Part 1 Kenzie

It isn even 8 am yet and I am already tired. Just thinking of the day ahead almost has me going back to bed and sleeping the day away. First days of school tend to have that effect on me.

The parents put on a show about how they are going to miss their offspring while they go off to school as if they are not secretly happy to have their houses to themselves once again. Add on top of that, the dramatics put on by the kids when they see the friends they haven seen over the holidays. Its seriously headache inducing.

Of course at Wellington Academy its a whole other level of obnoxious once you factor in that it is a boarding school for the offspring of the ultra-wealthy.

I usually avoid all the extra-ness by moving back into the dorms at the earliest opportunity. This year I couldn because of Cassie. Not all students live in the dorms and up until last year Cassie was one of those students. For our senior year Cassie decided she wants to live on campus to get used to living away from home in preparation for next year. Serena and Mark wouldn let me leave early as usual as if Cassie needs any handholding especially from me.

Just one more year and I will be free from the Kings and the demands of their last name. I didn ask for any of this and I am so tired. Don get me wrong, I know I am lucky not only to have been adopted at all but by such a well-off family. There are kids way worse off them me. I just wish they didn act so obviously put out by my existence in their lives, Cassie espec

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