‘Okay, this is enough for the first day.’

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More trust than this will be built by staying together.

“For now, rest today! You don’t look good.”

It was better for the troubled child to go to bed at a time when it was less cold.
Raven, who looked paler after washing, looked really sick.

He let out a small sigh and nodded his head without further skepticism.


“Yes, good boy.”

No, I praised him, but why?

The young villain glanced at me with a slightly dissatisfied gaze, then swished into the room I was pointing to.
He went to Grandma’s room that had a bed, where he was reading the book earlier.

‘He really should have slept.’

Maybe he can’t sleep because he’s waiting for me to fall asleep.

…No, I really think that might be the case.

It was like that before, too.
I mean, after he was done eating lunch and was getting drowsy, he was trying not to close his eyes even if he died.

“Sigh, I’ll just record the things I need to write down and go to sleep.”

It was my alone time.

I went to the dented desk in the living room and sat down.
I took out a writing instrument of this world made by agglomerating the ashes of burning wood.
Because I don’t have a pen.

“Oh, I don’t even have paper.”

Before long, I began to write small letters on the paper bag that I had wrapped the bread in.
It was a little awkward, but it was usable.

“What should I write first?”

No matter how much I read the novel to wear the pages out, human memory is finite.

‘I may not remember when I need it.’

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Therefore, it was necessary to leave something to know in some way.
So, there are two things left to do now.

The first is the memories of this body.

This is because I have memories of a previous life.

‘Although it’s strangely blurry like an old memory.’

Is it because of the shock of death? Come to think of it, how did I die? I don’t know anything else, but I can’t believe it’s blurry.

‘I’m sure I would have died.’

I’m not sure how, but I think it was hot.

The vague memories were dubious, but the important thing now was that they remained.
Things like my family, parents, me and my brother.

“It was just perfectly fine to confuse with this body’s memory.”

Rather, it was blurry and they seemed to blend better.

‘There are many situations where I will be in trouble once I make a slip of the tongue.’

For example, if I’m talking about my grandmother… Let’s fix it.

In my previous life, I have very few memories of my grandmother, because she died early.
But Evelyn was different.

‘The person who raised me until the end was grandma.’

But if I were to say this part differently?

‘It could be suspicious in any way.’

In some cases, a situation could arise that could not be overcome simply by giving an excuse of losing my memory.

In the future, I have to live as a commoner, not a noble.
As I do not have much strength to protect myself, I thought that I should be careful about even the smallest things in advance.

And second.

The second is, of course, the original information of the novel.

‘If I make good use of the settings that are in the novel, I may be able to make money.’

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And there’s my illness right now.
But that’s not all.

was a war romance novel.

‘I’m regretting my choices again at times like this.’

As I said before, war was a device to make the saint stand out.
A great war in which two of the three powerhouses of the continent faced each other to claim the Holy Grail.
In a few years, when the Holy Grail appears out of nowhere, the war is going to sweep over the world for 10 years!

In order to keep me safe, I also needed to remember the flow of war.
I have to avoid it properly.

‘And first of all, the characters are the protagonists of the war, so we have to make sure we don’t get entangled too deeply.’

Of course, I plan to see them at least once.

Survival comes first, but they are the main characters of the precious book that I read so many times to wear it out.

I would like to see them if possible.

Alright, let’s wrap it up.

Take good care of Raven and send him back.

Heal the disease.

Focus on safety while keeping a reasonable distance from the war heroes.

‘Let’s decide beforehand.
When the war begins, should I go to the Kingdom of Elkasa or Aigar Kingdom.’

Located at the northeastern end of the continent, the kingdom of Aigar and the city of flowers next to it, Elkasa.

These two places were completely apart from the beaten path of the war.
It was because the two were not interested in the Holy Grail, the cause of the war.

In terms of setting, it was said that even other races who like to live in their own territories could sometimes be seen there, so it was even more interesting.

 “Once you succeed in settling down there, I have to live doing what I want to do in earnest.”

I think there must be some qualifications to settle there.
Let’s find out after the disease gets better.

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‘What else? Just in case, I should write down the flow of the war.’

After organizing the things I would like to leave behind once in my head, I fixed my writing instruments.



Raven entered the only room in the house and closed the door.
And as he listened to what was outside, he bit his lip with a confused look.

“Okay then I’ll call you Ray, so you call me Eve.
What do you think?”


Is it because I’m full?

Every time he heard Evelyn talk, his fingertips kept tickling.

His ears, too.

No, it just felt as if his whole insides were tickling.


He tried to call out the nickname he promised earlier, and immediately after, he grimaced in surprise and frowned.

This can’t be done.

“I feel weird.”

He swore firmly that he would never call her by the nickname first.
There won’t be much to call, anyway.

‘I’m just going to have a minimal conversation.

Today was the first day I had to get to know the other person.
Starting tomorrow, even if we have a conversation, I will not loosen my vigilance.

In fact, this was a very complacent idea, but Raven at that time could not know. 

Leaning toward the bed, Raven recalled Evelyn’s image again.
It was because without knowing it, he thought that the white and clean bed was similar to her atmosphere.

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‘A white kid.’

His cheeks pressed on the hard cushion were squished along with his mumbling mouth.

The girl had such a rare appearance that Raven was a little surprised.
She had silver hair, which was said to be rarer than black hair in the Empire.

‘That… people probably wouldn’t have left it alone.’

The North is a family accustomed to being rejected by people who are not of mixed race.
Therefore, Raven, the successor of that family, knew quite well the culture of the Empire’s people, who blindly rejected people with different appearances.

‘Even if she’s not of mixed race, she has a flower garden for a head and sees the world in pink-colored glasses.’

In addition, her skin, as white as snow, is transparent and pale enough to show blood vessels.
The girl was like a sculpture made out of snow.
Not the cold snow in the middle of winter, but she gave off a feeling she was made of snow flowers falling in the cold spring….

The features were clear but not flashy.

‘Is it because the lip color was light?’

The only clear color in her was her eyes. 


No, was it pink?

It was a color that was difficult to specify.

While thinking blankly about her particularly clear eyes, Raven slightly frowned.

‘…I don’t care.’

Those eyes harbored neither favor nor malice as she looked at Raven, so he kept trying to relax.

Yes, to be honest, if he had to choose, it was clear to goodwill.


He decided not to believe that kind of gaze, so he decided to dismiss it as something he had never seen.

But he couldn’t stop it from constantly coming to mind. 

Perhaps because Raven has been so exhausted for the past few weeks.

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