Qin Qing is not showing off, nor writing nonsense.
the entertainment circle cares more about appearances than other industries.

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   Because you will deal with all kinds of people in this business, good looks are like a stepping stone, and having some is always better than none.

What’s more, artists and celebrities generally elevate the aesthetics of this industry.
If they are incapable, have no connections, or look ordinary.
It is very easy to become invisible in the circle.


   Good-looking people are different.
Even if a good-looking person enters the circle for the first time, even if they have no ability or background, they will still get some attention.
They will even be asked why they didn’t become a star when they are so handsome.

   Unsurprisingly, Qin Qing was asked this again during the interview.


   The reason for the “again” is because Qin Qing had heard this question in his last life till his ears became calloused.

    At that time, someone asked why he didn’t think of becoming an artist.
After all, stars looked good and earned a lot.

Unfortunately, the hotel where Qin Qing worked happened to receive a lot of artists and stars.

What’s more unfortunate is that when Qin Qing was receiving an artist, he happened to bump into the star being humiliated by the boss in public.


   Only then did he snuff out the star dream.


   And now, Qin Qing who has been reborn would never want to be a star.

   Because his career can no longer rank high in this life.
He doesn’t want to be so busy and tired again.
He just wants to live a healthily and comfortable life in the future.


   The interviewer didn’t force it.
He just casually asked.
You must know that there are many good-looking people in this business, and there is more than enough fresh blood, which is simply overwhelming.


    Besides,  it’s useless nowadays to only be good-looking.
The Film Academy still has a slew of beautiful men and women who compete with each other every year, and the positions are so few that unless one is chosen by heaven, most are filled with good-looking and wealthy people who have backgrounds.


So when Qin Qing said that he had no thoughts of becoming a star, the interviewer didn’t care at all, he was just curious: “Why did you say ignore him in all your answers? ”


   Interviewer: “If you don’t urge celebrities to drink water, you don’t give the artist meat, and you don’t do as they ask, are you not afraid of losing your job? ”


   Qin Qing: “My job is an assistant, not a nanny.


   The interviewer nodded when he heard those words: “It seems that you have your own ideas about the position you are looking for.
Then tell me what kind of existence is an assistant in the team.


   Qin Qing: “Artists have to focus on the work in front of the stage.
Everyone behind the scenes needs to be managed by others.
The assistant may be in charge of the very ordinary and trivial parts, but everything that is done around the artist, including the artist himself, is done for sake of the team’s goals.


   The interviewer looked at Qin Qing surprised.
He glanced at Qin Qing’s resume in his hand: “You have a good grasp of the overall situation.” He looked quite satisfied.


   He asked about something else: “Where do you live now? ”

   What kind of car did you take to come here.
Is the commute convenient and how long is the journey time?


   Qin Qing answered one by one.


   The interviewer heard that he lived very close, just a few bus stops away, and there was no need to squeeze into the subway.
He decided on the spot and said, “Come to work tomorrow.” ”


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   The basic salary is 1800, with five types insurances, free meals, performance, and overtime pay, and all travel expenses are reimbursed.


    Qin Qing successfully found a job on the tenth day of arriving in City B.


   The company’s name is C Culture and it is a small company that has only been established for more than a year.

t/n: Cuckoo Culture? I just put C Culture.

   The company is not large.
It’s mainly engaged in brokerage and in film and television investment and development.
Currently, it has only participated in the filming of a few small-budget TV series.


   The company’s biggest card is a female artist who is somewhat famous online.
Several other signed artists are still unknown.
In addition, the company has also raised a few trainees.


   Qin Qing’s job is to take care of those trainees.


   There are a total of four trainees.
The youngest is sixteen and the oldest is nineteen.
They live in dormitories arranged by the company and are provided food and lodging.
No salary, but they are given the occasional pocket money.


   The company wants to save money and has no intention of sending a few people to train abroad, so it hired a vocal, dance, and body training teachers to come in twice a week.
For the rest of the time, they self-learn or learn from each other to improve themselves.


   After understanding this, Qin Qing felt that it was not easy for this company to achieve this level these days.


You know that even a decade or so later, a culture company bigger than this one cannot afford to support these four people for nothing.


    When Qin Qing arrived, these four people looked at his handsome face and thought that the company had recruited another trainee.


