7: Su Zhihe

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   Qin Qing’s work was done step-by-step.
He stayed in the training room every day, watched the four boys train, and either contacted the various instructors or did other trivial tasks.


   Because the training room is upstairs and is separated from other departments of the company, Qin Qing has little contact with other colleagues.

He’s part of the company’s administrative unit, so he can contact the personnel and management of the same department, which is the department of the glasses man.


   The one who has recently had the most contact with Qin Qing was a small HR girl.


   She came upstairs whenever she wasn’t busy with work, brought snacks, and chatted.


   Qin Qing heard a lot of company gossip from her.


   For example, the big boss of the company is not actually Manager Yuan, but someone else.
Because of something at home, Manager Yuan is in charge of the company and he has not come to the company much in the past six months.


   However, Manager Yuan’s business ability is average.
He has only produced one Internet celebrity so far, and there is no news about the TV series they participated in.


   The Internet celebrity also seemed to have a somewhat ambiguous relationship with Manager Yuan.
He threw all the resources that the company had on them, but the results were lackluster.
To date, the Internet celebrity is still an Internet celebrity.

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   There has also been a large personnel turnover in the company for more than a month, and many people have resigned to find other places.
As for the four trainees, the little hr girl sighed: “The big boss is actually very concerned.
He wants to debut a male group, but Manager Yuan is not taking it seriously.


   Standing at the door of the training room while eating snacks, she kindly advised Qin Qing: “I think you have to be prepared too.
If you’ve got some work experience, you can find an opportunity to change jobs.


   Qin Qing said: His probation period is not over.


   However, Qin Qing’s mentality has always been very good.
It is common for small companies in the circle to disappear the next year.
He has no diploma and no work experience.
It is impossible to find a stable large company as soon as he gets out.


   If this company is really gone, then he’ll look for something else again.

    There are not a lot of other things in B city, but there are a lot of job opportunities.
He has hands and feet, and a stable mentality.
He can always find a suitable job.


   So it’s time to go to work and eat.

t/n: go to work to be able to survive

   However, the company’s recent restless atmosphere has floated from downstairs to upstairs.


   On this day, one of the four boys directly asked Qin Qing: “Assistant Qin, the company is not very good? ”


   What Qin Qing heard was all gossip, and he couldn’t determine if it was true or not: “I don’t know either.


   He didn’t know and the boys were a little anxious.

   Among the four of them, the longest one at the company had been there for a year.


    In the beginning, it sounded good to be a trainee and wait to debut.
When you debut, you can have a job, and when you work, you can have an income.

 But what if the company fails, what should they do?


       There was a low mood in the training room.
The four boys stopped training and sat on the ground, hugging their legs with their arms.


        Qin Qing looked at them and said nothing.


   Guan Yiyun shook his legs, not caring: “I’ve seen what’s going on.
This broken company will end sooner or later.
If it’s really over, you can come with me.
I have a place to put you.


   After speaking, he looked at Qin Qing: “And you too.


   Qin Qing lightly chuckled but said nothing.


   After getting off work that day, Qin Qing sent the four boys back to the apartment.


   When walking on the road, Guan Yiyun carried a bag with one hand, threw it on his shoulder, and caught up with Qin Qing: “Hey, I’m serious.
If this broken company is not working anymore, Come with me.
I really have a place.
I’m not lying to you or bragging”


   Qin Qing glanced sideways at him: “I can find a job by myself.


   Guan Yiyun: “You don’t believe me? ”


   Qin Qing seriously replied: “I believe you.


Guan Yiyun straightened up and said quickly: “If you believe me, then just follow me.

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   Qin Qing felt that he needed to speak more bluntly: “Master Guan, we have only known each other for half a month.”


   Guan Yiyun was stunned: “W-what? What did you call me? ”


   I called you Master Guan.


   He is indeed a young master.

   This was what Qin Qing discovered when he came here a week ago.


   Although Guan Yiyun likes to apply for pocket money and spends extravagantly, he never takes it for nothing, and always pays it back in a few days.

   Obviously, there is financial support at home.


   There are also the clothes.

He said that they were counterfeit goods from stalls and were bought from the night market, but Qin Qing recognized them all at a glance.
They were all real.

