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On that day, Qin Qing cooked a few dishes.


Su Zhihe was like a gourmet chef who tastes food.
He ate each dish one by one and while eating, complimented him: “Cooking skill is pretty good.”


He also asked Qin Qing, who was sitting in front of him: “Did you know how to cook before, or you recently learned it?” This recently was obviously referring to after being reborn.


Qin Qing was eating a dish: “Before.” After being reborn, there have been a few meals, but not many.
The house he lived in does not have a cooker hood, so he was afraid that frying will dirty the house.


Su Zhihe: “When you were so busy (before), were you able to cook things to eat yourself?”


Qin Qing: “There were many social functions so when I wanted to eat something with little oil and salt, I would make it by myself.”


Su Zhihe seemed very curious about his previous life: “there were so many social gatherings?”


Qin Qing vaguely said: “It was okay.”


Su Zhihe examined Qin Qing.
He couldn’t imagine the scene of him in formal wear holding a glass of wine at a social function, laughing and mingling with people.


He obviously had a neat temperament and was a person who doesn’t like to talk much.


What sort of performance would it be in that kind of occasion?


Would he be able to make conversation and joke around with a Director and a Boss he was meeting for the first time?


Would he, with such a beautiful face, lift a wine glass and drink alcohol with people?


What would he be like after drinking?


would his face be red? Would he be intoxicated?


And if he got drunk, what would he be like?


Would he tug at his tie and loosen the buttons on his collar? Would he in a drunken haze, use a roaming gaze to look at people?


….Must not think about it, once he thinks about it, he can’t stop.


“what’s your drinking capacity?1t/n: alternatively: How well can you drink.” Su Zhihe continued to ask.


Qin Qing still vaguely replied: “It’s okay.”


Su Zhihe: “Can you drink white wine?”


Do you still need to ask this? Qin Qing: “You can’t get on a dinner table if you can’t drink white wine.”2t/n: 不喝白酒上不了饭桌。I feel like this is an expression of sorts


Su Zhihe: “What about if you get drunk?”


Qin Qing: “I have specifically trained and can handle alcohol pretty well.
And usually, I won’t go alone, I will bring someone who can drink with me.”


Su Zhihe raised his eyebrows, so it was like this.


Qin Qing again said: “Later, a policy came out to reform the bad practices of the wine table
Drinking wine is also not so fierce in the beginning, everyone wants to show appreciation and get by okay.“


Su Zhihe smiled when he heard those words and looked at Qin Qing: “When the reform policy came out and you didn’t need to drink madly like that anymore.
weren’t you relieved?”


Qin Qing was stunned and raised his eyes.
Indeed, at that time, he was secretly happy in his heart for a long while.


Su Zhihe stared back at Qin Qing: “Don’t look at me like that.
I guessed; you don’t seem like a person who likes drinking.”


More than not liking to drink but he also doesn’t seem like a person who was fond of socializing.


A person who likes to socialize and was naturally fond of dealing with people should be like Xiang Xun.

A person who could call anyone a brother when he meets them.
They’d hook each other’s necks, lift wine glasses, and can drink until the sky was pitch dark.
The next day, they were just like best friends when they woke up.
“Come on good friend, give me some face.
You, let me have this role, okay?”


And if that doesn’t work? Raise wine glass, Fill more wine! Continue drinking!

t/n: lol, if that tactic doesn’t work.
Continue drinking!!


This also showed that Qin Qing had many difficulties climbing up the ladder before.
Kou Jiang had also “informed” them that Qin Qing should have been serving dishes at the hotel at this time.


Serving dishes?


Su Zhihe couldn’t bear to think about that scenario.


Yet they were all experienced by Qin Qing.


And Qin Qing, the person with all those experiences was sitting in front of him now.


After the meal, like the previous days, Qin Qing sat and went back to reading a book, while Su Zhihe laid back on the sofa to take a rest.


The person who was taking a rest did not sleep, his arm draped over his forehead, his gaze turned to the desk in front of the window.


After a few moments, a shadow fell in front of the desk half blocking the light.


Qin Qing raised his head and saw Su Zhihe standing in front of him, his body was next to the desk, and he hung his head lowering his sight to the book pressed under his arm.”You haven’t read a book in over ten years, right?”


Qin Qing: “…”


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This wasn’t the first day he knew that he was revising his books, so why did he come over here now?


Su Zhihe said again: “it might be too hard right? you can ask me if it’s hard.”