   After introducing himself, Qin Qing explained: “I will be in charge of the training room from now on.


   A boy whose hair was dyed milky grey: “Oh, you are the new assistant.


The handover process from the previous assistant to the new one was full of various complaints:


   “It’s so annoying, really.

   “One moment it’s this, one moment it’s that.

   “How dare the assistant make any request.

   “They’re lazy, talkative, and unscrupulous.

   “As soon as they sit on the ground, they procrastinate and refuse to get up to practice.

   “If you want to say more about them, they will also work together to target you.”

   “They don’t listen to scolding.
they don’t listen to what I say, their face is thicker than the walls of the city.


There is nothing to hand over at work.
It’s nothing more than the key of the dormitory, the card of the dormitory’s water grid, a little spare cash, a work phone, a computer, and a workbook recording the daily schedule of the children.


   t/n: Yes, children.
These trainees sound like overgrown babies (◔_◔)


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   After the handover, the former assistant patted Qin Qing on the shoulder and said honestly: “It’s not a bad job.
it’s very annoying, but it can be used as a springboard to enter the industry and change jobs in the future.


   Qin Qing nodded in response, and asked, “Among these people, is there a leader?” ”

   Former assistant: “Yes, the oldest one.


   The oldest is the Milky-Grayed one.

    Gray hair name is Guan Yiyun.
He entered the company through a selection and interview process.
He can play the piano, speak French, and dance.
He is the most handsome of the four and the most knowledgeable.


   The former assistant commented on Guan Yiyun and felt that this child was particularly contradictory.


          Qin Qing asked why he thought so and the former assistant said, “He actually knows a lot and is very smart.
Talking to him, you can feel that he is not the kind who doesn’t understand anything.
But I don’t know why, he always likes to pretend to be stupid.
Sometimes he complains and thinks that our boss is stupid and that the company can not be kept open (t/n: operating).
When I first saw him wearing a famous brand, I thought his family was well off.
There was no salary from the company, and his family would give him money.
But he is the one who has asked me for pocket money the most in the past few months.”


    Not just for pocket money, but also for meat.


   Steak, beef ribs, beef eye meat, with crispy grilled buns, some pasta, grilled chicken wings……

    t/n: lol, meat (º ﹃ º )

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   Guan Yiyun: “Assistant Qin, on your first day of work, wouldn’t you treat us? ”

        In the practice room, four boys sat in a row in front of Qin Qing.


There is no dance teacher here today.
They are to practice on their own the dance taught a few days ago.
They have to dance for at least six to eight hours a day and are not allowed to leave the practice room only the time.


   Qin Qing leaned against the wall while holding a booklet recording the daily training in his hand.
When he first arrived, the boys had the face (t/n: courage) to ask for a treat, then he also had the face to refuse: “You still have two hours of training left today.


   One of them laid down directly on the ground: “Ah, I’m so tired, I can’t jump anymore.

   One pressed his hands on his lap, pitifully: “We only had a little lunch at noon.

   Another curled his lips: “Tsk, stingy.

   Guan Yiyun sat cross-legged and leaned back with his arms propped up.
his eyes shone from under the white-gray bangs, and he stared at his new assistant: “Why do I think that you are younger than me.


   Qin Qing ignored them and told them: “If you can’t finish practicing in the afternoon, you can continue practicing after dinner.

   Looking at the time “the vocal Teacher will be here at 8:30.
The class is two hours long.
If you can’t finish the dance, you can only stay up late after class.


   “Damn” Someone let out a sound and secretly wondered why this new assistant was so ruthless.

   When you are tired and you lie down, you don’t want to get up.
They are loose and lazy and don’t want to get up to continue dancing. 


   Qin Qing looked at the four of them: “My suggestion is to take a break and continue to dance.
After class in the evening, you can go back to your dorm room early when vocals are over.


   In the small training room, the wailing of the boys suddenly sounded.


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   Qin Qing stood and watched them howl.
After howling for a while their voices weakened.
He put his hands in his pockets and suddenly said, “Recently, a boy group came out.
I heard that the original plan was a five-person group.
I don’t know what went wrong.
In the end, there were only four people debut.”


The training room suddenly became quiet.
All the lying, hulled and careless people sat up and silently looked up at their new assistant.


