Good Person

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He wasn’t questioning Su Zhihe’s character, instead, he was doubtful of whether Cui Huohuo’s words of working together could be somewhat possible.


Probably not?

And the strange part was that with Su Zhi He’s current celebrity status*, it simply didn’t matter whether or not he participated in this kind of variety show, and this kind of work could have been turned down since the relationship with the other two male artists they’re working with wasn’t good.
So why still participate?

t/n: 咖位 kā weì: A celebrity’s status in the entertainment industry.
The higher your Kā wèi, the more influential and the better paid you are.


Where would he have known that if a variety show announcement was decided by how good or bad a relationship was, Su Zhihe basically won’t be able to participate in any program.


Using Xian Xun’s words: it’s only you that can’t imagine a celebrity or artist that our boss Su can’t offend.


Cui Huohuo also described it like this: the last time we went to shoot an advertisement, even the dogs at the entrance of the advertisement canopy made a detour when they saw us.



As for how the resentment was started with those two male artists, Cui Huohuo didn’t mention it and in that case, Qin Qing didn’t ask more.
It might be nothing more than a personality difference, didn’t like their appearance*, couldn’t get along, or either a resources clash or competition for roles and so on.
In the end, there’s always a reason.

*t/n: 没眼缘: No fate/connection/predestined affinity/appeal.
I meet someone, I instantly dislike them.
Aesthetic ability.


And so in Qin Qing’s opinion, Cui Huohuo’s initiative to privately avoid them was correct.

And after all, one too many people won’t receive any light* and in case of conflict, who knows what kind of things the other side with the extra mouths will be publicize.

t/n: extra mouths = many people

t/n*: 不沾光 to not touch light or benefit from (someone’s/something’s) light/glory

Cui Huohuo: “I didn’t understand this at first, and it was the Boss who taught me.”

Su Zhihe taught you?

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Cui Huohuo: “He said that this was a strategy.
For the fox to borrow a tiger’s prestige*, the tiger has to be present.
But if the tiger wasn’t there, then he would shrink his head like a cave mole.
t/n: 狐假虎威 : lit: Fox fakes/borrows a tigers power.
Means: to use powerful connections (to intimidate people)


Qin Qing was surprised, Su Zhihe actually taught something like this?

A popular Film emperor with a superstar status in the industry could actually say those words?


Ah Yes, Qin Qing suddenly thought that this method was indeed very suitable for Cui Huohuo, who wasn’t clever* and was a bit naive.
t/n: 没什么心眼 can mean a simpleton.
Someone that’s kind, sincere and without tricks, they don’t like to use their brains & probably don’t like to think about things.

Or it could also be an ungrateful person, I think.
Without consideration (for something), without conscience (for smthg)


And if Cui Huohuo’s character was placed before those demons in the industry who eat people without spitting out the bones*, he wouldn’t be enough to even get stuck between their teeth.

t/n: 吃人不吐骨头 : lit: eat (a) person no spit out/vomit bone(s).
An extremely ruthless and greedy (person)


And it also quickly occurred to him that Su Zhihe was very much able to switch to a clever assistant that he didn’t need to teach and didn’t need to worry about. 


So why did he still keep Cui Huohuo?

Qin Qing thought about their meal not too long ago and those words Cui Huohuo said to him.


—— My brother is very good.
I’ve only been his assistant for 6 months and there’s already money to send home.


—— He also gave me back a lot of money at the end of the year.


    —— it’s just that I myself I’m not very hard working and have wasted a lot of his kind intentions and arrangements.”

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Su Zhihe…

Qin Qing silently laughed a bit.

“What’s wrong?” Cui Huohuo was puzzled.

“It’s nothing,” Qin Qing said, “I just thought that the boss was very good.”

“Of course!” Cui Huohuo was relieved in his heart.
Fortunately, his(SZH) image was successfully restored.


That evening, since everyone involved in the recording had arrived, the program team booked a central hall and invited the guests and artists to dinner.


Su Zhihe would usually deal with this type of occasion casually.
He wouldn’t drink and also wouldn’t take someone with him.
He’d just sit for a while then leave.

Thus Qin Qing who was alone in his room took out a book to read.

