11: Seeking connections

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Before he followed the artist to record the program, Qin Qing, in the last few days took time to go to the market to buy a big box, and besides daily necessities and clothes, he also packed some books.


The books may not be convenient to read on the program site so Qin Qing also downloaded several learning Apps and was ready to flip through them when he was free.


After making these good preparations, when he thought about working with Su Zhihe so soon, the strange feeling in Qin Qing’s heart rose up again.


——Everything’s changed.
It’s truly all changed.


And then he thought of Su Zhihe again, Ah, wrong, Brother He…


Qin Qing chuckled: This big film emperor was really different from what he’d heard before.


From the start, he was very friendly and talked a lot and seemed like very good company.
He didn’t feel alienated at all.


Sure enough, those gossips were really not reliable at all.


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That day, Qin Qing went to work as usual, and unexpectedly, there was another person in the office: it was the other assistant broker who followed the Internet celebrity every day.


Not only was he finally around, but he was also leaning against the workstation chair and when he noticed Qin Qing coming in, he immediately showed a deep scrutinizing expression and coldly said, “Chief Yuan said you should go to his office.”


Qin Qing complied.

When he arrived at Chief Yuans office, he knocked on the door and went in.
That popular female Internet celebrity was also there.


Chief Yuan smiled, and while sitting behind his desk, greeted Qin Qing: “Come in, Xiao Qin, come in and sit.”


Qin Qing sat down, and the female Internet celebrity looked at him with the same scrutinizing look as the assistant broker had.


Qin Qing sensed it but remained calm*.

t/n: 不动声色 idiom: didn’t bat an eyelid; not a word or movement.


Chief Yuan said a few greeting words and asked Qin Qing how his work was going after the transfer; if it was going well or not, and if it was comfortable or not.


After the pleasantries, only then did he get to the main point: “you met Agent Xiang a few days ago right?”


Qin Qing knew that this was what he wanted to ask about but he didn’t reveal anything and only nodded his head.


Chief Yuan asked again, “Did Xiang Xun take you to see someone?”


The Internet celebrity immediately glanced at Qin Qing.


Qin Qing thought in his heart that this was obviously to inquire about Su Zhihe.


It’s normal to do things like this in the circle. To have relationships that can climb other relationships* and to have connections that can help get other connections*.
And if you could have the opportunity to know Su Zhihe; who would be able to give up this kind of chance?

t/n: 关系 guānxì: relationships/connections (to people, preferably high-status people)
攀 pān: To climb up(the social ladder)/ seek connections <— our chapter title
*First phrase there was 有关系攀关系.
Yǒu guānxì pān guānxì
*Next one : 有人脉搭人脉 yǒu rénmài dā rénmài (to have connections to get (more) connections)


But Qin Qing thought: what does that have to do with him?

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He was just an assistant now.
There were no ideas about personally climbing up (the professional ladder) nor were there any thoughts about mixing (with) or helping anyone


When he entered this company, he was told to accompany the trainees and he did so.
He was given a job transfer, so he transferred.
If there was work, he’ll do the work.
if there wasn’t work, he’ll just sit around, and he gets an ordinary salary and income.


He wants to be low profile now and live an ordinary life.
He doesn’t want to provide opportunities for anyone, much less to curry favor and use tricks*.

t/n: 钻营取巧: use every possible means to get what one wants.


Who did I meet?

Qin Qing raised his eyes, and using his handsome and clean face, he put on an innocent and bewildered expression: “Huh?”


Chief Yuan pressed on, “That day, didn’t Xiang Xuan come to the company and leave with you.
Didn’t he take you to meet someone?  


Qin Qing maintained his expression and shook his head: “No, ah.”


Chief Yuan froze and glanced at the female Internet celebrity sitting close by: “You didn’t meet anyone?”


Female Internet celebrity: “Then where did you go?”


Qin Qing made a trying hard to remember look: “just to a big building.
After going up, there were a lot of people I didn’t know.”


Chief Yuan: “A lot of people? What we’re they doing? Was it a magazine shoot or an interview?”


Qin Qing vigorously shook his head: “I don’t know.
I didn’t dare look around.”


Internet celebrity: “so what we’re you able to see?”


Qin Qing pretended to be stupid: “Chief Xiang let me stay but (said) I mustn’t randomly look around, and randomly speak.
I shouldn’t talk nonsense, I then…”


Chief Yuan and the Internet celebrity expectantly looked at Qin Qing.


Qin Qing: “I immediately found a corner that had a pile of stuff and stood there.”



