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Little HR girl: “Hey, have you submitted your resume yet? ”


          “I think you should wait for a bit before submitting”


          “I heard our boss say that recently, there have been some changes in the company.


   “Manager Yuan won’t leave now.


   “Not only Manager Yuan, but even the awl-faced web celebrity seems ready to renew the contract.

t/n: awl face.
A type of face shape.
“ V ” shape

   “The big boss seems ready to sell the company! ”


In just a few days, the company has ushered in new changes.


The little hr girl didn’t know the details, and Qin Qing didn’t know either.


   However, since the company has changed and the changes seem to be moving in a good direction, Qin Qing, who didn’t want to change jobs so quickly, is naturally happy to see it happen.


When the beverage bill for the month came down, he invited the four boys to eat a double shot of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

 t/n: I didn’t know that was a legit ice cream brand.
All I know are Ben & Jerrys


The boys sat cross-legged on the floor of the training room discussing the company’s recent rumors while eating.


    “Even manager Yuan isn’t leaving.
Is it because there is a new rich boss?.”


        “It must be true.
Manager Yuan, this person, has no ability.
You can see that we have made little progress and he ignores us.
If the boss really has changed and there’s money to be made, he’ll certainly want to hug those thighs.”


        “I think we shouldn’t be happy too soon.
If it changes and the new boss thinks we’re also useless, and lets us go.
It’s still the same thing”


“No, that’s not right.
We’ve been training for free for a long time.
Which boss will only look at an investment without expecting any return.
At most, he won’t let us train anymore, and have us to sign a contract and then push us out to make money for the company.”


“As long as we can debut.”


 Only Guan Yiyun silently buried his head and ate his ice cream.
He quietly raised his head after two mouthfuls and glanced at Qin Qing next to him.


Glancing away, there was an extremely torn expression on his face.


“Brother Yi?”


Guan Yiyun impatiently waved his hand and motioned for them to ignore him.
His heart felt stuffy, and all he could think about was his brother’s statement that 18 was not impossible.


it’s not impossible?


It’s not difficult?


It’s okay?


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Brother! My dear brother! It’s not okay! There is no way! No way! No!


So after finishing the ice cream and before he continued to train, Guan Yiyun asked Qin Qing: “Um that, have you submitted your resume recently? Do you have an interview? ”


   Qin Qing looked at him: “Do you want to ask me to follow you again? ”

Guan Yiyun changed his tune this time: “I think you’re right.
People should rely on themselves and their own abilities.”


Qin Qing raised his eyebrows.


Guan Yiyun looked expectant: “Is there an interview? When are you going to change jobs?”


Qin Qing felt strange.
This young master was nagging him not to leave the other day and that If he wants to leave, he would also go with him.
Why has it changed today?


Qin Qing: “I’ll see the situation first before I decide to leave.”


Guan Yiyun couldn’t wait for Qi Qin to leave immediately, at once.
If he doesn’t leave, his brother’s claws will reach out to him!


   It’s not a joke.
With his brother, nothing is impossible.


For the sake of the little assistant’s chastity, Guan Yiyun did not hesitate to draw a big cake: “The world is so big, don’t you want to go out and have a look? ”

t/n: draw a big cake: to persuade using unrealistic promises of grandeur, to get someone to do something.

   Qin Qing was amused and resolutely said: “I don’t want to.


   Guan Yiyun: “There is no future in this broken company.


   Qin Qing: “As long as they pay wages on time.


   Guan Yiyun: “You have to think long-term.


   Qin Qing: “I have to complete a three-month probation period first.


After saying this, he motioned to Guan Yiyun that the music was on and it was time to go train, before turning away.


Guan Yiyun gazed after him: “There are so many big companies! It’s not impossible.
Can I introduce you? ”


   Guan Yiyun: “There is really nothing good in this company! ”


   Guan Yiyun: “Xiao Qin! ”

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Qin Qing had already waved his hand and left the training room without looking back, leaving Guan Yiyun standing there and stomping his feet.


   If you don’t leave, you’re finished! Some old men have never been in a relationship in their whole lives.
Who the hell knows what tactics they will use!

   You are so young and youthful.
Your body is about to be grabbed by that old man’s hand.

t/n: I omitted the “gay” after “old”.

