Why don you talk with me, Abner said to her.

He abruptly blocked her path, preventing her from moving.

She immediately raced out of the room after falling madly in love.

After supper, most people remained inside the room talking while only a few went outside.

While it was a beautiful day, there was a severe wind blowing that caused light and darkness to go out.

He lit the torch because the room was quite dark. Sanem is following everyone outside.

However, Abner pleaded with her to stay with him, and she felt something in her ear. My hands and legs felt so tranquil that they went numb.

She sat calmly even though Abner was seated closer to her.

Sanem declared, ”I just want to walk outside because its starting to rain. ” He advised her to merely look at him calmly, with eyes like a deep sea, as the weather was lovely outdoors.

Sanem heartthrob because of his constant looking.

There appears to be a spark between two newlywed couples.

While he was brewing tea at night, Abner brewed tea. In the kitchen, Sanem and his sister were chatting and having fun.

He was only looking and grinning when Sanem told him it was nice to drink this tea.

She was told by Abner, ”Ill send you a message, and then well talk. ”

when everyone was asleep at night. He contacted her through **S and struck up a conversation.

through exchanging poetry with one another. He made fun of Sanem in the morning and questioned her, ”What did you send at night? ”

She then requests his phone to remove that message while wearing a dejected expression.

Wow! I think that message is the best.

Sanem inquired for the password after Abner handed her his phone and gave it to her.

She opened it but was unable to remove it, so she gave the phone to him.

Wow! The weather is fantastic. Sanem is playing hide and seek with his younger sister.

When Sanem and her sister are washing their faces after playing, Abner suddenly enters and asks his sister, ”Do you have any magic? ” Yes, Ive used magic to entrap you, Sanem replied. You are very adored by my sister.

I am aware that I am also ensnared in your enchantment, Abner told her. You are a girl with magic.

Abner was studying in his room in the evening while Sanem liked to peruse books, and he was seated on his bed with a chair in front of him.

Abner approached her while she was reading a book, began toying with her hair, and she sat there.

She commanded him to stop. If not, Ill slap you across the face.

With a lovely grin on his face, he begged her to at least touch him by asking, ”Yes, please. ”

Astonished, Abner simply responded, ”Yes, slap me, ” and she left the room.

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