High Class

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Good people are always taken advantage of.


But if you don’t look particularly virtuous, you probably won’t be easily bullied.


After that moment, nobody else blindly ran over to meet Qin Qing.


Cui Huohuo also looked like a sinister gate god* with his arms folded firmly next to Qin Qing, guarding him while he studied and glared at anyone who approached.

t/n: 门神


When Su Zhihe left the site to rest, he saw Cui Huohuo’s posture and asked him what he was doing.


Cui Huohuo looked at Qin Qing and seeing that Qin Qing had no intention of saying anything himself, said on his behalf, “Some people bullied us a moment ago.”


Su Zhihe looked at Qin Qing, who was handing him water, and towards Cui Huohuo, “Hmmm, tell me.”


Cui Huohuo wasn’t very good at summarising, so he plainly described the situation at that time: “I don’t know which artist’s assistant came over to borrow ice.”


Su Zhihe sipped the water: “Hmm.”


Cui Huohuo: “it definitely wasn’t to borrow ice as they said…”


Cui Huohuo spoke quickly, and randomly* said everything all at once.

t/n: 东一锤子,西一榔头 lit: one (a) hammer in the east, (a) hammer in the west.
“being all over the place, no direction/focus in actions or speech etc.”


And even the content of the social practice class was also mentioned.


Qin Qing silently stood at the side and constantly reminded himself that he was an assistant and only did what he ought to do.
that he didn’t stop Cui Huohuo from reporting to his boss – because he didn’t need to, and he didn’t have the position to stop him.


As a result, while listening he discovered that Cui Huohuo’s mouth had no filter and he really told the boss everything. 


Even if he wanted to stop it, it was too late.
Cui Huohuo had already said everything.


Including all the words he’d said then—-


“How can I be like you guys? I’m not an assistant.”


“Let’s see what would happen when the bosses come and then see how Brother He reacts when he finds out.
And this way it will also verify if brother He cares about me alot.”


And at the end, he went on to add: “Too annoying.
Qin Qing didn’t provoke them at all.
He has been sitting here reading a book!”


Qin Qing: “…” okay, so now even his unsavory school background* has been exposed.

t/n: 老底 : lit trans: past background.
Meaning: sbs (not so good) background; sbs past


After listening, Su Zhihe asked, “Is there anything else?”


Cui Huohuo seriously thought about it and shook his head: “No more.”


Only then did Su Zhi He look at Qin Qing and in a slow tone: “Nothing you want to add?”


Qin Qing also shook his head.


He had let Cui Huohuo say everything, what else could he add.


Would the boss not misunderstand and listen to his explanation that what he said then was just to fool people and he clearly understood his position as an assistant.
That he had no intention of using the matter to make a big scene, not to mention that he didn’t want him to pay too much attention to him?


It was better to shut up.


However, as if Su Zhihe had tasted something interesting from what Cui Huohuo had just said, laughed several times while drinking water.
After laughing, he handed the empty bottle to Cui Huohuo and asked Qin Qing, “What book are you reading.”


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Qin Qing paused and didn’t answer straight away.
After all, facing the boss was not the same as facing Cui Huohuo.


What’s more, some artist bosses were very wary of their employees studying and such, as it was a clear signal of changing jobs.


Before he could answer, Su ZhiHe said, “If you want to study, go to the car.
It’s so hot.
How can you read outside?”


After he finished, he gestured to Cui Huohuo: “Just leave one person here.
If you can’t work alone, ask the security guard over there to come over and join you.
Qin Qing should go back to the car and study.”


Qin Qing raised his eyes in surprise.


Su Zhihe turned around, and continuing from where he stopped: “Are you preparing for an exam?”


Qin Qing was stunned and frozen in place.


Apart from Xie Lei and his uncle, for the first time since coming to B City, someone cared about his studies enough to ask him if he was studying and what kind of books he was reading and they also made special arrangements for him.
He was told to study in the car and not outside.


Qin Qing had accepted a lot of good intentions and kindness since he was reborn.
And he had also experienced a lot of good things by getting along with people.
But he didn’t expect that as the boss, Su ZhiHe would care about him like this.


Clearly, as an assistant, he should always follow after the boss and take the boss’s needs as the first priority.


So why does the boss care about whether he was studying and what kind of books he was reading, and ask him to study in the car, and even ask others to share the work that should belong to him?


Was he dreaming?