   On second thought, his brother probably wouldn’t do it.
There are so many beautiful boys in the entertainment industry, what type hasn’t he seen before.
So why would he do it for an assistant?……


   As it turned out, anything was possible.


   Two weeks later, C-Entertainment got a new boss.

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The company reorganized and adjusted several departments.
The remaining employees were basically still there.
Manager Yuan did not leave, the internet celebrity did not leave, and several other artists with unfinished contracts also didn’t leave, including the four trainees.


Qin Qing has been working for less than three months and he doesn’t know if it’s because of the company’s adjustment but overnight, he was made a regular employee.


   When the little HR girl told Qin Qing, she sighed with emotion: “How unexpected life is.”


What was even more unexpected was that in the turn of events, the four trainees got demo samples of a few songs, and were being prepared to debut with the songs.


Except for Guan Yiyun, the other three boys were all excited and hugged each other: “Debut! Finally, we’re going to debut! ”


   Guan Yiyun looked stunned and unresponsive.
After digesting it, he lowered his eyes and silently cursed.


   He underestimated his brother.


   His brother was using taking over C-Entertainment as an avenue to also manage him.


   Then why did he run away from home?

   How can he rely on himself? How can he impress his family with his own ability?!


   Young Master Guan ground his teeth in anger.


   He didn’t only grind his teeth, but he also became extremely uncooperative.


When the agent arranged by the company came to take the four of them to record songs, Guan Yiyun refused to go.

   The agent persuaded for a long time, but Guan Yiyun still didn’t budge.
The agent could only call Manager Yuan.


Manager Yuan has been busy hugging the thighs of the new boss and trying to get resources for his little internet celebrity, so he didn’t have time for those trainees.


   Thinking of Qin Qing, he said to the agent: “Where is that assistant? Isn’t he always with them? Let him go and convince them.
If he can’t, then you can call me again.


   The agent could only go and find Qin Qing.


Qin Qing was surprised.
He didn’t expect Guan Yiyun to refuse to record the song.
He asked the agent about it but the agent frowned and said that he didn’t know why.


   He said again: “In the song, who sings what line has already been decided.
If he doesn’t sing, how can we record the song? Do you think the others will be able to debut if he doesn’t sing?”


Qin Qing calmly said: “The other three are still in the recording studio? ”


 Agent: “Yes.


Qin Qing: “Let them record their solo parts first.
Xiao Guan’s part and the chorus can wait.
You can’t record a song in one day.
I will go and talk to him and stop him from disrupting the process as much as possible.


He sounded knowledgeable and competent, not like a newcomer in the industry.
The agent didn’t question it and subconsciously nodded, “Okay, please good ahead.
I’ll head to the studio too.”


After a while, the agent recovered: Huh? No way, isn’t Xiao Qin just an eighteen-year-old newcomer in the company? How can he know so much? And say the right things? Odd.


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Qin Qing didn’t see Guan Yiyun in the company, or in the training room, or at the apartment.
After circling the area twice, he found him in Linglong Square.


   Guan Yiyun was sitting in the outdoor area of a coffee shop, looking depressed and alone.


When Qin Qing walked over, Guan Yiyun just looked at him and didn’t say anything.


   Qin Qing pulled out a chair and sat down in front of him.


Guan Yiyun politely asked, “Do you want a drink?” What do you want? I’ll treat.”  


   Qin Qing: “A Hand-pressed Americano.
No sugar.


Guan Yiyun went to the bar inside to place the order.
After ordering the coffee, he came out and saw Qin Qing looking in a certain direction and followed his gaze.


   It was an outdoor advertisement featuring the recently debuted four-member boy band, which Qin Qing also mentioned when he first arrived.
The same boy band that was supposed to have five members but one of them did not debut due to an accident.


   Guan Yiyun: “You’re not going to talk about chicken soup again, will you? ”

t/n: if you’ve read chicken soup for the soul

   Qin Qing retracted his gaze, but said, “Do you know why a boy band needs at least four people or more every time? ”


Guan Yiyun didn’t know so he didn’t say a word.


   He was too young.
Only nineteen years old.
He ran away from home on impulse and successfully entered the company after being selected for an interview.
He trained for nearly half a year and wanted to rely on himself without approaching his family.


   He thought he could, but he kept losing to youthful ignorance.


