Chapter 6- We met Again

⚠Warning. Sexual Content. ⚠

I kept staring at him in awe. His blue eyes kind of hypnotised me. His beautiful ocean eyes have captivated me. I smiled stupidly as I said- ” Hi… sorry… I just… ”

”Tripped? ” He asked in his deep voice. Fuck. His voice made me shiver down my spine. Suddenly everything else was unfocused from my sight as I kept staring at him. All other sounds from around began to fade as my mind only focused on his beautiful voice.

Who is he? How can he just make me amazed by his voice?

He helped me to stand on my feet but I was still feeling a little tipsy. My eyes wandered to his body. I took a glance at his physique as I was about to blow a whistle right now. He was tall and muscular. He had a good build body that I can see almost through his wrapped shirt. I wonder what he would look like without it.

He had dark brown or maybe black hair, which was a little longer than usual men have, but it was set cleanly with gel maybe. His tan skin with the beard was looking like a Greek god. He was wearing casual jeans and a white shirt, whose buttons were hardly being capable of holding his muscular naked body from the sight.

I bite my lips imagining what it would be like his on mine?

”Hello? ” His voice cut through the dream as I came back to my senses. ”You okay? ” He asked looking with concerned eyes at me.

Gosh, don do that. You look **ing hot for me to control.

I wish I could say that out loud. Instead, I replied- ” Y-yeah… I am okay. Thanks for helping… ”

He was still holding my arms, keeping me straight from falling down. His skin on mine worked like fire. I don know if that was only me or he could feel that too.

”Well… you don look like one. So… tell me whos with you? ”

”Uhm… My friend… Nina… But she left a few hours ago… I wished her a good night ” I winked at him.

He chuckled at my behaviour and all I could say was ” Cute ” with a stupid smile.

”Okay… So tell me where do you leave. I will drop you ”

Suddenly the waitress passed by us gazing at his beautiful body and I could tell how dirty did she looked at him, I wanted to punch her in the face. ”Hey!!!! Eyes off from him okay? ”.

I couldn tell if she ignored me as I was drunk or she just casually shrugged my words. I looked back at him and said- ” Don worry I will save you from their eyes ”

He smirked at my words and replied softly- ” Well, I am actually scared form yours ”

I giggled at his comments and gulped another shot from the bar table.

”Okay… Okay… Enough… Lets get you home ”. He kind of grabbed me in his arms, before he took me into the parking zone. Everything around me started to spin and I began to feel a little exhausted. I held his hands tightly.

His smooth voice came to my ears as he said- ” Get in ”

We were now in his car and he ignited the engine. It was a Porche 911. I looked around the car it looks luxurious. My eyes fell on his veiny hands which were on the wheel. His hands flex when he turned the wheel out of the sparkling lot.

I don exactly remember what rubbish I was blabbering throughout the journey. I don even remember when I told him about my address. The night was gloomy, but the streetlights were bright. The car travelled through the busy roads of new york and took the highway.

The cool breeze falls on my face as I calmed down a bit. The exhaustion was almost over. I could see his face clear again. His left hands were on the great which flexed a few times during the gear change.

”Do you know that you look **ing hot when you do that? ”

He turned to me with amused eyes and smiled. He smiled. His smile was beautiful. So calm.

”Do you know how hot you are by not doing anything at all? ” he answered while looking back at the road.

This man can make me blush.

His flexes were too hot for me to handle. His veiny hands which were grabbing the wheel right now, I wanted it to grab me. I wanted his hands on me. I wanted him to take me there. In the middle of the road.

”Stop the car ” I ordered. He immediately stopped the car on the side and asked in a worried tone- ” whats wrong? Are you okay? ”

I kept looking at him. His ocean eyes were kind of sparkling in the night. I nodded. He calmed a bit down and said- ” Whats wrong? ”

I don know your name ” I blurted out like stupid.

He looked at me with confused eyes before he chuckled. ” Alex. Alex Singh Connors ”

I frowned at his middle name. Singh? Indian?

