When the recording was finished, Tong Lu and Ye Chutian both left.
Su Zhihe had no work for the time being and stayed in the mountain hotel for two more days.

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Two days later, he flew back to B City.


He wanted to go to the production platform of “Survival in the Wild”, Star Screen Video to review the edited film and in the meantime, talk to Chief Shen about another work.


The group of people gathered at the Star Screen Building.
Xiang Xun still wore a straight suit, with a tie and wristwatch: boss style.


Xiang Xun hadn’t seen them for several days.
Seeing Qin Qing and Cui Huohuo, Xiang Xun clicked his fingers and asked Su Zhihe: “let’s split up? I’ll review the film and you go drink tea with Chief Shen?”


It was a stupid question.
Instead of replying, Su Zhihe countered: “Was I  to go review the film?”

t/n: sarcasm


Xiang Xun again clicked his fingers.
He looked at Qin Qing and then at Cui Huohuo: “Then shall we each take one person?”


Cui Huohuo, worried Qin Qing would not understand, specially explained in a low voice: “The variety show that will be broadcast on the platform, the artist’s team can watch it first.
This is called reviewing film.”


Qin Qing naturally knew this.


He has probably reviewed more films than Cui Huohuo has reviewed variety shows.


So it was also clearly obvious that Xiang Xun over there had asked a stupid question.


So who did Su Zhihe take?


Naturally, he took the person who can prosper him.


The elevator stopped on the floor of Chief Shen’s office.
When the door opened, Su Zhihe didn’t say a word and stepped out, Qin Qing immediately followed.


Xiang Xun: “…”


Elevator door closed.


Xiang Xun looked at Cui Huohuo.
As an agent who wasn’t involved in the recording process of “Survival in the Wild”, and confronted with Su Zhihe and Qin Qing’s tacit understanding, he was at a loss.


Xiang Xun: “What happened that I don’t know about?”


After Cui HuoHuo went through the variety show, his IQ suddenly rose by two levels.
He didn’t say anything when asked and pretended to be stupid while circling around: “The program team’s lychees were very good.”


Xiang Xun raised his eyebrows: “Only the lychees?”


Cui Huohuo: “The lobster was also very good.”




Xiang Xun: “What about the question I asked you!”


Cui Huohuo asked instead: “Brother Xun, do you burn incense? Don’t you want to calculate your fate? You may also lack a prospering assistant in your life.”


Xiang Xun: “…” What exactly happened after all?


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On the other side, Su Zhihe took Qin Qing to see Chief Shen.


Shen Fan was an executive of Star Screen Video and was mainly responsible for the variety section of the platform.


In his previous life, Qin Qing had a few dealings with this person while working.

He was a very smart businessman and had a lot of vision.


As it turns out, Chief Shen and Su Zhihe knew each other.


Not only did they know each other, but the relationship was also very good.
It was so good that there was an in-house variety show that was recently rated S grade in his hands that he immediately took out to share with  Su Zhihe.


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It was just that Su Zhihe came, but what about Xiang Xun? Why did he bring an unfamiliar young boy with him?


Su Zhihe: “He went to review the film.”


Chief Shen sized up Qin Qing: “Who is this?”


“Qin Qing.” Su Zhihe sat down in front of Chief Shen’s tea table, took the variety show proposal, and signaled Qin Qing: “sit by yourself.
Want to drink tea? If you don’t want to drink tea, there’s a coffee machine over there, go brew it and drink.”


Qin Qing nodded his head at Chief Shen.


Chief Shen reacted quickly and immediately had an enlightened expression.
He got up and walked around his desk, pressed the intercom and asked his assistant to bring some snacks in.


Su Zhihe snorted: “So polite.”


Chief Shen looked at Qin Qing with a kind face: “Sit casually.
I don’t have anything to eat here.
Let my assistant go get some.”


Su Zhihe raised his eyes to look at Chief Shen and languidly said: “you lack something to eat here?”

t/n: that may be thick sarcasm right there.


He then looked at Qin Qing and indicated a writing table by the window: “Do you want to study?”


Qin Qing weighed the situation and felt that since they were going to talk about work, it was better to stay away from it.
So he got up and moved to the window.


 A few moments later, the assistant came in with a tray of snacks.


Qin Qing was studying while Chief Shen and Su Zhihe chatted about the S-grade variety show that stood out from the pile of projects.


It was a talent show.


The talent show itself was nothing special.
These days several big platforms produced a bunch of male and female talent shows.
One batch follows the other and they form groups to debut.
One was popular for a period of time, and after the popularity was finished and they broke up, the next one would come again.


The one in Chief Shen’s hand was a similar type.
The special part was that the person who proposed this variety show had listed a lot of very special persona and new storylines.
Even the explosive parts that can attract audiences to debate over it.
All of them were listed.


This was like saying that while the other plans were just prototypes and outlines, this program already had sufficient filler content.


Su Zhihe looked at the proposal while Chief Shen sighed deeply: ” It’s a proposal from a new intern.
Young people nowadays, they are really remarkable.”


Su Zhihe: “Newcomer?”


