of self-confidence.

After a few good falls, I finally made it to the interrogating circle and I bowed. My throbbing heart could be heard from miles away. It was the first time I was standing on an interrogating circle and God, was I scared.

”No need to panic, my child. Its all good. ” Alpha Victor gave a hoarse laugh. He was an average old man, with striking looks of white hair and glowing, white beards. Even at his age, he could still make head turn and take breaths away. Logan took after his looks in many ways than one. But in character, they were worlds apart.

He reached out his scepter to me with a warm smile on his face.

In the lores of Silver pack, it was told that when an Alpha King reaches out a scepter to you, it was a symbol of love and grace from him.

I held the edge of the scepter with shaky hands, and a bowed head. ”Thank you, Alpha. ”

”Daisy, I must say, you look more womanly than the last time I saw you. So beautiful, just like your mother, ”

My eyes stung and I blinked rapidly to hold back the tears. Discussing my parents always triggered torrents of tears, despite how long its been.

”Thank you, Alpha, ”

”No, thank you, Daisy. You
e a breath of fresh air and having you around filled up the void your parents left behind. I pray for the repose of their souls everyday. Their love for each other was symbolic and I pray they are together wherever they are, ”

”Me too. Thank you, Alpha, ”

”My child, you see, I called you here to discuss an important issue with you. So Ill go straight to the point, ”

My fingers were crossed, awaiting whatever was coming my way.

”How would you like to leave the Silver pack? ”

”What? ” My eyes trailed up to behold him. I was shocked.

”Not literally, if thats what you
e thinking, ” He chuckled, and I could hear some elders follow suit. ”Just, to go study like humans do, ”

”Oh ” I lowered my head again. My mixed feelings echoed in the hall. Getting to know what it feels like studying would be considered a great adventure, but something tells me this wasn all.

”You see, Daisy, you grew up here and being so dedicated and insightful, you take notice of every little detail. Makes you unique, from others, ”

I waited patiently for what I knew wouldn be a good thing.

”From your toddler days to when you first shifted under the radiating glow of the moon, Ive witnessed all the torture my son put you through. Im ashamed as a father, and Ive always felt sorry. I keep hoping someday, hell realize the true duty of an Alpha, ”

”We all hope for that, Alpha, ” the wait was killing me.

”You know, its astonishing how resilient you are. Despite everything, you still bounce back and shrug off the pains. I think thats what pisses Logan off the most. The fact that he couldn really break you, ”

Well, if you were already broken, how could they break you any further? Still, I bowed, ”Your kind words are comforting, Alpha, ”

”You wouldn mind sharing a residence and a school with him, would you? ”

There it is! Fuck, Id expected something less devastating. Nothing prepared me for this.

I gawked at the Alpha, downright stupefied by his words.

”Logan and his friends have been quite disturbing for the humans. They are a depiction of disaster and my good friend, Lawrence, who owns the highschool is losing his patience. I don know what to do, except employ your outstanding capability. Tell me, Daisy, how do you take all their abuse and never break? ”

”I was born to serve, and I don mind in what condition I do it in. My love for the pack, my love for you, Alpha, gives me all the courage and strength I need. ” Oh, how perfect my lies were. Whoever said I wasn broken? I just didn know how to show it.

That night, I went back to my room, convincing myself that this wasn gonna be that bad. Getting a highschool diploma and seeing so many beautiful places was like a dream come true. All I had to do in return was be at the service of Logan and his clique. Like I was doing here.

Not so bad after all, I repeatedly said the words, and drifted off to sleep. Then there was the nightmare, and it ripped apart whatever optimism I had going.

”Youll be fine, ” a firm hand patted my shoulder, and I glanced her way. Suzy Earl, an Omega and my best friend, had a reassuring smile in the perfect place just for me. ”Ill be with you, so don think about it much. ”

”Okay, ” I nodded, forcing out a smile. Unlike me, Suzy had left with the four horsemen three years back. She visits the pack at Summers and returns at Falls. This time, it turns out she came to take me with her, under the instruction of the Alpha.

Honestly, it was a huge relief having her with me. Getting settled in New Orleans would be easier with her placating aura.

I looked out the window again, and my expression grew gloomier. In a few hours, wed be in New Orleans and Ill be facing whatever misfortune awaited me. Dear moon goddess, please save me.

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