Qin Qing raised his eyes: “You also haven’t read a book for more than ten years.”


The last time we all read a book was over ten years ago.
We’re both the same okay.


However, Su Zhihe said: “Not the same.
I often go to the bookstore that’s next to the Penglai Vegetable Market area.
It’s like I’ve been receiving education each day for more than ten years.


Qin Qing: “…”


Su Zhihe smiled and said: “Is there any problem that you can’t understand? I’ll teach you.”


Qin Qing: “…”


Really changed.
He has completely changed.


Before, they coexisted peacefully, with each doing their own thing.
Those few days, not to mention coming together to talk nonsense4trivialities, the sound of movement wouldn’t be very loud and the entire house was quieter than a library to study.




Qin Qing closed the book: “I’d better go back to read.”


Su Zhihe stretched out his hand and opened the book for him: “Don’t go back and waste electricity.
doesn’t electricity cost money?”


Qin Qing closed the book: “I’ll pay the electricity bill.”


Su Zhihe opened the book again: “It’s not like you don’t know how much electricity is consumed by central air conditioning.”


Qin Qing: “…” Boss! You, this big change is too outrageous! Before there wasn’t as much nonsense!


Su Zhihe saw Qin Qing’s entire facial expressions of wanting to talk but stopping.
He knew what he was thinking and humming a laugh, said: “if you were 18 years old, then I’m more than ten years older than you so naturally I have to be mindful”


Qin Qing understood.


A 10-year age difference; an identity, financial resource, and social status gap.
Facing a film emperor-level man like Su Zhihe, if he was really an 18-year-old boy, then it can almost be said to be crushed on all sides.


And under these circumstances, both of them were naturally not equal.


Because of this inequality, and also because an 18-year-old boy is ignorant of society and human nature, as long as Su Zhihe casually guides or approaches, and says and does a few things, a teenager will be profoundly affected, and the heart was also prone to wavering.


Therefore, Su Zhihe had always deliberately maintained a safe distance before.


Nowadays, however, it simply wasn’t necessary because Qin Qing was not really 18 years old.


He wasn’t a child who was easily influenced but had the mature mentality of an adult.


So Su Zhihe not only had no worries but also had the audacity to propose: “Empty house, no furniture, I have everything here, wouldn’t it be better to move in together?”




Qin Qing sensed that Su Zhihe had not only crossed the safe distance but also towards him had a special……….


Was it because he came from 15 years in the future? He (QQ) was very fresh (to SZH) and (SZH) was also curious?


It should be.


Qin Qing seriously refused: “No need.”


Su Zhihe: “You can treat it as a company benefit.”


There is no company whose benefit is to live together with the boss, okay.


Qin Qing still seriously refused: “No.”


Su Zhihe asked: “You’re used to living in the borrowed house?”


Of course I’m used to it.


Su Zhihe: “in the past, you should have made a lot of money when you started a company right.
It’s said that it’s difficult to go from luxury to frugality.”


What’s so hard about it, I’ve slept on the side of the road, and I’ve lived in the basement ……


Wait, open a company? He never mentioned to Su Zhihe that he opened a company before, right?


Qin Qing raised his eyes to look over and frowned: “Kou Jiang mentioned this?”


Su Zhihe nodded his head, then simply dragged a chair and sat down at the side of the desk.
He raised his hand to prop up his chin and calmly said: “He also said that you raised 6 top performers and 4 actors and countless small flowers5t/n: alternatively, idols with huge popularityand newcomers.”*


Qin Qing: “…” He almost forgot that Kou Jiang had just been invited to ‘drink tea.’


With an interested look, Su Zhihe said: “Director Qin.”


Qin Qing: “…”


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“Remember what we agreed before”


Su Zhihe pronounced the words word-for-word: “Prosper.


Su Zhihe secretly crushed the four words “shameless6t/n: 恬不知耻 4” under his feet and smiled: “With you, I think I will not retire so early and should be able to be popular for another twenty years.”


“……” Qin Qing looked at Su Zhihe’s look of “relying on you” suspiciously.


Was it like this?


Qin Qing of course did not move to Su Zhihe’s side to live.
If possible, he wished to spend the next few days alone in the borrowed house to study.


But Su Zhihe said that if he did not come, he would move furniture over to find him, and at the same time, he sighed saying that in those days he didn’t buy an apartment in Building 8, so it was the right time to go over and admire the Building King*7t/n: Lóu Wáng: best building in a community..


