Ding Zhong, go and wake your brother up.

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     “Why are you calling him? He’ll just ignore you and run out when he gets up.


     “If I tell you to call him, you should call him.
What’s with all this extra nonsense.


     “Qin Qing–! Get up–! There, I’m done.
I’ve called him.


     “Who told you to lie down and shout! Won’t you even go and knock on the door!”


     “No, my leg is broken! ”


     The sound of talking, video games, and from the television sounded one after another.


     It was a noisy and annoying morning that was once very familiar.


     It was supposed to only exist in the depths of his memory, but now it had appeared in front of him, lingering everywhere.


     In a small north-facing room, the small crack in the door slowly closed.


     Qin Qing stood silently behind it.


     It’s not a dream, and he didn’t imagine it wrong.
This was his home more than ten years ago.


     The one lying on the living room sofa playing games was his half-brother Ding Zhong.


     While the person who was busy with housework and was urging Ding Zhong to wake him up was the woman he called his mother.


     Qin Qing had woken up not long ago, and he was in a dreamlike state since then.
He couldn’t believe it.


     He clearly remembered that last night, he’d caught a long flight back and when he was on the plane became squinty-eyed and tired and fell asleep.
By now, he should have gotten off the plane long ago and returned to the company for an important meeting.
How could he be in his hometown in C City?


     Not to mention that the house in his hometown had been demolished a long time ago.
how could he still live with Ding Zhong and his mother?


     Not to mention that the desk calendar on the bedside table was from XX20.




     More than ten years ago?


     Qin Qing felt his scalp tighten but his heart was unusually calm.


     If he’s not wrong, he should have been reborn.


    He was reborn back to the year he became eighteen years old.


     Qin Qing remembers this year very well.
He was first forced by his family to drop out of school and then wandered around for a while full of resentment and unwillingness.
Two months later, he regained his spirit and embarked on a long journey to the North alone with only a suitcase and little money.


     Qin Qing can’t remember how much hardship he faced.
He only remembers sleeping on the street and eating plain food when he first arrived in B City.
He finally found a job serving dishes in a hotel because of his appearance.
And when his mother called, all she wanted was for him to send at least half of his income back to the family.


     Family affection and care? There was no such thing.


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Only the confusion of being surrounded by a big city and the fear of an unpredictable future.


    By the time he made it through, he was already in his twenties.


     Relying on the money saved and a credit loan, he bought a second-hand Mercedes-Benz.
He drove out to run projects and meet all kinds of people every day.
He suffered from all kinds of hardships and fatigue, and when he got through it, he was approaching 30.


     After that, he began to climb rapidly.
from an assistant to executive broker, to a partner of a culture company.


     On this journey, Qin Qing started at the age of eighteen, and after working for more than ten years, he finally gained something that was firmly rooted on the ground.


     Even so, he didn’t dare to slack off for a moment.
Working hard had already become a habit and was deeply engraved in his bones.


     But other than that, he had nothing.


     No friends, no lovers, and no one to care about him.


     There were only the monthly phone calls at regular intervals, urging him to send money home.


     There was also the loneliness, insecurity, and distrust of others and the sickness that came with being exhausted.


Qin Light had asked himself before whether or not he could stop.


    He wanted to stop.


    But there was no way he could.
His career, status, money, and his connection with the so-called “family”, were all supported by the career he worked hard for.


     Without these things, who would take care of him?


     But now, he has really stopped, and the career he valued and was proud of was gone.


     Everything has started all over again.

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Qin Qing laid back on the bed and calmly looked up at the ceiling.
He didn’t feel uncomfortable or dazed.
On the contrary, he was relaxed.


There was no need to work overtime, or stay up late, or have meetings, or do all kinds of social activities for a project.
He doesn’t need to deal with others or for anyone to deal with him.

Just like this ceiling, it was all blank and spotless with nothing.


    Perhaps it was because of sleeping on this old bed, or perhaps because this relaxation brought Qin Qing a long-lost peace, so before long, Qin Qing fell asleep and had a dream.


    In the dream, he tore up the contract and threw it in the partner’s face, nobly and coldly telling the other party: I’m no longer working, ill do whatever the fu** I like.



     It was noon when Qin Qing woke up.


     He got up slowly and poured himself a glass of water at his desk while taking stock of his current situation.


     If he guessed correctly, this was when he had just dropped out of school.


     Probably his mother also knew that this was ruining her son’s future, so she let him sleep and hasn’t come knocking on his door.  


     At this time, his desk had not been cleaned up, and there was still a pile of books on the table.

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     Qin Qing looked down and saw it after he finished his water.
He felt strange and dazed.


     He started school late and had always been the oldest in his class.
He was already 18 years old as a sophomore in high school.


     If he didn’t drop out of school, with his grades, the top 10 prestigious schools or a score of 985 was not difficult to get.


    Because of this, he was very sad that he couldn’t continue to go to school and that’s why he initially gave up on himself and wandered about.


     However, the Qin Qing who has now been reborn is not the 18-year-old boy who had just became an adult and was unstable.


     Right now, his studies have stopped, and it is impossible for his family to continue to support them.
So what can he do right now?




     Qin Qing raised his hand and covered his stomach.
He was hungry so he had to eat first.


    There is a special procedure when it came to eating.
The so-called procedure involved not only properly holding the bowl but also no chewy sounds but——


     At the table, when Ding Zhong saw that the other chicken leg was also taken away by Qin Qing…


     Ding Zhong: “Hey! ”


     Qin Qing had the two chicken drumsticks in his bowl, and with a face full of righteousness said: “I can’t attend school and now I can’t also eat the meat?” ”


     One sentence pierced a hole in the atmosphere, and it became stiff.


     Ding Zhong was speechless while holding his bowl.


     His mother, Sun Fang smiled dryly: “Eat, eat, no one won’t give you food.” As she said this, she stretched out her chopsticks to give Qin Qing two more pieces of chicken.


    Ding Zhong stopped and threw his chopsticks down: “Mom! You don’t want me to eat!”


    Sun Fang frowned: “Who won’t let you eat? What’s wrong with your brother eating two more pieces of meat.
Did he

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