”Whats yours? ”. He asked.

”Mi… Valeria… ” I said finally holding back. I was almost spilling out my real identity.

He raised his eyebrows and nodded with a smirk. ”Well Nice to meet you Mi… Valeria ”.

”I couldn say less ” I replied staring at his beautiful face.

He looked back at me and for some time we both got lost in each others eyes. I didn know if it was the alcohol or the air that makes it so hot. I leaned toward him slowly and he responded. I closed my eyes ready to feel him on me.

I waited until….


A loud honk disturbed us. I was practically mad right now at the owner of the other car. I could stab him right at his heart for ruining it. He chuckled before he finally get back to his seat and on his wheels.

Within no time, we reached my apartment. I recognised it was still tall as before. He held me securely so that I won be falling on. I pressed 42nd on the elevator button and we both waited inside. It was an awkward ride. I was not sure whether it was because I was so tempted by him that I wanted him to strip right there or it was because I don know what else to talk about.


The door opened after the 5th try of my password. I was too drunk to remember it.

I switched on the light and saw my drawing-room. It was tidily decorated with minimalist equipment. The room was big for one person to live in. It was well furnished with a black and grey theme. I liked those colours.

”Welcome to my home ” I giggled. I don remember why.

”Wow, you have a beautiful apartment ”. he complimented.

”I know… but all it had was loneliness ” I looked at him.

I looked at him as his eyes were speaking of some emotions that were unaware of me. I didn want to turn this into a cringe crying drama. Valeria was out for fun. So she gets.

Without waiting any more time, I walked onto him and smashed my lips on his. Soft. His lips were so soft. I could tell this would definitely please me. But he seemed a little shocked by my behaviour. I pulled off and looked at him confusingly.

”I-I am sorry… If you are…. ”

He didn let me finish when his hungry lips again met mine. This time, it was not soft. It was hungry. I smiled knowing he was tempted to be the same way I was to him. Satisfied.

The lips began to battle as we hungrily kissed each other. All we could hear is our restless breaths. Finally, his veiny hands grabbed my waist that I was waiting for so long. I was right, he felt so amazing at me.

”That way, ” I said while showing him the way to my bedroom. He didn break the kiss, as we moved somehow to my bedroom. Once reached we pulled off due to the lack of oxygen. His eyes stared lustily at me. I bite my lips while looking at his beautiful eyes.

His touch was fire for me.

He lightly pushed me to the bed as I fall back on the soft bed and bounced a few times. he took the time to admire my body. Or I could say eye ** me.

He smirked to see that I was so impatient. He pulled out something from his back pocket. A tie.

How the hell has he got a tie now? How long was it there? Did he plan all this from the very beginning?

I was too slow to respond when he already hovered on me. His lips glide through my jawline towards my neck. He bites my collar bone as I moaned loudly. My body was reacting to his lusty touch. My body begged for it.

”Mind if we try a little something? ” he whispered in my ears. And I could tell how wet I was by now just by his tempered voice. I nodded in response. I was glad to finally meet someone who does know a little kink on the bed.

He smiled while he pulled off and sat back. He took my hands and tied them up with the bed set.

”Now, let me taste that body of yours ”. He softly whispered making me moan a little. It was so surreal the way he pleasured me.

This was the first time I didn fight for the dominance, this was the first time I wanted to submit myself to him. For him to take me.

He looked at me for the last time, before he glided my straps down allowing my chest to come forth. His lusty eyes stopped my boobs, and he immediately claimed them with his mouth. Ecstasy filled me. As long his expert tongue surrounded my hard nipples, I could feel the urge to touch him. But I was restrained. Restrained from claiming him.

He noticed my struggle and said- ” Be a good girl doll. ”


Why does it sound so familiar?

He didn even give me time to think when his lips claim me again. He sucked my lower lips out while a gasp left my mouth when I could feel his hands grab my inner thigh.