Chief Yuan: “…”


Internet celebrity: “…”


Chief Yuan couldn’t pretend to keep a good-tempered face anymore.
His hand hit the table as he frowned, “So you just stood in the corner and didn’t look anywhere? You didn’t see where it was? Or what the occasion was?


The Internet celebrity rolled her eyes in contempt: “stupid to death.”


Qin Qing lowered his head and controlled himself.
In his mind: he would be really stupid to death if he was tricked by them into speaking.


Chief Yuan hit the table again: “what about after that? Is it that you stood in the corner for a long time and didn’t know anything and then just came back? You didn’t meet anyone?”


Chief Yuan: “I thought you were very clever when you looked after Guan Yiyun and the others!? Then just how were you caught unawares!?”*

t/n: 抓瞎 literally “catch blindness/ caught blind” meaning to be caught unprepared or be at a loss


Internet celebrity: “forget about it.
He’s just an assistant.
He’s young and understands nothing.
What do you expect him to understand?”


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Then she said again, “better you contact him yourself.”


Chief Yuan: “but what do I say if I contact him? Do I say that the assistant he wants is so terribly stupid that he should change to another?!”


Qin Qing pretended not to hear.
Just think of their words as wind blowing past his ear, and he mentally started to recite the Chinese articles he’d read last night.


After coming out of the office, Qin Qing shrugged his shoulders.
This matter wasn’t his concern.
He tossed Chief Yuan and Internet celebrity to the back of his mind.


Other people wanting to seek connections have nothing to do with him.  He’s only an assistant and just as Xiang Xun said, he must always keep his mouth tightly shut.


Not to mention that he’d understood earlier on in his heart that the company was taken over and bought by Guan Yiyun’s family.
And although he’s only a small assistant, Chief Yuan doesn’t have any real power nowadays.


Xiang Xun could go in and out of the company unannounced and take him somewhere, he could arrange a job for him, and didn’t even need to greet*  Chief Yuan.
It meant that whether he leaves or stays, Chief Yuan simply had no say in the matter.

t/n: Say hello/greet (to someone): to (respectfully) acknowledge somebody (if its someone of higher status than you e.g I greet my boos when I get into work);
run something by (someone e.g ask for permission);
contact someone (for something e.g a spokesperson to the advertising company);
meet someone to brush up your existence with them (e.g niece to their wealthy but distant aunt at a party or subordinate to the boss at a function or in the corridor), etc…


Since Chief Yuan was a no-one in the company nowadays, he had nothing to be afraid of and It’ll be fine to just deal with it like before.


Naturally, Chief Yuan would be abit insightful, but he should also know that there were some matters that he shouldn’t meddle in.


Qin Qing previously thought that when Chief yuan called him before and didn’t find out anything, that he wouldn’t start (anything) from his side.


Who would have thought that the next day, Chief Yuan called him over again, and this time it’s wasn’t the internet celebrity that was with him in the office but the assistant agent of the internet celebrity, Xiao Jiang.


In a commanding tone, Chief Yuan said: “if Chief Xiang looks for you again for something, immediately hand it over to Xiao Jiang!.”


Xiao Jiang glanced at Qin Qing.
His face was full of disdain and arrogance.


Qin Qing looked at Xiao Jiang and then to Chief Yuan, and said in his mind: Stupid to death*.

t/n: stupid as hell 


If you don’t talk about a Film emperor of Su Zhihe’s level, anyone who was popular with a name and surname* will have a strict entry mechanism for their own staff members.

t/n: yǒumíng yǒu xìng 有名有姓.
Idiom:: famous name; well-known (last) name/real name; have a (first) name and (last) name.
It means “to be famous; be real; a well-known fact…..,etc”.
In this case, it means that “it is a well-known fact that the person is popular or a prominent celebrity”


Regardless of why Xiang Xun chose him earlier on, since he was personally chosen by him and Su Zhihe has also approved it, and now that work has already been arranged, an irrelevant person wants to unexpectedly insert a foot* in and change his assistant?

t/n: 插一脚poking your nose into someone’s business.


Who are you? Who the hell do you think you are!? *

t/n: 你算哪根葱 (slang): Lit trans: “What kind of spring onion are you?”.
I laughed so hard at this. 
So spring onions are considered cheap right, and if they are bad you’d just throw them away and get new ones.
Sooo your saying “that person is a nobody”, they’re dispensable.
in actuality, you’re asking who the hell does this (nobody) think he is.


In the previous life, when Qin Qing was still a broker, if he encountered this type of busy body, he’d have used one foot to ruthlessly kick them out.
For upsetting the team and disrupting their work, they’d quickly roll ! *

t/n: 滚 : Scram! Get lost!