Qin Qing had no choice but to continue to go there.


Fortunately, Su Zhihe did not continue to be “intentionally familiar” and resumed his previous lying on the sofa, reading scripts, watching movies, and working out.


Qin Qing quietly studied.


On Friday, Xiang Xun came over.


As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qin Qing standing by the sofa drinking water.
He hung a warm expression (on his face) and while touching his bag, quickly walked over to greet him.


He walked to Qin Qing, groped out a cigarette from inside a cigarette box, and handed it over: “Director Qin!”

t/n: Under the assumption that QQ founded a company with others perhaps he’s a director? President? I’ll come back and edit once I have more information


Qin Qing put down his glass of water and took it.
The gesture of receiving was very experienced, and additionally, he subconsciously inserted one hand into his pocket while the received cigarette that was wedged between his fingertips swayed.


Xiang Xun stared and examined carefully.
He felt that this posture was very flavorful.
Indeed an 18-year-old would not have this look.


But before he could say anything, he was kicked out of the door by Su Zhihe.


Xiang Xun: “!?”


Su Zhihe: “You’re handing over cigarettes to an 18-year-old boy?”


Xiang Xun: “What 18-year-old? Don’t you already know that he and Kou Jiang are the same!”


Su Zhihe: “The same is also only 18.8they’re both 18” After saying that, the door closed with a bang.


Xiang Xun: “????”


F*ck! What did he come here for?


Only after eating the closed-door soup*, did he remember and sent a message to Su Zhihe.

t/n: this was funny.
Alternatively “after being refused entrance/ having a door shut in your face”


“Duan Pu side seems to know who pitted him.
Kou Jiang was beaten up, the person is still in the hospital.”


Su Zhihe was sitting on the sofa, he lifted his gaze from the phone screen.
Not far away, in front of the window, Qin Qing’s left hand was turning the cigarette while his right hand was writing on a draft paper.


The scene was quiet and peaceful and had an ‘it has nothing to do with him atmosphere.’

t/n: you will understand this in the next chapter.
if I explain it, it’ll be a spoiler.^^


Xiang Xun sent another message: “to effortlessly clean up people, Director Qin is really not simple ah.”

t/n: never mind.
that explains it.


Su Zhihe replied: “What clean up, what Director Qin.
My family’s child is only 18 and has not gone anywhere these past few days.
He has been at home reading books.”


Xiang Xun sent a screen of question marks: “In order to date, you’ve become confused?9t/n: lit “You, so in order to date, did your mind get blinded by lard (pig fat)?””




Xiang Xun: “Okay, boss.”


On Saturday, Su Zhihe and Qin Qing went out together.


According to what Ru Han told Qin Qing in the last life: she was stopped by a talent scout near TaiHe Square, just before 10 o’clock in the morning, when the mall was not yet open.


Sure enough, before 10 o’clock, Qin Qing and Su Zhihe who were sitting in the car and waiting near the bus stop, saw Ru Han and two other school girls come down from a bus after it stopped at the stand.


The 3 people talked and laughed and then crossed the street together.


Qin Qing pushed the door and got out of the car.
Su Zhihe didn’t say anything.
Both people agreed to come together, but they didn’t agree to work together.
Su Zhihe was like a dedicated escort driver.


Therefore, Qin Qing stopped moving when he got out of the car.
He turned his head and said: “There aren’t many people in the square.
if you want to come out of the car, wear a mask and hat.”


Su Zhihe smiled back: “Understood, Director Qin.”


Afterward, Qin Qing kept following Ru Han from a modest distance (not far and not too closely) and in passing looked around to see whether or not there were any suspected talent scouts or other people around.


He followed them to the ground floor, under the open-air bridge, and suddenly saw a man standing at the entrance of a coffee shop.

The man was holding a cup of coffee in his hand and the other hand was in his pocket.
He stood idly as if waiting for someone.


Ru Han and the three girls walked past in front of the man laughing and joking, and when the man saw Ru Han, his eyes lit up and his gaze followed.

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Just as he was about to raise his feet, suddenly a person walked directly towards him in a hurry and as if he didn’t see anyone at the door, ran right into him.


The man couldn’t hold the coffee in his hand steadily and spilled it on his body.
He immediately bent down, lowering his head: “hey! Can’t you walk well!”


As soon as he looked back up, he saw a handsome and young face.


Qin Qing: “I’m sorry, I bumped into you.”


