Terror had spread across Headens for many years. When King Margot took the throne a terrible shadow was cast across the realm. The cruelty of Margots reign would likely be told for many centuries to come. An awful man, but awful men often provided opportunities. Opportunities that Duneon was determined to capitalise on.

Duneon was born the son of Goron the Guest. An infamous man, termed, perhaps rightly so as The Guest due to his penchant for abusing the right of the first night. House Helmsire had ruled at Harrenhal since the Conquest. The Guests bastard sons and daughters were prevalent across those lands. Duneon had never been officially recognised by Goron but his parentage was well known. His hair that as he color of sand and wild eyes that were blue as the ocean were all the proof he or anyone else needed.

When Robert Wysten declared his fealty to Prince Jakob, now King Jakob. Duneon left his home by Craven Hall to join the war effort. He had always desired to elevate himself from his unclaimed bastard status. Not only was he an unclaimed bastard, but one of many spawned by the reviled Goron the Guest. A knighthood seemed a fine place, if at all to start.

His thoughts drifted to his son. A queer boy of ten-and-three years, fond of swordplay and words and sayings that seemed almost foreign to him. Duneon thought this a symptom of his mothers death by fever some years ago, a coping mechanism developed by the young lad. Saying goodbye to Aerys had been a difficult thing, but sacrifices must be made on the path to greatness. He would return to his boy as a knight and give him the life that had been denied to him. The life he more than deserved.

Dark clouds were gathered about the field near Hurys that was destined to be the location of the battle. Thousands of men lined up to throw themselves against each other in a deadly and macabre frenzy of blood and steel to decide who sat upon the iron throne. It had been a moons turn since Duneon first joined the host and they had marched far and wide. Duneon was lucky enou

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