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On that day, the several days of outdoor recording finally ended.


Because of work, Su Zhihe endured several days of heat and had suppressed his passion for several days.
When the program team finally announced the end of the recording, he revealed a misanthropic and noble/cold look on his face for those tough days to love his special someone. 


As soon as he returned to the pergola, he held ice to his face.
He stood under the electric fan, dialed the number of the boss of the platform, and scoldingly said: “Chief Shen, I’ll trouble you for the next time you have this kind of substitute work and raise your expensive phone, think of everyone else but me.”


The phone was on speaker.
On the other side, Chief Shen thanked him profusely and laughed apologetically, calling out: “Brother, I’ll call you brother.
Brother He.”


 “Scram.” Su Zhihe scolded.
“Who are you calling brother He.”


Then said “You are comfortable ah.
Blowing air conditioning in the office, blowing air conditioning in the car, blowing air conditioning in the broadcast studio.
How about considering my side?”


“How comfortable you must be.
Later on, I have to use my legs to walk for half an hour to get back to the car.”


“Shall I tell you how many degrees it is outside!?”


Chief Shen: “Grandpa, you are my grandpa.”


Su Zhihe sighed: “What grandpa? I’m your ancestor.”


Cui Huohuo stifled his laughter, and Qin Qing was equally amused.


Su Zhihe hung up the phone and raised his eyes to see Qin Qing smiling.
His expression was the most relaxed and brightest it’d been in many days.


When Qin Qing saw that Su Zhihe was looking at him, he paused for a moment before looking back.


Su Zhihe said quietly: “Why are you usually so tense?”


Qin Qing paused again and didn’t say anything.


Su Zhihe: “But at my side, you’re relaxed.
Isn’t it good to laugh like that just now?


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Qin Qing was slightly stunned.


He wasn’t nervous or tense.
it was just a habit of many years that when working, he would be careful with his words and actions.


In the eyes of others, perhaps they saw that he was young and didn’t talk much, so they thought he was overly tense.


There was nothing wrong with misunderstanding.
It was just that, Su ZhiHe who saw this, would still be concerned and tell him to relax?


Qin Qing was surprised in his heart.


And this wasn’t the first time.
Before Su Zhihe had him go back to the car to study and also that time when he was sleepy, he had him go sleep on the recliner.


Such meticulous care and friendly attitude…

And this was coming from an actor with a film emperor status.

And they’d also only known each other for a couple of days in total.


That strange feeling from before once again came burrowing out.


And the feeling was even greater now.


Anyone who was young or less experienced and didn’t have a sense to notice anything strange would just feel that strange was just strange, and wouldn’t think otherwise.


However, Qin Qing was different.


There were too many things he experienced.


In the past, it wasn’t that there weren’t big shots of a similar status that showed goodwill to him.


And when Qin Qing had felt strange before, he didn’t think deeply about it.
This was partly because after his rebirth, he vowed to draw a clear line with the past, and face life with simple thoughts.

And on the other hand, Su Zhihe was a “symbol” of his brand new life in his heart.
He instinctively accepted the good parts associated with this man.


But at heart, Qin Qing wasn’t a simple and pure person anymore, even if these were all the things he was pursuing now.


And his previous life had been deeply marked by his experience.
It had integrated into his blood and bones and became part of his body and soul.

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It made him have enough experience to see people and things clearly.


And in those areas where he’d felt strange, when he puts aside the friendly face and the fact that he could feel the good intentions.
This was basically a 30-something-year-old Film emperor showing goodwill to his young assistant whom he hadn’t known for long.


And Qin Qing’s life experience, the last male artist who showed him goodwill within a few days of meeting him………


 Had wanted to sleep with him


And then came another, and then another, and another and another one, it was basically more or less the same.