The man froze.
He stared at Qin Qing’s face and then looked towards where the few school girls left in.
He said in his heart that today was really strange to be able to unexpectedly meet two beauties at once.


The man appeared good-tempered and waved his hand: “It’s alright.
Wiping it off is okay.”


He raised his eyes, examined Qin Qing, and asked: “Are you a student?” How old are you?”


Qin Qing groped out tissues from inside his pocket and handed them over: “I’m not a student.”


The man took the tissues: “You look very young.
Are you working?”


Qin Qing turned sideways.
While talking to the man he simultaneously used the corner of his eye to look in the direction Ru Han and those girls left.

What he could do was very limited, and it was not known whether or not Ru Han’s life trajectory could be changed as a result.


Let’s hope that what he has done will not be a useless exercise.


10 minutes later, the person the man was waiting for arrived and holding a newly bought coffee, pushed open the coffee shop door and walked out to greet them.


In the coffee shop, Qin Qing placed a business card in front of him.


Looking at the business card, Qin Qing was lost in thought for a moment.


This was a small and unknown company that wasn’t even as good as Cuckoo Entertainment and that man was also not much of a formidable character.
He was merely a small character engaged in entertainment work.


This kind of company and this kind of person were nearly the same as a bogus company* 10briefcase company.
Fake company in his eyes.
He wouldn’t have given it more than a glance


But it was also this kind of company and this kind of person, who was regarded as nothing in the entertainment circle that because they only unintentionally met Ru Han on the road and thought she was pretty, they handed out a business card and changed a schoolgirl’s life from then on.


But from now on, on her course that led to ruin, an important note (of the story) has been buried.


Qin Qing thought to himself, maybe this was fate.


He got up, tore the business card and threw it in the trash can, then walked out of the coffee shop.


Then he followed the direction of where those school girls went through a moment ago and walk into the mall.


After walking around a few rounds, he didn’t see anyone but was surprised to see a huge advertisement made about Su Zhihe.


He immediately took the elevator upstairs.
Behind him, the escalator steps were being trampled on by the school girls running up with a thud thud thud sound.


Several of the girls freaked out as they were running: “Which floor?”


“The fifth floor! I heard it’s the fifth floor!”


Oh my god! Does my male god also go to the mall?”


Could it actually be Su Zhihe?


Qin Qing immediately went to the fifth floor.


On the fifth floor of the east of the building, where there were few people early in the morning, he saw a crowd of people gathered in several circles.


Because the crowd surrounding him were all women who weren’t very tall, Su Zhihe who was surrounded was exceptionally conspicuously standing amongst them.


And he went as far as not even wearing a mask?


Not only did he not wear a mask but he also looked very calm.
He signed autographs on one side while his lips said something on the other and also incidentally raised his eyes and looked at a school girl in front of him.


And that school girl was exactly Ru Han.


Qin Qing was surprised and didn’t react to what Su Zhihe was doing.
He just saw more and more people rushing over to surround him and Su Zhihe’s figure was soon submerged among them.


Not long after, there was a shriek and suddenly Su Zhihe quickly ran out of the crowd that surrounded him; running towards Qin Qing’s direction.


Qin Qing still hadn’t reacted when his arm was pulled and turned around by Su Zhihe and the two of them ran towards the elevator at the corner of the mall together.


Qin Qing glared as he ran: “Are you crazy? You didn’t even wear a mask?”

He had even clearly and specifically reminded when he got out of the car.


Su Zhihe smiled: “Who am I doing this for?”


Qin Qing was stunned.


The elevator was right in front of them and just happened to stop on the same floor and the door opened wide.


Su Zhihe reached out and wrapped his arm around Qin Qing’s waist, leading him to quickly step inside.
The moment he rushed in, the door closed behind him.


In the place where the crowd had just surrounded him a moment ago, all the people had dispersed but Ru Han and the three schools girls were still standing in the same place using the book signed by Su Zhihe to cover their faces and excitedly stamp their feet, screaming in their hearts.

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Su Zhihe! It was Su Zhihe!


They casually went out and unexpectedly were able to meet Su Zhihe!


Male god signed for them! Male god told them something! Male god also told them to study well!


The two school girls surrounded Ru Han: “Study well.
Must study well!”


Ru Han was so excited that her face turned red.
At that time, Su Zhihe was right in front of her.
He glanced at her repeatedly and while signing autographs, looked at her and said something!