But now he has to pretend to be stupid and act overwhelmed.
He’s just a small assistant again and doesn’t have the authority and temper of a big agent.


So after coming out of the office, he only pretended to hand over his work.

He took his phone and dug out Xiang Xun’s name card to push to Xiao Jiang: “save that under agentXiang.”


Once Xiao Jiang heard that it was Xiang Xun’s contact information, he didn’t suspect him and hurriedly took out his phone.


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Qin Qing: “when you add agent Xiang, remember to say who you are.”


As soon as Xiao Jiang got Xiang Xun’s name card, he didn’t pay any attention to Qin Qing again and left.


Qin Qing slowed down his pace and looked at Xiao Jiang’s back.
He silently shook his head: Do you think you’ve got a trump card?


It’ll only hasten death*.

t/n: 催命 cuī mìng: something expedites the life out of someone; hastens death (of someone) or “urges or pressures the life out of a person”


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As expected, a day before leaving for recording, Xiang Xun came to the company and went straight to Chief Yuan’s office and ruthlessly scolded people.


“If I want this assistant, do I still need you to give me somebody else?”


“Who is Xiao Jiang? Last time did I say it was Xiao Jiang I would take?”


“Which assistant I need to use, and which assistant was good, and which assistant was bad? Do I need you to teach me that?”


“you think an assistant isn’t good so you immediately replace them.
So if you feel that I’m not good, are you going to replace me?”


“If you’re unable to do the work then get lost!“


Qin Qing sat in his office with the door open, and he could hear those loud movements.


Diagonally opposite him, Xiao Jiang’s complexion was extremely bad.


Qin Qing was unconcerned.
He sipped from his buckwheat tea while glancing at a 2-page printout of classical poems.


At the same time, he also casually stabbed at Xiang Jiang whose face was already looking bad*:  “what did you send to the agent that got him so angry? Was it something you said after you added him?”

t/n: 鼻子不是鼻子、眼睛不是眼睛 (Nose is not a nose, eyes are not eyes).
Someone whose face looks different from normal because they’re angry or yelling, etc.
Can also be a mean “unattractive person”.
I’ve heard someone say the opposite to denote an “attractive person”,


Xiao Jiang pursed his lips and looked down at the chat records on the phone screen.


There were only a few lines of dialogue.


Xiao Jiang: Hello, Chief Xiang.
I’m Xiao Jiang.


Xiang Xun: Who?


Xiao Jiang: I’m the assistant Chief Yuan has arranged to replace Xiao Qin.
I’ll follow you in the future.


(Red exclamation mark )


Xiao Jiang: Also please take good care of me.


[The other party has turned on their friend verification, and you are not yet his/her friend.]


The movements in Chief Yuan’s office still hadn’t stopped.
Xiao Jiang broke into cold sweats and silently hid his phone.


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He certainly won’t voluntarily come forward and say that he was the one who took the initiative to privately link up with Xiang Xuan, which ended up pissing off this big agent.


Chief Yuan.….


Xiao Jiang lowered his head into the crook of his arms and pretended like he was a turtle who understood nothing.


Qin Qing’s eyes swept over him then continued to drink his tea and recite his classical poems.


Not long after, Xiang Xun slammed the door and came out of the office with big strides.
When he passed by the brokerage office, he paused and glanced in.


Qin Qing lifted his gaze.


Xiang Xun stood by the door and said: “You’ll follow me from now on and don’t need to go to the company anymore.”


Qin Qing stood up from his desk.


Xiang Xun frankly said, “You don’t need to stay here today.
Pack up your things, you can get off work and go home.”


Half an hour later, Qin Qing sat in a cold drink shop and sipped on a cold drink while sending a message to Xie Lei:


“Master Xie, thanks to your auspicious words, I found a job that I don’t need to be on duty and still get paid for the job.”


The was a high possibility that Xie Lei was peeking at his phone in class: “What the hell is it? is there really such a good thing!?”


Xie Lei: “Then where are you now? Not at work?”


Qin Qing continued to leisurely brag while sipping on the cold drink: “I don’t even need to go to the company in future.”.


Xie Lei: “Holy shit! What kind of job did you get that you don’t need to go to work but still get paid? Is there really such a good thing?”


Xie Lei: “Wait a minute, you’re not going astray and being taken care of by someone, right?”


Qin Qing nearly choked to death on a sip of cold drink.


Being taken care of?


By who? Su Zhihe?


Qin Qing: “My boss just doesn’t need me to be at work from 9 to 5 pm, not that I don’t have to work.”





The author had something to say: Later, I found that there was no need to work.


Qin Qing: em…



t/n: This is maybe my favourite chapter yet

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