, leaving me in the care of the other Omegas.

Being an Omega was a curse, a curse and a curse. There was no room to sugar-coat my words, and there was no way in hell I could call it somewhat a blessing. It wasn , not in any way. Just so you don misunderstand, Silver pack isn Hades, and we are blessed with the most courageous, considerate and fatherly Alpha any pack would ever ask for. The problem lied with the Alphas only son, and his clique. They were the monsters and the reason I would never know what being happy feels like.

As an Omega -with a weak werewolf-, I was meant to serve the pack. And dear God, do I carry out my duties with utmost love and dedication. But it seemed Alpha Logan and his clique wanted more. Picking on me with aggressive jokes and low blows about my weird look.

In my human form -dark hair which cascaded down in waves, roughly a 54, round face, yellow eyes, slim and slightly curvy, naturally tanned- I could pass for pretty, not sexy, but thats okay. In my wolf form, I was nothing short of a pup with yellow hue on my fur. That was weird in every way, and Alpha Logan never stopped reminding me of it.

Alpha Logan, Charles McDonald, Drake Reeves and Jake Flakes were the infamous four horsemen of the pack. Alpha heirs are expected to be humane, kind-hearted and rational, as they would be an Alpha soon. Alternatively, the silver pack had it all wrong from its Alpha heir to the Betas.

Alpha Logan OHara was a breathing tsunami; Beta Charles McDonald was his best friend and his greatest Ally; Beta Drake Reeves was a pain in the ass and Beta Jake Flakes mostly delivered the low blows and the taunting laughter. Being born with special abilities, which eluded other werewolves, put them on a pedestal, and up there, they forgot the concept of being humane. So there, you have it.

Silver pack would never be a safe haven, thanks to these monsters.

But three years back, everything changed a bit. The four horsemen left the pack to go study in a highschool for humans. I didn know the gist, and I didn care. Bottom line was, no more trouble for me. I basked in the freedom and peace that hovered over the Silver pack. My nightmares disappeared and I could have dreams of beautiful, breathtaking sights like the sunset, the blooming flowers, waterfalls. My agony was over, not until yesterday did I realize how wrong I was.

Shutting my eyes, I relived the moment when Id walked into the assembly hall of the Alpha king and the elders of the pack.

Their intent stares got me so nervous I barely took a step without losing my footing and taking a good fall. Yeah, I was clumsy to a fault. Blame that on my lack

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