At that time, she was too excited and emotional (and it was like she) listened in a trance but looking back now


Su Zhihe: “Being good-looking doesn’t mean you have to be a star.
It’s much more meaningful and valuable to enter a good university and study technology and research than to be an artist”


Ru Han held the signature in her heart and sweetly thought: My male god’s words were right.
She was a student.
She should study well and get into a good university and in the future, she can be a teacher, or a doctor, or even do some other work that was valuable and meaningful.


The friend stamped her feet: “Su Zhihe, Su Zhihe! We met Su Zhihe himself!”


Ru Han also jumped excitedly: “Too lucky! I’m so happy on this birthday! I just want to rush back to memorize books and do exercises now!”


The 3 friends held hands: “Let’s go.
When the birthday is over, we’ll go back to brush questions, take the Tsinghua University exam, Peking University, 985!11“985 Project”, also known as “world first-class university” project, The project aims at building first-class international universities. 985 is named after the date of the declaration of the program, 1998-May (98-5).
 211!”12“211 Project”: focusing on the construction of 100 universities and a number of key disciplines for the twenty-first Century.
The 211 program is to welcome the “21st” century and build “one” hundred top universities, so “211”.*

t/n: Project 985 and 211.



B2, parking lot, inside the car.


Qin Qing was not one of those girls who surrounded and excitedly asked for autographs, yet, his heart was thumping very fast for a while.


It was only after getting into the car that he calmed down.


Then he very quickly thought about why Su Zhihe did not wear a mask, why he was found surrounded by people, and what was he doing when he was signing autographs.


He was silent for a moment then slowly turned his head and said: “Thank you.”


Su Zhihe’s arm was on the steering wheel: “Didn’t I tell you, don’t always say thank you.”


He also said: “This should be fine.
If she still has other opportunities to enter the entertainment industry later on, she can be treated coldly and not given an opportunity for exposure, so she’ll have to quickly give up.”


However, Qin Qing’s ears were filled with the question Su Zhihe asked him before entering the elevator “Who am I doing this for?”


Qin Qing answered in his heart: For him.


Su Zhihe was helping him.


Not wearing a mask, actively exposing himself to a crowd to be surrounded by people, signing autographs for Ru Han, and taking his identity as a male god to guide her to study well and dispel her dreams of stardom, all in order to help him.


Su Zhihe was really good to him.


Qin Qing silently took out his mobile phone.


Su Zhihe had already started the car.
Seeing him take out his phone, he didn’t mind it.


Suddenly, he heard Qin Qing send a voice note: “Manager Xiang, Brother He was surrounded and photographed here at TaiHe Square.
He didn’t wear a mask and soon there will be photos and videos posted online.
You need to pay attention to it for a while.”


“It might be on the hot search so you need to pay attention to control comments.”


If there are any rivals who happen to be active recently, you will have to check again for the other party’s movements.”


“Pay attention to Black fans for a while.
You must delete comments and delete criticisms.
Don’t let them set the rhythm.”


Su Zhihe: “…?”


Qin Qing: If you don’t say the words thank you, then do something practical.


Xiang Xun very quickly replied: “What the hell?”


Qin Qing steadily replied: Pay attention to the content of the outflowing videos, such as If there are two people running together or holding hands before running into the elevator and hugging the waist, immediately find someone to erase it from the entire network.”


when Xiang Xun replied, his tone became very serious: “Director Qin, you slowly say what the specific situation is”


Su Zhihe, who was driving, sighed heavily.


Who was he doing this for? For what purpose?


Was it for the sake of having an even more powerful agent than Xiang Xun at his side?


Oh right, those were his own words.


“Prosper me.”


Su Zhihe angrily laughed.




sorry for the late update

1t/n: alternatively: How well can you drink.2t/n: 不喝白酒上不了饭桌。I feel like this is an expression of alternatively, idols with huge popularity6t/n: 恬不知耻 47t/n: Lóu Wáng: best building in a community.8they’re both 189t/n: lit “You, so in order to date, did your mind get blinded by lard (pig fat)?”10briefcase company.
Fake company11“985 Project”, also known as “world first-class university” project, The project aims at building first-class international universities. 985 is named after the date of the declaration of the program, 1998-May (98-5).
12“211 Project”: focusing on the construction of 100 universities and a number of key disciplines for the twenty-first Century.
The 211 program is to welcome the “21st” century and build “one” hundred top universities, so “211”.

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