The proposal was flipped back to the front page.
There he saw under the tentative name of the variety show,  Proposer: “Kou Jiang.”


By the window, Qin Qing’s hand that was flipping through the book lightly paused.


Chief Shen proposed with great enthusiasm: “Let me call him over.
Looking at the plan doesn’t show everything.
It’s interesting to talk about it”


As soon as the person came over, Su Zhihe recognized him on the spot.
He had seen this person at the recording site of “Survival in the Wild”.


Not far away in the afterglow of the sun, Qin Qing was peacefully studying and didn’t pay attention to that side.


After greeting, Kou Jiang also immediately looked toward the table in front of the window.


Chief Shen has always liked talented young people.
He naturally appreciates Kou Jiang’s ability to put forward such an S-grade talent show.


Seeing Kou Jiang looking at Qin Qing, he casually asked, “Do you know each other?”


Kou Jiang withdrew his eyes and smiled: “We met when we visited the class.”


Only then did Chief Shen remember: “Oh yes, you guys went to the mountains a few days ago.”


Signaling to Kou Jiang: “Sit down and chat for a while.”


He smiled and said: “I immediately pushed your variety show to Boss Su.
If Boss Su likes it, he may be willing to be a part of your variety show.”


Kou Jiang smiled, revealing a slightly flattered look.

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Qin Qing had just raised his eyes to see it and was speechless from the bottom of his heart.


This S-grade variety show that Kou Jiang proposed that Chief Shen was highly recommending, “Grant me the stage – Teen in the wind” was supposed to be a homemade variety show from the next door company Blue Sea Video in a year or so.


And not mentioning that if such a variety show changes platform, changes crew, and changes air date, in the end, was it possible to still achieve the same results.
This practice of seizing other people’s things as their own was truly Kou Jiang’s usual style.


Kou Jiang was really not polite.
Qin Qing while reading stretched out an ear to listen and discovered that all the hot points of ” Grant me the stage” in the previous life, were all mentioned without fail by Kou Jiang as his own original vision and ideas.


Chief Shen’s mouth couldn’t close as he listened.
He was very interested and satisfied.


As soon as Kou Jiang finished speaking, Chief Shen praised: “Xiao Kou is very talented in variety shows.”


He also asked Su Zhihe: “How was it? I didn’t brag, right?”


Su Zhihe listened to what Kou Jiang said and didn’t look at the words of the proposal again.
As soon as Kou Jiang finished speaking, he put the pro side beside him and did not make any comments.
He only asked two questions.


Su Zhihe: “You mentioned several personas of the participants, with detailed personalities and styles.
It wasn’t like they were only personas, but it was like you already had suitable candidates for them.”


Kou Jiang faced Su Zhihe confidently: “That’s right.”


Su Zhihe was very straightforward: “Mention who they are.”


Kou Jiang mentioned a few names and once Qin Qing heard them, they were exactly the same participants of the  ” Grant me the stage” in his previous life.


Su Zhihe asked him: “Did contact these people after you made this proposal?” Otherwise, why was it so detailed?


Kou Jiang: “Yes.” He added, “The production team is already being formed.
We’re going to immediately start approaching some of these people.”

t/n: approaching them to start filming


Su Zhihe then said: “in other words, you know these people?”


Kou Jiang hesitated a bit: “Yes.”


Su Zhihe lifted his chin and gestured to Kou Jiang’s phone stuffed in his trouser pocket: “Contact one of them.”


Kou Jiang: “…ah?”


Even Chief Shen couldn’t react and looked at Su Zhihe: “?”


Su Zhihe was unperturbed: “Didn’t you say you contacted? Since you know each other, it’s not difficult to casually contact one, right?”


Kou Jiang: “…I…” He sent a pleading look toward Chief Shen.


Chief Shen naturally felt that Su Zhihe was being overbearing.
What was he doing? They were just chatting and he’s getting serious?


Chief Shen tried to smooth things over without saying anything unpleasant to Su Zhihe, so he advised Kou Jiang: “Boss Su is always serious about his work.
he is strict about your proposal means that he thinks highly of your project.”


Su Zhihe, however, didn’t give any face at all and profoundly said: “The normal variety shows will have an outline and framework, but it is the first time I have seen such a full content.”


“You mentioned specific personas and how they can be designed and performed.”


“You told me two specific contestants with different styles will have a conflict over something and what the hot spot of this conflict will be about.
And also what reactions and arguments the audience would have about this and then about what kind of hot searches there will be and what the hot search terms are…..”


Su Zhihe looked at Kou Jiang: “Why so detailed? It’s excessively detailed.
It’s not like a proposal but like an assignment copied from somewhere?”


Su Zhihe picked up the proposal and held it in his hand.
His expression was penetrating: “Where did you copy it from?”


Kou Jiang was shocked.


As a reborn person, he had just clung to Chief Shen’s thigh with a plagiarized variety show program, and unfortunately the rebirth time was too short for him to make any achievements for now.


But how could Su Zhihe see through it at a glance and reveal it?


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Where did you copy it from?


How did Su Zhihe know?


Kou Jiang was so shocked that his first reaction was to look at Qin Qing.


