The thunderstorm outside made it so **ing crazy as his lips claimed mine. The windshield opened with a loud burst and the cold breeze flew inside. A few sprinkles of rain came inside too. Neither of us was affected by it. We needed to cool down, and the air seemed like firing us more.

We ruffled along with each other, lips still connected as he pushed me to the bed. All we could hear is our battles for breaths. A loud thunder outside made a hold of a flashlight inside the darkroom. I can see only his deep blue eyes. His eyes were hungry. Hungry for my body. His eyes showed the lust that I wanted to see.

I wanted this fire to burn us down in the flames of lust. I wanted him to take me then and there.

But he waited. He likes to tease me. He watched my every move as I looked at him panting with half sitting on the bed. My lips were still swelled by his hungry kiss that we had just a moment ago. I loved his touch. It was dominating. And somehow for the first time, I wanted to submit. To him.

I licked my lower lips as the tension between us jumped higher and higher. I was getting impatient and annoyed a little, to be honest as my eyebrows crashed together.

It was a wonderful game for him. He loves to play. And I loved every part of him. He stood still with his unbuttoned shirt giving me the ability to peek at his perfectly toned abs. He looks so **ing mesmerizing. All I wanted is to devour him. Run my hands down his abs down to the part where I am still left to explore.

But I was rather frustrated that I couldn . He continued to tease me. Made me impatient. He was shamelessly checking me out. Every inch of my body.

After a couple of seconds of staring at me, I was pretty annoyed and was about to get up but the next moment his eyes growled at me as he hover within no second making me gasp.

”You are such a masterpiece doll ” he stated. His deep voice soothes my ears. It gave me chills down the spine. There was something about him, that kept me no control of myself as I waited no more and claimed his lips with mine.

We both fought for dominance for a certain point in time. His firm hands slowly pulled me in his lap. We were kissing like mad people. His hands reached to my waist under my tees ad I felt the grip of his perfect strong hands. He squeezed my waist a little as I gave in and moan within the kiss.

He got his chance and his tongue invade my mouth. While he explored every corner of my mouth, my hands reached for his hair. Both of my hands gripped his hair, pulling him closer. I didn want any gap between us.

His hands slowly crawled towards my chest and he gripped firmly both of my tits. His right hand lightly squeezed my nipples and I couldn control the moans.

I didn know he was such a magician, his touch could ignite the fire that I have kept calm for years. We kissed until we ran out of breaths, and finally, we pulled off due to a lack of oxygen. As our forehead rested, I bit the bottom of my lips while looking like a mess and he stared at me intensely. His eyes were piercing through my soul.

Without wasting another second, he pulled off my tee from above my head as he took my right nipple in his mouth. His mouth touch my sensitive part as I arched back in pleasure. He played with my nipples with his expert mouth as my nipples got harder. He then started to claim them hungrily as he took the whole portion inside his mouth. His tongue continues to circle my nipples and give me the extreme pleasure that almost made me cry.

His other hand caressed my other nipple as I was feeling ecstasy right now. I never knew a simple tongue could do all that to me. He took out my nipples from his beautiful mouth and I whimpered at the loss of his touch.

I looked at him as he looked at me with a satisfied smirk on his face. He was happy. He was happy to see me this vulnerable. And all I was only for him. He started to go down from my chest slowly, but he maintained his predatory eye contact. He stopped before my navel and oh god I swear the anticipation was killing me. I closed my eyes and felt a pair of lips touching my skin as he kissed right on my navel. I waited till his gaze tore down to the most sensitive part of mine.

I closed my eyes and arched back in pleasure and excitement. I bit my lips as the strong sense of tension and sensation worked inside of me as I waited for him down there, right where it would be him taking me…


I woke up from the loud noise of my morning alarm. Annoyed.

Yes, this was all a dream, a beautiful ecstasy dream that I longed for. The man who came often in my dream is still a mystery. I have never seen him before, nor do I know of him. He was someone that mind and body desired. I could never see his face in any of my dreams, I could just see his sinful hungry eyes which looked at me like I was his beautiful sin.

For long as I remember I have had often these dreams. But it had started coming more these days now. I woke up feeling all desired but nothing can be done to my boring single life.

I woke up with a half-opened eye and probably looking like a messed up girl. Ana from Frozen to be exact. Just as she woke up in Elsas coronation ceremony being a sleepy head cracked woman. I looked just the same. I yawned while itching my head and stood up from my bed towards the washroom. I did my daily routine after that. Brushing my teeth, taking shower and washed my face.


Another alarm hits my phone as I now know it is 8 am in morning. I have to get ready for my office. I quickly opened my wardrobe and searched through the piles of clothes. Sometimes, even with the end number of choices over clothes girls can go into seizures for having nothing.

Somehow I managed to take out one formal piece. I quickly slipped into the formal suits and ran down for light makeup. I never loved having piles of makeup over my face, So I just went with eyeliner and wine red lip shades.

I knotted my hair in a high ponytail while I finished my looks with a few sprays of victorias secret perfume. I pull over the coat and I am all set to go.

Before I walked out of the room, I looked at my bed where I just had the most amazing dream that almost had me losing my mind. Somewhere I wanted him to take me so bad. I bit my lower lips as I controlled myself and walked out.

My morning horny ass…..

I sat in the back seat of my car as I said to Tom to drive me to my office.

I work with one of the most reputed universities in the World. And it is one of my pride to work with them. NYU. I was the admission head. My dealing was with students and parents. To be honest I am not as scary as people think of me. But I can really help it. While at work, I like to pull a serious mode.

I went through my phone where I opened my swiping apps. I swiped a few of them to right and left just for the sake of morning boringness. Nobody really got me from them. Either they were too much for a show-off or else they end up being such an ass.

I looked away as I put my phone into sleeping mode and looked outside from the window. A cool breeze touched my face as I closed my eyes feeling the chills.

His hands crept up to my waist from behind as I jumped a little in sudden shock.

”Good morning Doll. I assume youve missed me. ” His deep voice had always successfully sent shivers down my spine.

Before I could say anything his face buried through my neck. He sucked a chunk of flesh from my neck until he found my sweet spot. As soon as his mouth lingered around my neck I arched back in pleasure.

How can he have such an effect on me?

His hands never stopped as he began to squeeze my body. His hands travelled all the way up to my inner thighs as he squeezed harder.

”Mmmmm… ” A moan escaped my mouth.

”Shh…. keep it low. We don want Tom to know about it now… ”

His face nuzzled on my neck once again as his hands began to climb up…. and up… until he almost touched my…


A loud horn woke me up from my daydream as I saw I have reached the University. I looked at Tom and he was looking at me from the rear view of the car with a little smile. I checked myself to make sure I was not looking like an unprofessional horny person. I checked myself at the small makeup glass once before I quickly stepped out and walked inside the University.


Okay Sheesh, that was freaking hot, Idk how I just wrote that, but yes I did. I guess many of you had wet dreams before, Comment down how you have felt it after you woke up? Did they creep you all day long? Like a sweet sin that you wanna have but you cant?

See you at the next update.

Love ya. XOXO.

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