Qin Qing explained it: “Because in a group, you need at least one vocal, one dance, one rapper, a group face, and a captain.


   Qin Qing: “Xiao Shuang dances well.
After he debuts, he will be the dance lead of the group.
Xiao Dong sings well.
He’s the lead vocal.
There is also Xiao Xuan who studied rap for so many years.
He will definitely be responsible for rap.”


   Guan Yiyun listened.


Qin Qing: “Have you noticed it yet? It’s still missing a group face and captain.


   Qin Qing: “But it’s not necessary to have a good-looking group face.
Members can have average looks or have special traits as long as they have the public’s attention.”


   Qin Qing: “But the captain is different.


   Qin Qing: “The captain needs to be good at all three.
He needs to know more, speak well, respond properly on the spot, and know how to deal with the media.

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   Qin Qing: “Amongst the four of you, you are obviously the most suitable candidate for the captain.
You may not think that or imagine it, but the fact is that you are competent.


Guan Yiyun blinked: “I…”


Qin Qing looked at him calmly: “You must take charge.


   Qin Qing: “If you don’t, it will be impossible for the company to let the other three debut alone.
Five people can be reduced to four, but four people who are reduced by one, what kind of group can they form? ”


   Qin Qing saw it very clearly: “You are emotional, and it should be because of some personal reasons that you resisted this debut, but no matter what, I still want you to think it over carefully.

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   Qin Qing stated the facts: “Since you were selected by the company and trained with the three of them, you have already become a unit.


Qin Qing: “Your decision will inevitably affect the four of you, not just you alone.


   Qin Qing’s calm and rational analysis was like a sword that pierced through the fog in Guan Yiyun’s mind, and let reality breakthrough.
He became more clear-minded.


   Guan Yiyun looked at Qin Qing in front of him.
He thought about those analyzed facts but also wondered how Qin Qing could understand so much.


After the waiter brought the coffee, Qin Qing quietly sat and drank it, with a peaceful and relaxed expression on his face, as one was enjoying a good afternoon tea.


Guan Yiyun wanted to argue back.
He wanted to say that he didn’t understand.
That he didn’t want to record songs and didn’t want to make his debut.
That he signed with this small company on purpose, just because he didn’t want to be at the mercy of his family.


 But before he could say a word, Qin Qing while sipping his coffee and turning his head to look at the distance lightly said: “It’s your family who bought the company.


   Guan Yiyun was stunned: “You can also guess this? ”


Qin Qing retracted his gaze and smiled: “Normally, when there’s a new boss, no matter how much they reorganize the company, they would first figure out the company’s status before making a decision.
It’s rare to find one who’ll suddenly throw resources to debut a group.”

   “So I guessed it might be your family.


 Now that there was no need to hide it, Guan Yiyun clenched his fists and hammered on the table with both hands “It’s annoying! I just want to rely on myself but they want me to go home! If I don’t go back and ignore them, they will just come to my door! Am I the Monkey King who still can’t escape from the palm of Buddha’s hand? ”


   Qin Qing: “Then why don’t you change your outlook? ”


   Guan Yiyun: “? ”


   Qin Qing: “After you debut, you can take your three younger brothers to openly enjoy resources.
When you are popular, you won’t eat and drink alone.


   Guan Yiyun paused.


  Qin Qing: “Besides, when you are on the stage, you can only rely on yourself.
Your background can’t help you in interviews, and your family’s money can’t make audiences who don’t know you like you.


   Guan Yiyun pensively pondered.


   Soon after, a tiny light bulb lit up in his head with a “ding” sound.


   That’s right!


   Guan Yiyun looked across the table, his eyes shining: “Xiao Qin! You are literally my think tank! ”


   So on the same day, Guan Yiyun not only went back to record songs on time but also sent a message to his brother on the way back.


   First, he habitually mentioned that under Qin Qing’s persuasion, he decided to record a song for his debut, and said that he was mature enough to ignore certain people who are pretending to buy a company but really want to use underhanded means to control him.


   Finally, he said with great righteousness: Xiao Qin has a high quotient and knows a lot.
You old man, don’t you dare touch him! Don’t even think about it!


   Su Zhihe returned a few words that almost made Guan Yiyun vomit blood: listening to what you just said, I’m even more moved.

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