A T-shirt can cost tens of thousands, and a pair of socks must be hundreds of yuan.
There are also shoes, which look like ordinary Adidas and Nike but are all limited editions, and he has several pairs which equates to tens of thousands of yuan.

   Not to mention luxury brand jewelry like necklaces and rings.


   Qin Qing had noticed this a while ago but he kept silent and didn’t expose it.


   Guan Yiyun quickly realized that Qin Qing was not joking or poking fun.
He should have really noticed it.


   Guan Yiyun was very curious, and chased after him to ask, “How do you know? ”


    He was selected through a company interview.
He didn’t use a relationship and didn’t find anyone to come forward for him.
Neither the boss nor Manager Yuan knew of his background.
So how could Qin Qing, a new assistant know?


   Qin Qing: “I can see it.


   Guan Yiyun asked, “What else do you see? ”

t/n: see/notice

   “I can see that you don’t like to pay attention to the side when you walk”

Qin Qing stretched out his hand and grabbed the young boy who almost ran a red light, “Be careful of the cars.” ”


Guan Yiyun looked at Qin Qing and secretly thought that this assistant brother was quite interesting.
He was very appealing to him.

       So that night, Guan Yiyun mentioned the new assistant in his chat with his brother.


       Guan Yiyun: I don’t know how he can see it.


      Guan Yiyun: I’ve been here for months, but no one else has found out, just him.


      Guan Yiyun: He is observate and talented.


     Guan Yiyun: This kind of person lives in the basement and eats boiled rice, which is simply a waste.


    Su Zhihe: Let’s talk about something else.


    Guan Yiyun recognized his brother’s suggestion and sent over a secretly taken photo of Qin Qing’s side face stored in his phone album.


   Guan Yiyun: How is it? Isn’t it handsome?


   Su Zhihe: Who?


   Guan Yiyun: The new assistant




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   On the other end of the phone, Su Zhihe sat in the back of a car and looked at his cousin Guan Yiyun’s reply with a speechless expression.

   As a trainee, can’t he understand people’s words anymore? 

You ask him to talk about something else and don’t always mention the new assistant, and this was his “something else”?

t/n: aka the picture.
I like this ML

 In the co-driver seat, Agent Xiang Xun, heard a slight snort and turned his head to look back: “What happened to your brother again? ”

   It’s an everyday conversation: Then the company still hasn’t fallen yet?


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   Su Zhihe just flew back to B City today after participating in a brand’s activities for two days in other places.
He was about to arrive at his home.


   The place where he lives is in Shang Linglong, very close to Guan Yiyun.


   Xiang Xun thought of what happened to Guan Yiyun and asked a few more questions.
Su Zhihe was too lazy to talk about this rebellious cousin and only replied, “It’s nothing.


   Xiang Xun: “You’re back.
Do you want to pick him up? ”


   Su Zhihe put away his mobile phone and closed his eyes: “What pick up.
Let him stay with his new assistant.


   As Su Zhihe’s agent, Xiang Xun has always been aware of the situation on Guan Yiyun’s side.
Knowing that the kid disobediently ran out and signed with a little-known broken company.
He knew that the assistants arranged by that broken company have always been despised by the kid.

   Xiang Xun sincerely advised: “Don’t let him go too much.
He is so old, he should be more serious.
In the future, if he really wants to be an artist, an assistant and agent are important.
He can’t just kick them away if he doesn’t like it.”

   Being adaptable is the most important thing.

   But this time Xiang Xun misunderstood.
Young Master Guan didn’t dislike the new assistant.
On the contrary, he liked it very much that he not only had to mention it while chatting but took full-body photos.


   Su Zhihe sneered in his heart: Too Idle.


   The car got off the highway and drove straight down to Shang Linglong.


   When they were about to enter the community, there were several cars in front, and one of them was a visitor.
They were slow to register and blocked the security gate for a few minutes.


   The driveway was blocked but the pedestrian lane was not.
A boy carrying a bag of fruit walked under the fence in the area and towards the iron gate door.


   Su Zhihe was sitting in the car and looked sideways.
Through the tinted glass, he saw the man.


   With just one glance, Su Zhihe recognized him.
And after glancing a few more times, Guan Yiyun’s recent small talk began to echo in his ears.