But if he wasn’t dreaming, how could there be such a good artist boss like this?  


Qin Qing was shocked on one side and on the other still trying to digest but then on another hand, he felt touched by such a strange experience.


He looked back at Su ZhiHe and for a while, didn’t know what to say.
 After a moment of confusion, only then did he hesitantly say “I’m reading ……senior high school books.”


Su Zhihe was a little surprised: “I thought you were a college student.”


“I’m not.”


Qin Qing slowly explained, “I dropped out of senior high school.”


Su Zhihe’s expression narrowed and he didn’t ask any more questions.


Under the shade of the tree, cicadas hissed…


After a moment, Su Zhihe started walking while saying, “follow me.”


“?” Cui Huohuo: “Me?”


Su Zhihe: “Qin Qing.”


Qin Qing hurried to catch up.


Cui Huohuo then followed.


Su Zhihe said while walking, “I will also take you guys to a social practice class.”


Big shot Su’s practical class emphasized stability, accuracy, and ruthlessness, and without being flashy; it was practically “pro” people.

t/n: pro = ‘people friendly’…lol


“Who just came to borrow ice from me?”


 “Don’t stare blankly, I’ll ask again, who?”


The male assistant who wanted to borrow the ice cubes didn’t come forward himself but because of the attention of the others, he was directly exposed.


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Su Zhihe: “You?”


Tong Lu still didn’t know what was happening but seeing that Su Zhihe came to his door for some ice cubes, stared at his own assistant with a puzzled face.


“What’s going on?”


Su Zhihe glanced at Tong Lu: “Your assistant came to my side to borrow ice, but wasn’t given, so I’ve personally come to greet him.”


Tong Lu: “?”


Assistant: “…..”


Su Zhihe looked at the assistant: “Don’t worry, tomorrow, we will drag ice from the nearby cold storage, so there will be plenty then.
Nobody will lack, so it won’t be possible for you to also lack.”


The assistant didn’t expect that Qin Qing could really move Su Zhihe to personally come out.
His guts were scared stiff and his face shrank.


Tong Lu immediately looked at his assistant and frowned: “What ice cubes?” When did he ask Su Zhihe for ice?


The assistant stuttered and couldn’t explain.


Tong Lu’s eyes widened, he understood immediately.


He was fucking exhausted from recording the program under the intense sun rays but this assistant who stood under the shade with nothing to do, got bored and used him as a cover to stir things up outside.?


And after making a mess, also provoked Su Zhi He to your door?

t/n: made SZH come over to find trouble ..


Tong Lu gritted his teeth and coldly snorted, “How good of you.”


Su Zhihe’s tone was light but fanned the flames more: “whether it’s good or not I’m assuming that what my side says won’t count and even what you say teacher Tong won’t as well.
Only your assistant will have the final say.”


After saying this, he sighed deeply, “Teacher Tong’s side is so unique.
The assistants are so high class.” <— Title ^_^


Tong Lu, suffering from many blows, immediately wanted to smack that assistant.

t/n: suffered a loss; was just mocked


But Su Zhihe had already without a single worry* turned to where Ye Chutian was

t/n: 一片云彩lit a single cloud color: the way I understood this was that it’s from a poem and basically means without a care or a worry


“Teacher Ye.”


How could Ye Chutian, a third-tier artist, afford to be called Teacher by Su Zhihe personally.
He quickly stood up: “No, no, Teacher Su.”


Su Zhihe scanned the faces of his assistants.”Who went to my place to offer a coke?”


Ye Chutian’s heart thudded.
Even if you had a problem with Su Zhihe in private and the relationship wasn’t good, he still didn’t dare to openly provoke this big shot.


He quickly put on an appeasing smile: “Teacher Su.
isn’t there some kind of misunderstanding?”


Su Zhihe: “No misunderstanding.
I came to drink the coke.”


Ye Chutian: “…”


Assistants: “…”


Su Zhihe: “Hmm? Where is the Coke? You brought it over then took it away again.
 So were you teasing me and looking down on me? Or that I don’t deserve to drink it?”


Ye Chutian’s anger simmered and several assistants trembled.


Su Zhihe’s gaze swept over several people before finally landing on Ye Chutian’s face: “Teacher Ye, this is too much, right? Using a Coke to fish*?”

t/n: using coke to seek attention or dupe people.

