Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 26 - Contract

An old-man with crimson hair could be seen leaving the Endless Forest. He was flying on top of a huge ball of fire; the oxygen burned as he flashed through the sky. If you see his trajectory, you could see he was headed towards the Sinux Magic Tower.

Although he was moving at an amazing speed, his movement was very static and rigid. This was very common. Spells that allow you to move in the sky freely were very complex and most of the time needed some high-grade magic equipment to work properly.

’I could not get any evidence about Arthur ’s death, parts of his body were split through all the forest for the creatures that ate him, making it impossible to use his remains to see his final moments. That brat is very clever, ’ The man ’s face was full of fury as he thinks of the future repercussions of his disciple ’s death.

The flying man was named Erick, it is a Rank 1 Magus and the master of Arthur, although they had a master-disciple relationship, as in most cases with these relations, there were no deep feelings between them. The reason for his rage was that he had a contract with Arthur in which he would help him to advance to Rank 1 and the other party would take his place in the future plane invasion of his family.

Plane invasions were when powerful individuals infiltrate worlds or planes to conquer and dominate the native races, these wars usually have a high rate of mortality especially to a Magus like Erick who was not very proficient in battle.

Initially, Erick was going to just kill the responsible for his disciple death just to calm his rage, as for the evidence he doesn ’t feel it is necessary, after all, why will a Magus need evidence for the life of an apprentice, but when he searched for the information about the killer, he found out that the person was a runemaster.

This changed his plan entirely. He was going to gather evidence about the capability of Zatiel and use that as an excuse to arrest him. Once under his control, he will deliver him to his family and use the credit for that to not participate in the war.

Unfortunately for him, the spell that will allow him to see the final moment of a person needs to have a major part of the body intact, so he wasn ’t lucky.

’Since I can ’t get you, I will just kill you and take everything you have with me. I don ’t believe that type of ability is just because of talent, ’ Erick ’s face was a mix between anger and greed as he was reaching the magic tower

When he was close to reaching the city that was surrounding the tower, he found a middle-aged man standing in the air. By the expression he made when he saw him, it was obvious that he was waiting for him.

Erick stopped half a kilometer from the man, and although his expression was calm, his energy was surging.

”May I know what I do to get the famous Poison Wind Jhon to receive me, ” Although Erick ’s words sounded polite, they were full of hostility, having already deduced the reason why the Magus was here.

”I just heard that the Magus Erick was coming to visit my magic tower, so I came to see you, ” Jhon ’s expression was friendly as if he didn ’t notice the tone in Erick ’s words.

”Enough! You know exactly why I am here. Give me the apprentice that killed my disciple and I will leave immediately, or else I will have to use force. You are not part of the Imperial Family so it is impossible for you to use the tower to augment your power, ” Whips of flame as thick as a grown man started to appear around Erick.

”Oh, actually there is something new that I had wanted to practice so you came just at the right time, ” Green spheres of wind start to show up as Jhon smiles preparing to fight.

Erick didn ’t say another word as he commanded his whips of flames to slash at Jhon.

The whips looked like a giant flame snake as it crashed at Jhon with amazing speed, threatening to devour him.

Jhon raised his right hand and a wind swirl faced the flame snake, stopping his advance while his left hand manipulated the green spheres to head for Erick

Erick immediately tries to distance himself from the spheres but unfortunately, although his flying spell was fast, the spheres were faster and the dexterity he could show above the ball of flame was mediocre.

Just when the spheres were about to crash on him, Erick concentrated a great amount of energy in his body and launched a spell.

”Flame repulsion! ”

A blast of flames originated from Erick and destroyed everything in his surroundings, including the green spheres.

Without wasting his momentum, he increased the power of the fame snake to temporarily incapacitate Jhon and launched his second spell.

”Meteor shower! ”

Meteors crashed at where Jhon was, covering a huge amount of terrain making it extremely difficult to dodge.

Erick knows that the spell will not be enough to kill Jhon, but still. He was waiting for him to show a little panic, but before the immense flaming rocks, the Magus just smiled.

’What is happening, although he would not die, if the spell hit him directly, he would be severely hurt, ’ Erick didn ’t have to wait long for the answer as he saw a glow appear on Jhon ’s legs.

Before Erick ’s eyes, Jhon started to jump in the air with such a skill that he was able to distance himself from most of the meteorites and dodge the rest.

Erick saw how his enemy got closer to him and tried to distance himself, but before he could get away, Jhon got in the right distance and attacked.

”Poison Hurricane! ”

A green hurricane blasted from Jhon ’s hands and reached Erick ’s body, making him crash on the ground. All the surroundings started to decay when the green wind touched them.

Although his enemy was sure to be hurt Jhon didn ’t continue with the attack and stood still.

”Bastard! ” Erick ’s voice came from the ground and a pillar of flames rose to the air. When the flames disappeared, you could see how his body had a cloak of flames that covered him, the cloak looked like it could disappear in the next moment and although most of his body was fine, some parts were green and you could see how they started to rot.

”Enough, your Rank spell is barely holding,. If you continue fighting, this will only end badly for you. ”

”Big words for someone who uses the runes of some brat to fight, ” Envy could be seen in Erick ’s eyes when he remembers how Jhon used Aerial Walk to dodge his spell.

”If you want to continue, I will accompany you, but this order comes from Lord Clive. You are not allowed to harm the runemaster Zatiel or his subordinates in any way, ” Jhon ’s energy calmed down when he finished speaking.

The moment Erick hears the name of Clive, his fighting intent vanishes immediately. Although he dares to fight Jhon, against a rank 2 Magus he didn ’t dare to behave rudely.

Erick sneered and without saying anything, he left in the opposite direction of the tower, but still, his face was full of greed as he got away.

’If you think this is the end, you are severely mistaken. ’

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