A girl whose name is Sanem. She is a very charming girl. Her motive is to make peace everywhere and that girl should live freely and want to get herself educated. She wants to do hard work and get good grades and may her parents be proud to say yes she is my daughter. Sanem is a very intelligent and sharp girl.She likes Beauty of nature and loves to enjoy the rain and Winter season. But she doesn like summer. Sometimes she wants to sit alone and write something and read some interesting books and stories. Her friendly nature everyone likes but some disgrace her and fully believe in God. She prays every day because of believing in God. She looks calm in any difficulty and has grace to handle all difficulties.Every teacher likes Sanem because of her diligence nature.She wants to travel the whole world and discover the beauty of nature and loves to fly in the sky like a bird because birds are free to move here and there wherever they want.

A boy whose name is Abner loves to write poetry and his deep sea like eyes and what a haircut he has and a fair handsome boy and his charming personality is different from every other boy because in this age boys are taking drugs and involved in other addictions but he doesn involve anywhere. A mesmerizing nature and good at writing poetry from school life.His teacher likes Abner because of his writing style of poetry and gave his name for poetry competition and the day will come to meet his teacher expectations and finally he got the prize in that competition that was lovely encouragement of his teacher also.He likes to travel and discover the beauty of nature and want to describe in his poetry and wants to be a hero in movie in future. He likes Winter seasons most.He likes tea to drink whenever he wants.

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