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Su Zhihe: “it’s such a hot day, and even if the fish are half dead from the heat there was still dignity.”

t/n: wtf


Ye Chutian apologized with a forced smile: “it’s my fault teacher Su, it’s all my fault.
I didn’t control my people well.”


Su Zhihe hummed, “How could it be Teacher Ye’s fault? Teacher Ye isn’t wrong, it’s our fish that’s wrong.”


Su Zhihe: “The fish don’t know good or bad and surprisingly don’t even drink coke.”


Everyone: “…”


Fuck, they’re on their knees.

t/n: alternatively: “they’re really speechless (by what just happened)” or know: “wtf!!!!”


The whole process back and forth was only at most five minutes.


In five minutes, the assistants of the two artists were scared to death, and Ye Chutian and Tong Lu had suffered and lost face.


By Contrast, Su Zhihe, like a drifting cloud and flowing water*; was calm as if he didn’t come to find anyone’s trouble but came to ask if they wanted to have a meal together in the evening.

t/n: 行云流水smooth and natural; unforced


Qin Qing was shocked.


Su Zhihe was like this? Su Zhihe could also be like this?


In this circle, he has never seen such a mouth that can damage people like this.


Or was it that he entered the circle too late back then to not discover the “ability” of Film Emperor Su?


Qin Qing had not yet returned to his senses since Su ZhiHe come over and he still hadn’t when he lead the two small assistants back.


While walking he (SZH) turned his head to look at Qin Qing, and as if eliminating the ‘damaging others’ tone from a moment ago, he gently said, “Go to the car to study, okay.
Go right now.”


Qin Qing opened his eyes and blinked.


Su Zhihe: “Didn’t I tell you that if there’s anything, to talk to me.”


Qin Qing blinked again.


Su Zihe Seeing the dumbfounded look on his face, smiled and said, “What’s that look?”


Qin Qing was silent for a moment: “Thank you.”


Su Zhihe hooked his lips and carelessly said: “Who are you thanking?”


Qin Qing: “Thank you, Brother He.”


Su Zhihe: “Go ahead.”


In this way, Qin Qing returned to the RV.


Sitting in a custom-made luxury vehicle of ten million dollars, blowing air conditioning while reading a book, and in addition, receiving an iced milk tea brought by the driver on hand.


In his previous life, he had definitely enjoyed all kinds of material conveniences and had a lot of luxury cars.
Moreover, he himself had experienced it all.


But at the moment, in this RV, he had a stupid look on his face and was a little uncomfortable and Ill at ease like a real 18-year-old boy.


Because there were too many strange experiences.


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For the first time, there was an artist boss who cared about him and didn’t let him linger but asked him to go back to the RV to study.


Also for the first time that there was such an entertainment industry overlord who took the initiative to stand up for him.


Is it that he (SZH) didn’t know to not be concerned?

He was obviously just a small assistant.


Qin Qing uncharacteristically did not look at the book and sat in front of the table, dazed.


As this was happening, the feeling in his heart became clear.




He was a little happy.


No, That’s wrong.


He was very happy.


Qin Qing propped up his chin and smiled softly.




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Recording site.


The program team was very worried and kept incessantly urging Liu Yuan: “CP.
We’ve told you that your position is CP.”


“You are the CP.
Why is there no interaction with a guest outside the site?”


“If there is no interaction how will you get familiar? If you guys are not familiar how will there be more interactions in the program?”


Liu Yuan felt wronged: “I went to where artist-teachers were and they ignored me.”


“Ignored you?”


Liu Yuan: “Yes!”


Except for Su Zhihe, Ye Chutian and Tong Lu were currently training their assistants.
The training was what one would call a torrent of abuse with spittle flying everywhere.

t/n:  that line was fun to translate


Liu Yuan was completely frightened: “It’s too fierce okay.”


Program team: “Then you can go look for Teacher Su.”


Liu Yuan flinched and shook his head.


Program team: “What happened again?”


Teacher Su compared to the other two teachers was even scarier.


A moment ago, he just happened to pass by and saw how teacher Su lead his assistants to the door (of the other artists) to humiliate people.
And in one breath after another “Your assistant is so high class ” and “How can fish not drink coke?”


Seriously, anything big shot, film emperor, traffic star, and celebrity, let’s just forget about it okay.


He dares not provoke and can’t afford to offend.


Liu Yuan: This CP King, I can’t do it!


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