I dropped from Maxs vehicle and went into the office using the elevator. I was still surprised that he had asked me to date him, to show him how to love and a share of the company?, who would pass that off? I sat on my desk lost in thought. ”You back already? ”, it was Von again. ”Just mind your business and face your work… leave me alone ” i said in annoyance. ”Okay, okay, ish, sorry ”. I leaned back on my chair folding my hands across my chest. ”Im just not gonna think hard about it ” i whispered to myself as i began working.

I glimpsed at my wrist watch, it was 6:31pm. ”Time to leave ” i mumbled to myself. I closed my laptop after i shut it down to head home. On my way to the exit my phone fell on the floor i. As i bent down to pick it up i could see a shadow coming up from behind me. Immediately, i picked it up and looked behind. It was Von. ”Oh sh*t, you scared me ”, i said with one hand on my chest. ”Sorry, I didn mean to scare you ”, he said apologetically.

”Are you following me? ”, i asked walking towards the door leading outside. ”No of course not… but can i at least give you a ride home? ”, he offered. ”No thanks, Im good, Ill take a cab ”, i rejected him pushing the door. ”Oh come on, i insist ” Von persisted as he followed behind directing me to his car. After contemplating for a bit, i finally agreed to his offer. He pulled the door open for me, i got into his car and waited for him to go round. After he had gotten into the car we zoomed off. ”So good day today at work? ”, he said trying to look at me while keeping his eyes on the road. ”A little ”, i answered him. ”So where did you go this morning ”, Von asked curiously. I glanced at him briefly and turned to watch the road. ”To see a friend… why do you care? ”, i asked wondering why he was so inquisitive. He put his hand on my thighs brushing them with his thumb as he kept his eyes on the road. I looked at him trying to process the level of his courage. ”Well because I don want anyone taking you away from me ”, he responded with his hand still resting on my thighs. ”Could you please take your hand of me? ”, i said beginning to feel a tingling sensation. He still didn , instead he put his hand through my skirt and shifted my panties to the side rubbing the surface of my surface with one hand still on the wheel. ”You know Ive been fantasizing about you for a while now….. ” he slowly drove his fingers through my pussy making me moan with pleasure, ”…..the fact that you don let anyone touch you makes me want to make you mine ” he said as he slowed down the car. He aggressively moved his fingers in my pussy getting more intense. ”Von stop ”, I whispered silently, ”i feel funny ”. He grinned, ”you like that yes? ”. I could feel electric waves moving around my body, i felt light headed, my body was out of control. The sensation i felt in my body made me want more as i bit my lips. Suddenly i could hear Maxs voice replaying in my head, the offer he had laid on the table. ”Sorry I can do this ”, i said grabbing his hand that was under my skirt and pulled it out. ”Please let me down here ”. I said stretching out my skirt the right way. ”Is something wrong? ” he said as he slowed down to park at the side of the road. ”Nope, i can get home from here ” i said dropping down. ”We will continue from where we left off next time ” Von said licking the fingers that were in me, ”see you at work tomorrow ” he said with a smirk on his face and drove off.

I got home full of questions in my head. I went into my bedroom and dropped on my bed. I stared into the ceiling for a few minutes and looked at the table by the side of my bed. ”Oh damn it! ” I mumbled to myself as i looked at the bunch envelopes that were on the table. I had a lot of bills to pay but my current position at the office wasn really making me earn a lot. I thought one more time about the deal that Max had offered and came to a decision. How could it hurt, it was more pf like a fake date. Of course after i made him feel love it would be over. But what if I wasn able to, then what? I thought hard about it until i fell asleep.

I woke up to the ray of sun hitting my face. I fell asleep with the clothes i had been wearing all day long yesterday. I looked at the time, it was 7:47am. ”Oh sh*t Im gonna be late ” i said rushing to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and had my bath. When i came out of the bathroom, my phone beeped i walked up to the table and picked if up. It was Max he had sent me a message. ILL BE COMING TO THE OFFICE TODAY, SET UP THE MEETING my eyes widened as i read the text. The day i wake up late is when he decides to come to work. I dried my hair with the brown towel i had in my hand as fast as i could, strolled to my wardrobe searching for what to wear, i pulled out a silk green flay dress from my wardrobe and immediately put it on. ”Argh, i forgot to put on my bra ” i said putting on my high heels. I finished putting them on contemplating whether to wear them. I glanced at my wrist watch, the time was 8:01am. ”Arrrrggghh, no time ” I said as i walked to the door and looked around to be sure that i had everything that i needed. I picked up my hand bag that i threw on the kitchen table last night when i got home and left closing the door behind me and locking it. Max was already in his office when i arrived at the company. I knocked and stepped into his office and there were flowers lying on his table. He immediately ended the call as he sighted me. ”Ill do it ” i said not knowing why i said it that time. He just stood still looking me in the eye. ”What am i doing? ” I mumbled to myself.

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