After reading for a while, he happened to raise his eyes and when he noticed the suite’s bright and clean* living room, it’s warm yellow lighting, and the style and quality of the artworks and hung paintings, he was terrified for a moment.
He almost thought that he had returned to his previous life and was busy working while staying in a high-end hotel during the business trip.

t/n: lit 窗明几净 very clean and bright windows.
Figuratively: A neat tidy, well-organized place; A bright and clean (area)


Only when he recovered his senses did he remember that this wasn’t a business trip and was only an ordinary and small-time assistant who was following their artist out to work, that’s all.


The reason why he was able to stay here was because the boss today was Su Zhihe-

He’s someone who has prestige and was a good boss who was willing to spend money for his assistant to live in a suite.

Qin Qing smiled and lowered his head to continue reading.

The next day, “Survival in the Wild” began recording.


read at

They were recording in a certain area of the mountain forest.
The range was limited and there was also an external location set-up.

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The rules of the program weren’t complicated.
It required three artists and three amateurs guests, making 6 people in total, to make a strategy to advance together in the half outdoors half-built set area.
There would be various obstacles and traps on the way and the guests must interact and join hands to get out of desperate situations together.


Before the recording, while they were still at the hotel, the 3 artists and amateur guests got together in a conference hall to have a meeting.


Qin Qing and Cui Huohuo followed for the meeting and not only did they meet the two other male artists, but also the three amateur guests.

And amongst them was the CP king that Qin Qing remembered from the show.


This King’s name was Liu Yuan.
He was in his early twenties and was a university student.
He was tall with long legs, wide shoulders, and a slim waist.
He was very handsome.
It was said that the program team interviewed a lot of people before they found a person who was suitable in all aspects with a good body quality and was handsome.


What was the degree of handsomeness?


To be a bit specific, not only did the face value far exceed the other two amateur guests present but it was also a lot higher than average, and compared to the Idol debut of Ye Chutian, it was a bit more attractive.




It was not as good as Qin Qing.


The PPT used by the program team to introduce the amateurs was hung on the wall.
The “high face value” keyword (tag) that belonged to Liu Yuan vividly fell into the eyes of everyone present.

t/n:  PPT: PowerPoint


And Qin Qing, who was sitting on a chair that was leaning against the wall, behind Su Zhi He

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As soon as the 3 character word ‘high face value’ appeared, Tong Lu, who was rumored to be mortal enemies* with Su Zhi He, raised his eyes towards Liu Yuan who was diagonally across from him, and then to Qin Qing who sat behind Su Zhihe.
He scoffed.

t/n:不共戴天: enemies that can not live under the same sky.
Sworn foe, lol.
See the previous chapter, towards the end, for more context.

The scoffing sound was too clear and loud, so everyone heard it clearly.

The atmosphere immediately became awkward.

For a while, the person presiding over the meeting didn’t say anything, he allowed the hall to awkwardly quiet down.

With a lighter in his hand, Su ZhiHe raised his eyes and swept over Tong Lu, he blandly said: “Does Teacher Tong have a complaint?”

Tong Lu was a few years older than Su Zhihe, was popular, and also had status.

In the early years, the two of them had some unpleasantness because of a movie role.
Su Zhi He would rather the matter pass by since he’s not that idle to hold such matters in his heart.


But Tong Lu wasn’t the same.
New hatred or old grudges, to him one record lasts for many years, and everywhere he went, he never forgot those little grudges.

Now among the artists and guests for “Survival in the Wild”, Su Zhihe originally wasn’t included, It was another male artist.

 He didn’t know what happened to suddenly change people at the last moment.

Tong Lu only got to know after he’d already arrived and he didn’t have a good face at the dinner last night.

Then today, he noticed that Su Zhihe brought two assistants, and one of them was very outstanding, then he thought about Su Zhihe’s well-known sexuality in the industry…

Heh, so he didn’t forget to bring a lover to work.
Ah someone truly doesn’t waste any time.


In the corner, Qin Qing keenly felt a trace of the invisible storm that was spreading towards himself.


His first response was that Tong Lu regarded him as something.



No, it’s nothing, don’t assume nonsense.

He was just an ordinary, average, and unremarkable little assistant.

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