They either wanted to just sleep with him and satisfy urges or wanted to do hidden rules* with him or other such things.

t/n: along the lines of “they sleep with him = promotion, advancement, etc”


But as for Su Zhihe, Qin Qing calmly thought about it and felt that if he didn’t consider reasoning and intuition, there was no similar feeling and he shouldn’t think that way about him.


However, one person was good to another, and in this case, where there was a big gap in identity, background, and age, there should always be a reasonable reason.


What was it?


Qin Qing was still puzzled even after thinking about it repeatedly.


Also, he thought, really thank you Kou Jiang.
It wasn’t enough to disrupt his peaceful life but also bring out his previous thinking habits and the many bad memories.

t/n: he was being sarcastic there.


But what Qin Qing didn’t expect was that now that he had changed his environment and changed his life pursuit, many aspects simply weren’t the same as before.


For example, his expression control was by far not as good as in his previous life.


So therefore, if he had any thoughts in his heart, his face would more or less reveal it, and even if his glance at Su Zhihe seemed very natural, it was still revealing.


After all, Su Zhihe wasn’t a vegetarian*.

t/n: not to be taken advantage of/trifled with/tough


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On the return trip of RV, Cui Huohuo was in the co-driver seat and was idly chatting with the driver, while there were only two people at the back of the cabin.


The car was quiet.
Su Zhihe was the first to break the silence: “What’s wrong?”


Qin Qing looked over and didn’t say anything.


Su Zhihe immediately guessed what he might be thinking and felt that the little boy was really too intelligent.


But he also happens to like this kind of intelligence.


However, being too intelligent also wasn’t good.
He definitely can’t tell him the truth now.
After all, he was still young, and just in case he scared him away…


Su Zhihe: “You may not know, but early this year, I went to the mountains to find a master to divine my fate…”


This was something many artists would do.


Su Zhihe said in an unhurried manner: “The master said I lack an assistant at my side who was compatible with my eight characters.”


“He said that this assistant will be of great benefit to me.”


“That I should get along well with this assistant, and there will be good fortune.”


For example, saying goodbye to single life.


Qin Qing: “…That assistant is me?”


Su Zhihe nodded.


Qin Qing was silent for a moment.
He didn’t know whether to be happy or anxious.


it was good that the boss wasn’t trying to do something with him.


But in his last life, the boss stopped filming in his thirties.
Was it because he found the wrong mascot* and their eight characters weren’t compatible, resulting in the acting career collapsing……

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t/n: lucky charm


Su Zhihe then naturally said: “So in the future, there are some things that you don’t need to do.
Just hand it over to Cui Huohuo or Xiang Xun, they can do it.
You just stay by my side.”


Qin Qing used a word that he felt was accurate: “Prosper you?”

t/n: 旺你: literally prosper you.  Make (someone) prosperous or flourishing.
like a charm you feel can bring you blessings etc, but it’s a person instead.


Su Zhihe hooked his lips: “hmm, Prosper me.”


He also said, “You should follow me as much as possible.
More contact so we get along more and it might possibly promote me to seize a few awards again.”


Qin Qing was silent for a moment.
Although he knew that many celebrities and big shots would divine their fates and find ways to keep their careers popular, but this method…


Are you sure it wasn’t to scam people?


Qin Qing: “You believe it?”


Su Zhihe: “Of course.”


Qin Qing said in his mind, but you completely stopped filming before you were thirty-five in the last life.


Qin Qing tactfully said: “But just in case…”


Su Zhihe: “have some confidence in yourself.”


He really doesn’t have as much confidence as this  “popular Film Emperor”


Afterward, he didn’t know where the idea came from but after returning to the hotel, Su Zhihe took out several scripts with the tentative titles of the movie written on the cover and asked him to choose.


Qin Qing swept his eyes over them.
All of a sudden, he saw the script of the movie that Su Zhihe starred in his last life which grossed over 1.5 billion, and pointed to it.


(SZH) “This plot is of the highest quality.
I have already taken it.”


Su Zhihe smiled: “Now isn’t this quite prosperous?”

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