Aesthetic Introduction


A four-letter word can mean so much twisted fantasy desired for one. The sanity rarely worked here. I was confused. Not the part where I say about LOVE, but every part of my emotions I am having right now.

I have always fantasized about a ”Perfect Love ” but never really understood the meaning of ”PERFECT ”. Nobody fitted into it.

How can I ever feel something for someone I barely know? How can I feel so insecure and confused about someone I just met? Insanity in me had almost reached its peak.

We were only together for a few months. And I had never believed in love. But still, something about him felt inherently strong. Is it the way he made me feel so comfortable? Or it is that I knew we couldn become ”US ”.

It was one day until he asked

”What does all this mean to you? Us… you and me…does it ever make you feel anything? What are we? ”

Oh boy. I could write a whole paragraph about how I felt when I am with him, How he makes me feel that could lay beneath all the desired crimes I wanna have, only if it was sane.

That is the moment when my heartfelt a strong wave of emotions that I barely could recognise. Was it Fear? Fear of losing myself again to someone I could never have? Or it was the part of me who knew something in me wanted him.

He was extremely tempted. Tempted like offering a sin. The tension between us when we just stare at each other, lost in our eyes, I feel like he is the fuel to my fire. To all my desire.

When his hands would grab my waist firmly, I shouldn have felt what I felt at that very moment? Why did my heart race when his eyes locked deep with mine?

Sometimes I would imagine in my head, these moments when the extreme tension had finally collided as our lips did too. Pulling me in his lap as he sneakers back my hair to linger trails of small kisses. The butterfly in my stomach would make its way all the up to my heart. I never knew they could do that. I was so blinded by a mist of perfection in him, as soon as my hand landed on his toned abs. How would not anyone fall for that?

His hands did grab me firmly by my waist as the heat in us started to feel in the air too. By this time, we were already covered with a thin layer of sweat that made him look so **ing hot!!! I bite my lips to cover the unchained lust that lingered inside of me. How can I not be tempted by this man?

His eyes were filled with unknown emotions that my heart was never sure of. He took a last glimpse of me before he devoured down towards my chest… to all the way down towards my belly button and…

STOP!!!! This is a dream. This all has to. Neither of us knew where this is flowing to. But one thing that we did knew was that a spark has already been ignited. The spark that would probably end with fire. And it was beyond the limit. The road on which we chose to set our path, is a forbidden one. I wonder how we would end. Would it be only covered in lust… or more than that?

I would laugh if anyone would ask what was the limit we set… Whatever it was, we already broke it long ago.

But to what I was still confused about is what should I name this feeling? It was not LOVE. It can be. I never believed in one. But then again if it was… it would only be in my own dark twisted way.


This is not the first chapter, rather its a prologue to the starting. The chapter is starting with ”MIRA ”

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