The action of looking over was too obvious that Su Zhihe and Chief Shen both followed and looked over.


Chief Shen was puzzled: “What are you looking at?”


Kou Jiang said to himself: Could it be Qin Qing? Could it be that Qin Qing was also reborn?


Could he have mentioned “Grant me the Stage” to  Su Zhihe.?


Su Zhihe also asked: “What are you looking at?”


For a moment, Kou Jiang had speech difficulties.
he quickly calmed down but was no longer complacently cocky.


He tried to defend himself and was about to speak when Su Zhihe interrupted him: “Go and explain it to your Chief Shen.”


Su Zhihe threw the proposal back to Chief Shen and stood up: “The internal affairs of your platform, I won’t sit in on it.”


He stepped around the sofa and looked towards the window.


Qin Qing gathered his book and walked out.


And as if he had only just brought his child to visit the door, Su Zhihe said as he walked out with Qin Qing: “Let meet again Chief Shen.”

t/nn: like ‘casual visit’


Qin Qing: “Goodbye, Chief Shen.”


Chief Shen stood up.
He was still a bit unresponsive.


His S-grade variety show, how come in Su Zhihe’s eyes it was just copied homework?


Where did he copy it? How did he copy it? Who did you copy?


“Su ……”


The people have long gone.


Chief Shen looked at the entrance blankly and turned his head to Kou Jiang on the sofa: “?”


Kou Jiang’s heart was furious.
What’s wrong with this Su Zhihe?


In the last life, when he was causing a stir in the entertainment industry, He (SZH) was reclusive.
But in this life, when he had barely entered the industry and didn’t have a firm foothold, had directly used his big shot power to beat him to death.


Was this the f*cking BOSS-level exterminator on the road of rebirth?


And then there was Qin Qing.


If he wasn’t reborn, why wasn’t he currently serving dishes at a hotel? Why was he by Su Zhihe’s side?


If he was really reborn…


Kou Jiang silently scratched his palm with his nails.
If he was reborn, why was he beside Su Zhihe?


Was it to take advantage of Su Zhihe’s status and resources to instantly rise to the top?


That’s not right.
Kou Jiang quickly thought it over.
Presently Qin Qing was younger than him and had nothing to offer.
Even if he was reborn, he still had nothing.
So why did he presently hang on to Su Zhihe?


Kou Jiang frowned.


He didn’t believe those misleading rumors the program team circulated when he when to visit the class.

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Based on what he knew of these two people in his previous life.
One had an emotional mysophobia and absolutely did not touch what he did not like.
The other one had a physical mysophobia.
Whether he liked it or not, he still didn’t like to be touched by people.


How was it possible for these two people to hook up?


Besides, if Qin Qing was really willing to go out of his way, by relying on that face in the last life when so many people wanted to do hidden rules with him, he himself would have long ago taken the initiative to stick out his buttocks.


With those people, he would have made it big.
So why would he have to tirelessly work to advance?


The moment Kou Jiang returned to his senses, he suddenly saw a pair of eyes staring attentively at him and was startled.


As if he had been successfully brainwashed by Su Zhihe, Chief Shen looked resentful: “Come now, you need to tell me whose homework you copied.
Where did you copy? How much was copied?”


Kou Jiang: “……”


Exterminator Su pitted me!.


read at readsleeptranslate.org


On the other side, Qin Qing had already followed Su Zhihe onto the elevator.


He also wondered how Su Zhihe saw that the variety show proposal wasn’t quite right.


Su Zhihe: “I have seen a very similar talent show proposal over at Blue Sea Video before.
That variety show was rated B over there and also happen to know the person who proposed it but because he went to do other programs, the talent show was later set aside.”


“The model and name are the same.
Of course, they are copied.” Even if it was filled with details.


So that’s how it is.


Qin Qing said in his heart: Kou Jiang is really too unlucky.
He robbed a proposal that Su Zhihe had already seen before.


Su Zhihe remembered something: “it was also him at the door of the pergola before?”


Qin Qing: “Yes.”


Su Zhihe said again: “Don’t pay attention to this type of people.”


Qin Qing: “I ignored it.”


Su Zhihe looked at his watch: “they will take some time to review the film.
I’ll take you to see a big star.”


Qin Qing was curious: “Who?”


Su Zhihe: “Shang Mohuai.”


Qin Qing: “…”


Shang Mohuai, the first-tier actor in Qin Qing’s life who wanted to pick him up.


In the process of pursuing, he claimed to have fallen in love with Qin Qing at first sight and fell more in love when they met again, and by the third meeting wanted to pick small stars from the sky for him.


He also declared in person: that only because of him did he realize that he could like men.


That year, in order for Qin Qing to refuse that fierce storm-like attack, he shut down and disconnected his devices and ran to England to feed the pigeons for half a month.


After feeding the pigeons and returning, he switched on his device to see that Shang Mohuai sent him more than 30,000 text messages.
Each one was three words –


I, hate, you.


But hate or not, that was all from the last life.


In this life, Qin Qing thought about it and concluded that Shang Mohuai was unlikely to like 18-year-old boys.


It was too crazy to like 18-year-olds.

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