Sarah was startled.

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Jack was even more surprised than her.

I laughed and said.

“I’m a little confused whether the person behind you is a ghost or a living person.
Can you check it for me?” 

“Wh-why, all are you doing it all of sudden? You are lying!”

She certainly looked frightened as she glanced around while shouting.
I skillfully glanced into the air, and then took a deep breath.

“…Why are you doing this?”

Jack, who had been silent, asked slowly.

Apparently, the boy was afraid of ghosts.

According to my setup, in this world, ghosts can only be seen, felt, and communicate with people with magical powers.

‘Dream big.’

I didn’t want to go easy on the children who bullied Evelyn. 

‘Besides, the bullying of these two was really tenacious.’

I will never use violence, but I will need to intimidate them.

“Actually… Behind you, he’s been holding a knife and smiling for some time now.”

“Ahh! %^#&#$!”


I said more before they noticed the strangeness in my act.

“No, Jack.
I was talking about the one behind Sarah, not behind you.
Oh, is it whispering something now?”

Sarah slapped her own ear as if it were an enemy.

“Kyaa! Hey! What is this, why are you lying!”

“Believe it or not, that’s up to you.”

I glanced significantly at Jack for the last time.
The boy was so blue and frozen that I didn’t even know if he was breathing.

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This should be enough.

‘Is it because they’re kids from a fantasy world? Even though they have a dirty temper, they are quite naive.’

If it were my younger brother, he wouldn’t have fallen for something like this even if he was five years old.

Leaving behind the innocent children who were trembling with fear, I hummed along my way back, and when I got close to the house, I looked towards the forest for a moment to catch my breath.

‘There… In there exits grass and the highest quality holy water to cure my disease.
And also the North Clan to where Raven can safely return to.’

While I was drawing my dreams and hopes to be there, it was a forest that others would not approach as much as possible, saying it was unlucky, but to me, it seemed like a paradise.

* * *

“Not good, I’m not healing.”

Raven muttered blankly as he looked at the wounds on his body.
He was more amazed than sick.

“It hurts.”

Because there has never been a wound that has taken so long to heal.

People born with mana were basically good at self-healing.
Among them, the North family had one of the most special kinds of mana.

Raven was a direct descendant of that family.
No matter how badly injured during training, the wound did not last more than a day.
Because of this, he was also able to endure any pain for a while.
It’s a pain that will disappear in just one day.


“It hurts more because I move.”

With curious eyes, Raven tilted his head.

“Is it because the mana is sealed?”

Suddenly, I thought about my father again. 


That person will be fine.

…He might lie down for a little while though.

Raven put on his jacket, which he had taken off in the absence of this Evelyn, very carefully not to touch the wounds.

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Aside from the rest of his body, the wound on his back were particularly serious.
Because when he was caught by the slave traders and a madman even whipped him.

Raven, whose eyes trembled at the hot pain that came up from the cloth brushing his open wounds, sighed.

He looked out the window, and it seemed that time had passed.

“Where the hell did you go….ha?”

Raven let out a shocking sound at the question that came up unintentionally.

He was curious about where Evelyn had gone, not only that, but he didn’t even ask where she was going in the first place.

The whole thing came as a shock. 

Why am I so loose?

‘When she left, I should have followed her to find it out.’

Where the heck did he lose his brains to just send her away?

Raven bit his lip and twitched twice before picking up a suitable piece of cloth.
It is possible to move undetected, but his face should be covered just in case.

And after wrapping it around, he went out of the house with only his chin exposed. 


The sun was hot.

It’s only been two days since he’s been to Evelyn’s house, but it feels like it’s been a long time since he went outside.

Anyway, all he had to do now was find out where Evelyn was, so Raven stopped under the shadow of a house. 

He quietly closed his eyes and looks for her presence.

The sound of an all-white child’s footsteps.

Eventually, Raven’s eyes opened.

“Found it.”

With that sound, Raven disappeared from the spot.

Raven, who quickly headed in that direction, landed on the floor with a little thud, and gently scanned the surroundings.

‘She’s far from the center of the village.’

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Yes, it’s closer to the Forest of Shadows than to the center. 

When I thought of that, it made me frown.


It was then that he found Evelyn standing in a place with a distant view of the forest.
She looked at the forest without hesitation, with a faint and joyful look on her face. 

Raven felt his heart throb.



Standing a few steps away, the two children stood looking at different things for a while. 

Although Evelyn was planning to dig the ‘bard’ grass in the forest, Raven couldn’t understand Evelyn as she looked at the forest with a worried expression on her face for so long.

The Forest of Shadows was a place where herbalists who dealt with mana often came and went.
This is because ordinary people do not last long because they are overwhelmed by the energy of chaos throughout the forest.

There was no reason for a child like Evelyn to look at the forest like that simply because she wanted to go.
It was neither fear nor wonder, but with eyes that looked for something…

Also, in a way that looks happy.

‘What do you know?’

If not, what do you want to do?

Raven’s face darkened.

‘…it was good to follow her.’

With that in mind, Raven slowly turned around, but somehow, he felt bitter when doing so.

“Were you okay alone?”

And when Evelyn arrived home.


Raven didn’t know what to say.


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What’s the matter with our little villain?

As we ate early dinner together, I rolled my brains as I watched Raven say nothing.

‘I wasn’t at home, so I don’t think I was the one who made him feel down.’

Somehow he seemed sullen, maybe something very disturbing had happened.

‘On the way back, I had to give up looking for a job because people were ignoring me as always.’

And even the person I live with is like this, shouldn’t be me to become depressed?

What’s the reason? Hopefully, he didn’t come out.


And then I realized



I bit my lip at the child who glanced at me without answering.
Then I stood up, cleared away the finished soup bowl, and said. 

“Well, I’m sorry.”


The voice that finally came out was a little cracked.

“I was insensitive.

I took the things that I brought earlier with a sobbing face and laid them out.


After putting the bowl he had finished eating away, Raven tilted his head when he looked back.

“What’s that?”

“Medicinal herbs.”

“…….Medicinal herbs?”

“To heal you.”

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