   ——Got a new assistant.

   ——It’s a pity.

   ——Too poor.
living in a basement room.
Can’t even afford to eat, so can only eat rice soaked in cold water.


   At the same time, the new assistant who he’d just seen in the photo swiped the resident card and entered the community.


    Su Zhi He withdrew his gaze and secretly wondered if Shang Ling Long was no good to have been categorized as a basement, or if a certain stupid brother had been taken as a fool.


   When the car drove into the community, Su Zhihe saw the assistant enter a certain building from a distance.


   “If I remember correctly, that’s the most high-end building in the community.” Su Zhihe suddenly said.


    Xiang Xun subconsciously looked at the building: “Oh, you mean building 8.
Ah yes, the Lou Wang.
My connections couldn’t even help you grab it back then.“

t/n: Luo wang: high-end, most luxurious.

   Su Zhihe whispered, “A fool.


   Xiang Xun: “Huh? ”


   Su Zhihe picked up the phone again: “I didn’t say you.


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   In the apartment……


   Guan Yiyun received a new message from his brother.


   Su Zhihe: What’s the name of the new assistant?


   Why do you suddenly ask for a name?


   Guan Yiyun: Qin Qing.


   Su Zhihe: Where does he live?


   How would he know where he lives.

But Guan Yiyun could guess: Tongshen New Village, maybe.
What happened?


    Su Zhihe stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of his residence and glanced in the direction of Building 8 to confirm whether this stupid brother really didn’t know.

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    Now it seems that not knowing is true, but stupidity is also true.

          Not only stupid but also naive.


   Guan Yiyun chatted about the assistant again: Brother, have you seen the photo? Isn’tvery handsome?


   Su Zhihe pulled back the previous chat history and glanced at the photos.
It was true.


   Guan Yiyun: He is also very young, only eighteen.


   Su Zhihe looked at building 8, then at the chat history on the phone.
He pressed and held the voice button to record a voice note.


   Su Zhihe: “It’s an assistant, why be so detailed? It is not as though he wants to do anything with me.”


   The voice note was sent but there was no reply for a while.


   Ten minutes later, Guan Yiyun who seemed to have returned to his senses, and also sent a voice note: “Brother! Are you sick? I just want to introduce him to you as an assistant!”


   Another one: “You old man! You can’t even spare an eighteen-year-old!? ”


   Su Zhihe originally wanted to remind this stupid brother not to believe just about anything, but Guan Yiyun sent him two voices, so Su Zhihe simply pressed the black screen and didn’t talk nonsense with him.


   Forget it if you want to die outside.

t/n: .
I really like this ML


    Who would have thought that Guan Yiyun seemed to have discovered an interesting new topic and was addicted to talking about his new assistant.


Guan Yiyun: Qin Qing brought us breakfast: omelet, and look, he added ham and eggs.


Guan Yiyun: We are out to play ball.

Attached is a photo of Qin Qing taking a shot.


Guan Yiyun: Assistant Qin invited us to drink Coke.


Guan Yiyun: I want to send a pair of shoes, but Xiao Qin didn’t want them.
I guess He saw that the shoes were a bit expensive and refused to accept them.


Guan Yiyun: This broken company seems to be really broken.
Many people downstairs have left.
Xiao Qin is quite calm.
After taking this month’s salary, he is going to invite us to a barbecue.


   Guan Yiyun: Look! Barbecue!


   Guan Yiyun: Look! Xiao Qin changed to a white T-shirt.


   In the photo, the young man has a very white complexion and a handsome appearance.
Wearing a short-sleeved round-neck white T-shirt, he looked quiet and gentle while holding barbecue tongs.


    In fact, the picture is a little fuzzy; it looked like it was casually taken with a cell phone, and directly sent after shooting.

Sent it for you to see if it’s okay.
Who doesn’t have a stupid brother who talks a lot of bullshit? The problem is that Su Zhihe is gay.


Su Zhihe: is there any more?


Guan Yiyun took time to reply while eating meat:?


Su Zhihe: Photo.


   Guan Yiyun didn’t even think about it.
He picked up his mobile phone, pointed the camera at Qin Qing, and clicked away.