”Why are you so **ing hot? ” He asked in his deep voice, looking straight into my eyes.

His hands glided up to my inner thigh as he stopped. He pulled down my dress as I was left only with my underwear now. His beautiful eyes glided through every part of my body as if they were touching my soul.

His hands slip through my underwear and I can feel his two fingers before my entrance. He was a tease, he didn glide in. Instead, his fingers moves above my clits where he pressed a little.

”Ahhhh…. A-Alex ”… I couldn utter any words…

”Shhh… Your voice makes me crazy to control doll ”.

His thumb pressed and moved a little on my clit when I can finally feel his two fingers inside me. I was **ing wet.

e so wet for me ” he whispered in my ears.

I could care less about anything right now and just focused on the ecstasy that he was giving me. I arched back in pleasure when his hands glid up and down on me. I was close. Close to my orgasm.

But he stopped and removed his hands. Fucking bastard.

”Hold on to the orgasm for me ” he ordered.

This was going another way for me. I use to order men, and they listened. And today I was all tied up but also being venerable in front of him. This certainly gives extreme pleasure to me surprisingly.

He kissed my lips one more time before gliding through my navel and down slowly while maintaining eye contact. I loved how his confidence made me feel pleased. He knows his work too well.

He stopped before my womanhood and looked at my beautiful lace underwear.

”Just like you. Pretty, But… ” He tore off my beautiful panties. My eyes widen but before I could say anything, he held my legs apart and emerged himself in between. His expert tongue slide and glided through every part of my womanhood giving me the feeling of pure bliss. My back arched in pleasure as I began to moan very loudly.

I wanted to be set free, but I loved his dominance. I was a breathing mess as he gave me pleasure until I came into his mouth.

I sighed from the breathing mess and looked at him. He had a satisfied smirk on his face as he wiped off his lips. He hovered over me and kissed me again. I kissed him back with the same passion.

He pulled off and finally the view I was waiting for came into my sight. He undressed while staring at me. I was still tied up. Probably cursing right now about why I had let him do that. But I never regretted it though.

He was left in his shorts now and he once again hovered upon me. This time he untied me and set my hands free. He helped me sit up and as soon as I did, his lips claimed mine. My hands wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to mine. He bites my lips as I moan in his mouth. I can feel the satisfied smirk on his face right now.

He set his boxers run down his leg as I finally had the sight of his huge member. I gasp at its sight. Not that I have never seen big before, but he had something in him, that my body reacted in a very different manner. As if I am still my first one.

”Was it too big for your doll? ” He asked while looking at me with a smirk.

Yes. ”No ”- My mouth said.

Come on. I am Valeria, I cannot be weak probably in front of a guy just because he is almost like a Greek God.

”Good, ” he said before pulling me again into the bed. He hovered over me staring at my eyes. He pulled out a packet of condoms, before gliding in his big cock.

”I appreciate the size, but my concern is, does it work well too? ” Now its my turn to ask a cocky question.

He smirked before he entered me. I gasps at his size as he filled all of a sudden. He whispered in my ears. ”Why don you see yourself? ”

His long member began to run up and down on me as the moan and gasps filled the hot air inside the room. He was really good. He began to thrust me harder with every second. His hands grabbed my right book hardly as I bite my lower lips in pleasure.

He was amazing.

The rounds went wild with each minute passed by. He pulled out at a certain point and turned me upside down while holding my ass in the air. he pushed himself again from the back and I gasp.

His thrusts were hard and powerful. I put my hands on my mouth to prevent the screaming so that my neighbours won come down to ring the bell to complain. I can have that right now.

I moved my hips along with his. Soon I came once again on him. I was exhausted by now, but he was still in there. After a few minutes, his thrusts began to be short and hard, I know it was his time to come. Within one last stroke, he left a moan, and I know he came already.

Thin sweats nearly covered our bodies as we fell on each other. I was too exhausted right now. My eyelids began to feel heavy as I turned to a side and drift into a peaceful satisfied sleep.


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