   Qin Qing continued: “The one who didn’t make the debut, I don’t know what happened to him.
Maybe he got an assistant’s job like me? ”


   Qin Qing: “Oh, you may not know that my basic salary for this job is 1,800 yuan, and It doesn’t include food and accommodation.
I’m eighteen years old this year.
I have no diploma or ability so I can’t find a good job.
I can’t be a star in this industry, nor can I be a singer.
I had no income before I came and I’m afraid of spending all my money so I’ve only eaten white rice three days in a row.
If I can’t save any more money to pay the rent, I may not even be able to live in the basement.


   Four boys: “…”


   Qin Qing didn’t say much again and glanced at them, asking, “Which one of you wants this job?” ”


   After a while, all four boys got up.


   Music sounded in the training room, and amid the fast-paced accompaniment, Qin Qing stood alone in the corner and opened the book to record the training time.


    It’s useless to reason with these trainees, and it’s useless to scold.
You have to state the facts.


   What is the harshest truth that they may face that can give the strongest dose of reality? 


                   Unable to debut, all the training was in vain, and they have to find another way.

   Not only is life not glamorous but they can’t make much money.
And if there is no money, they will have to live in a basement and eat plain rice.


   It’s a cruel truth.

   But cruelty can also be effective.


   Qin Qing closed the book and looked at the jumping figures, secretly thinking that they were all a group of immature children who had left their parents and did not realize how high the sky was and had no priorities in their hearts. 


   Eat steak?

   You wouldn’t even have an appetite for dinner today.


Qin Qing came up and cured the stinky problems of the four boys.
After the treatment at dinner on the same day, the four of them really didn’t eat much.


   Qin Qing had a meal with them, and himself ate very well.
While eating, he motioned to Guan Yiyun to take a bite out of the box of white rice he hadn’t touched.


   Qin Qing: “Well, that’s it.
It’s 80 yuan a box.
I buy three boxes a day and eat them for three days.” That’s not true.


        The four boys’ throats and eyes were dry.


        White rice? Three times a day? for three days?!

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        Qin Qing munched on a duck leg: “There are no pickles, and the water for soaking the rice is cold.
Eat it dry” The hell with that.


      Guan Yiyun’s face was difficult to read: “You, can’t you cook hot water in a kettle?”


   Qin Qing: “My house is originally not from here.
I just moved here.
I didn’t buy a kettle for the daily rental house.
The landlord’s kettle needs to be paid for to use it and there is no charge for water from the public dispenser, so I soak it directly in cold water.”


   Four people: “…”

   It’s too difficult to live these days.


   Among the four of them, if some of them did not debut, will they have to live like this?

   It feels uncomfortable to think about it.


   The reason why the sense of vicariousness is so strong and the harsh truth so thoroughly realized is not because the boys can’t understand life’s realities.
After all, they are facts and the previous assistant should have talked about it a long time ago, but it only completely dawned on them today.
And it’s all because the new assistant is Qin Qing.


   Qin Qing, who is the same age as them, looks better than them, has a better temperament than them, has longer legs than them, and even has a better voice than them.


   If this kind of peer with excellent external conditions can only find a job of 1800 in the circle; can only live in an underground room, and use cold water to soak rice.
What about them?


   They have no money and no background to come out early.


        Will they be able to make their debut? Are they sure they’ll be stars?


  What if they don’t make it? What if the company collapses? Or they can’t become stars for other reasons?


    A sense of crisis immediately rose to the hearts of teenagers who hadn’t experienced enough.

   Not to mention steak, You can’t even eat duck legs anymore.
The rice in their hands became extremely hot.
It seemed like the duck legs and other dishes would be gone in the next second.
There was only a pot of water for soaking the rice, and it was fucking cold!


   The four boys hurriedly buried their heads in their meal, vowing to finish at least six or seven hours of dance training today before the vocal teacher came.


   Qin Qing, on the other hand, sat alone in the corner of the dining room, eating up the remaining food, and watching the boys in the room.


    What white rice, basement, or cold water.
Naturally, it’s to fool people.


   There is a 3,000 travel expense from selling the tablet, and there’s no need to pay rent.
If you live close, you don’t have to work so hard.

   He also added a ham sausage and an egg to his omelet this morning.

   When you get off work in the evening, if you don’t take the bus and walk back, you can buy some snacks and fruits along the way.


   Qin Qing: Comfortable!

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