   As a result, Qin Qing noticed during the shooting and raised his gaze.

   So in the pile of photos sent to Su Zhihe, Qin Qing’s face was clearly shown in several of them.

   And the eyes that looked through the screen were clear and clean, like a clear spring of water.


   Su Zhihe raised his mobile phone looked at those pictures for a few minutes.


   After looking at it, he put down his phone and breathed silently.




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   That’s fine.

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    Qin Qing doesn’t know about any of this.

Guan Yiyun likes to take pictures.
He used his mobile phone to take pictures with him while eating barbecue.
Qin Qing thought he was just taking pictures of his daily life and wanted to go back to post them to his circle of friends at night, so he didn’t care.


          What he has been more concerned about recently, is how long C-Entertainment can last.

t/n: Cuckoo Entertainment

          According to his own ideas, it’s better to stay for a full year.
After one year of work experience, it will be much more convenient to find a job after leaving the company.


         But it seems that a year is a little difficult.


         First, the company has lost a lot of people one after another, and half of the company is almost empty.


   The second is that the internet celebrity is said to have completed their contract.

   Qin Qing doesn’t understand how there is a brokerage company that only signs artists for one year these days, but looking at Manager Yuan’s posture of taking the internet celebrity to start another platform. I’m afraid this company is really going to be over.


   The end is near, so Qin Qing took the time to update his resume.


   Unlike other employees of the company, who are already looking for another job, and have been complaining.

   Not only did Qin Qing not complain, but he also seriously asked Guan Yiyun if he could really take the other three away and set them up.
He was seriously considering a way out for the four of them after the company collapsed.


   Guan Yiyun has this ability, but still asked, “If I can’t do it, will you still make arrangements for us?”


   Qin Qing: “I can give you some suggestions.


   The so-called suggestion is the backup plan: Starting from now, find all the ways to contact other companies.
You can sign directly.
Don’t worry about the breach of contract.
For a company that is not going to last, they have no time to care about other things like the trainees.


If you can’t sign for a company, go to interviews for all the activities you can find, and make your debut as soon as possible, and get connected to proper acting jobs.


   If that doesn’t work, then settle for the next best thing and find other jobs.
Behind the scenes, photography, and even singing in bars are fine.


You must not wait.
If you wait, you will waste yourself to death.
You must seize opportunities as soon as possible.
Grasp more than one.
Only then can it be possible to accumulate something and catch a good deal one day.

t/n: Deal: break-through, trump card, break out role, etc

         Guan Yiyun admired Qin Qing even more now.
He felt that this assistant was practical and realistic and he didn’t patronize or ignore them.


   After relaying those suggestions to his brother, Su Zhihe was surprised and asked, “He said all that? ”


   Guan Yiyun: “Yes, Xiao Qin is awesome.” He said again, “He is young, but he really knows a lot.
Observant, strong, and thoughtful, he doesn’t look like a newcomer at all.”


   Guan Yiyun: “Maybe he was born suitable for this kind of job.”


   Guan Yiyun: “But it’s a pity.
I asked him to follow me, but he didn’t want to.
Such a good assistant is about to go soon.


   Go away?

   How can that work


   After Guan Yiyun had fooled around in the company for half a year, Su Zhihe finally seriously asked: “What is the name of your company?”

t/n: L.O.L 

   Guan Yiyun: “C-Entertainment, didn’t you know? Why?”

t/n: I don’t want to write Cuckoo

   Su Zhihe said in a leisurely tone: “Tell your assistant, there’s no need to go.


   Guan Yiyun blurted out: “You don’t want to buy this broken company, do you? ” After shouting, he was moved, “For me?” ”


   Su Zhihe: “Don’t be silly.


    Guan Yiyun: “Then for whom are you doing it?”.


   Su Zhihe was generous and didn’t hide it: “You see, your brother is in his early thirties.
He has been busy with work for so many years, and his personal problems have not been solved.
He is still single.


   “You…” Guan Yiyun reacted and was shocked: “Brother, you aren’t! ”


   Su Zhihe’s tone was firm and as arrogant as it has always been: “Eighteen is a bit small, but I’ll try my best to overcome it.
It’s not impossible.


Guan Yiyun: “? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ”

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