‘Seeing as he keeps looking at me strangely.
I guess I’m very different from the original Evelyn.’ 

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Well, looking back at her memories, this Evelyn was a pretty dark kid.

‘…It must have been because of the disease.’

Glancing at Raven, I could see him agonizing between bread and soup.
After a while, he ate a whole loaf of bread while I had a few drinks of soup.

Not long after, he kept staring at the soup.

“Are you seeing bread soup for the first time?”

Startled at my words, he shook his head once and picked up the spoon.

And after a while.

“You’re eating well.”

I talked to the kid who was eagerly eating in front of me as if I were teasing him.
Perhaps he noticed the playful tone and Raven’s eyes became fierce again.

Of course, it wasn’t scary, but I smiled and said to the cute little villain.

“Don’t eat in a hurry.”

He’s staring again.

Are you suspicious of something in the water?

Pretending not to know anything, I poured water and drank it.
Raven intently looked at me and licked his lips for a while.

Then, he asked in a hesitant tone.

“Why don’t you eat?”

“Huh? I ate.
Was it so delicious that you couldn’t even see me eating?”

“…not that soup.”

Raven shook his head, slashing my jokingly comment in half like a knife.

Ah, bread.

“I don’t need to eat bread.”


“But why do you ask, ah!”

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I thought it was quite pitiful, so I took out another piece of bread.

This…this was one meal’s share.
In fact, the hand that was giving it away was a little shaky, but I managed to secure my expression well.

He has been starving for a few days.

“If you want more, just tell me.
You can take it.”


He seemed a little perplexed.

“Take it.
Only for today, it’s okay.”

Even though he didn’t say no, Raven accepted the bread with an awkward gesture.
Then he looked at the freshly pulled bread and me in succession.

At this point, I was a little curious.

‘He’s staring at me again… Is it because he’s really wary of me, or is that the way he usually opens his eyes?’

The latter seems quite probable.

“Stop frowning.”

When I spoke in a light tone, Raven, who had already eaten half of the new bread, stopped.


“Because you are very handsome.
But if you keep frowning, your beauty will fade.”

You… you only have that face, my brother, the creator, said so.

“…Don’t talk nonsense.”

This is the truth.

Is it because you’re still young that you don’t feel the need to take care of your looks? Feeling sorry, I didn’t stop talking. 

“Hey, I’m serious.
Why would I have asked you to live with me?”

You have to keep talking to him so he can relax.
If possible, it should be playful.

Raven couldn’t believe what I had said.
He slowly blinked his eyes.

“……you, so what you’re saying is…” 

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When I gave a smile that meant ‘what you thought is right’, Raven replied with a dumbfounded expression. 

“The reason why you wanted to live together is that I’m handsome?” 

“Well, that’s one of the reasons.”

Look how the lies you told are being rectified.

This was also to relieve Raven’s tension, but it was also to put up a smokescreen little by little for fear that he might have doubts about the real reason why I asked to live together when I had no money.

If it doesn’t make sense looking at the material side, you can just stick with reasons that make sense emotionally.

‘Do I say there was another reason I asked to live together?’

No matter how I thought about it, the slave trader seemed a little dangerous.

While my memories were coming back a little bit more I remembered something, it seemed like the slave trader in that memory was trying to make Evelyn into debt and make her a legitimate slave.

‘It seems like she sold Raven instead of herself.’

Anyway, he will come again anyway, but I don’t think it’s going to be at the level of knocking on my door every day. 

‘When that time comes, Raven has to listen to me well enough to hide.’

We had to instill a certain level of trust, staying at a level of relieving the vigilance was not enough.
Otherwise, he could kill me as soon as he sees the slave traders coming.

‘I don’t know when he’ll be back, but he has been here last week, so it will take a week or so.’

I put another spoonful of bread soup in my mouth and made eye contact with the young villain, who was chewing the bread with a somewhat disappointed expression on his face.

And I said with a small smile as if embarrassed.

“Your eyes looked so pretty.”


 “I want to see them for a long time.”

At that moment, the boy’s face, who had only been pale, turned red with a poof.

Then he turned his head to me and gave an angry face!

I opened my eyes and looked back at him.

‘What’s the reason this time? ‘

No, why do you get angry when you get compliments?

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However, the more I say, the more mistakes I will make, so after that, I focused only on scraping away the bread soup.

I was the one who cooked it, but it was definitely tasty.


But that evening.

“Stupid, only for that reason.”

In the evening, we ate dinner with the same bread soup, I was drinking tea made with warm brewed grass, which had an analgesic effect.


“No matter how stupid you are, there should be a limit.”

On the other side, the young villain was talking to me again, after having his second bread.

“Hey, do you know how scary this world is?”


I gazed out the window with sullen eyes.
In a little less than half a day, the young villain was throwing away the image I had of him.


After lunch.

Raven, who was hovering by my side as if watching over me without listening to my suggestions of going to sleep, really did not stop talking.

My damn hasty words!


I understand what you mean, but I don’t understand why it’s such an upsetting thing for him.

You don’t even believe me!!

‘No, what’s the reason that beauty should go to a kind person?’

It was because beautiful things benefit the world.

That’s why, if you like how the other person looks you want to see each other for a long time and you can ask to live together.

‘It’s natural to want to live with a good-looking person, right?’

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Yes, that’s not wrong.

Arguing nonsense logic in my brain, I finally glanced at him with a sullen expression.
In fact, I’ve already told him about this logic once, but the gaze of looking at someone who can only spout nonsense came back.

The gaze was so stark that I didn’t dare to say it twice.

Raven ate all the bread and ate another bowl of soup, and said again.

“Do you think there will be people who will be sad if you get caught and die?”

His unconscious noble dining etiquette was amazing, but I couldn’t watch it for a long time.
It was because when we made eye contact, he nagged with his eyes as well.

“Those who know how you died will laugh at you.
Saying it’s a stupid death.”

Indeed, should I say those were villain-like staple words?

Even though he was young, he was from a villainous family after all. 

“Well, what can I do? Things like that happen, too.”

When I finally answered sullenly, I waited for his reaction and he coldly replied. 

“You have no wariness.

 It felt like I was salivating at the word ‘stupid’.


That’s what you say to the person who fed you!?

Nagging me all evening long because of one reason, that’s too much! I, I am only guilty of trying to avoid your doubts!

“Then what should I do? I was just saying it as it is.”

…It is true that Evelyn brought Raven after seeing his appearance.
Of course, this is to sell him at a higher price.

“It’s true that I want to see you for a long time.”

This is my sincerity.

After I cut it off like that, I changed the topic with a heart of gold.

“More than that, Raven, you eat really well.”

The petulant villain sprout flinched and closed its mouth. 

At last.

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