Chapter 11

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“I have said many times that I have money, but you don't believe it.” Chen Xu couldn't help it.
No matter what he said, they didn't believe it.
They were sure he had no money.
After a long time, Chen Xu didn't want to struggle anymore.

Wang Chengyi and Ke Xinghao looked at each other, as if that was the case.

Ke Xinghao stammered: “Since…
since you have money, why do you always buy things from street stalls?”

“Street stalls?” Chen Xu looked down at the white T on his body.

“Yes, we have never seen a famous brand on you.
We all blame you for misleading us by wearing clothes from street stalls.” Ke Xinghao pointed to his clothes and pants.

Chen Xu explained somewhat embarrassingly: “I don't have the habit of shopping, and the clothes are all prepared at home.”

Ke Xinghao: “…”

Wang Chengyi: “…”

“If I understand correctly, Chen Xu meant that his clothes were custom made for him?” Wang Chengyi looked at Ke Xinghao.
After all, Ke Xinghao has money in his family and should be able to understand it.

Ke Xinghao: “emmmm…” Forgive their family for being a nouveau riche, not do things like private customization.

It was too embarrassing.
He had always thought that Chen Xu was wearing a local stall, and he said it!

Ke Xinghao covered his flushed face and wanted to die.

After finally getting over the misunderstanding, Ke Xinghao pretended to cough twice and continued to interrogate Chen Xu, “Then why are you doing part-time jobs everywhere?”

“It's not everywhere.
I set up bands because of my personal interests.
I became a model because of Guan Qingqing's request.
Others are to experience life and find creative inspiration.” Chen Xu has a wide range of hobbies and strong learning ability.
He is willing to try everything he is interested in, and it feels good to earn money on his own.

Wang Chengyi and Ke Xinghao were completely convinced.
Look at their awareness, they are not at the same level at all.
They just want to play a few more games and tease a few more girls when they have free time.

After all the doubts were cleared Ke Xinghao and Wang Chengyi didn't change their attitude towards Chen Xu because he was rich.
Instead, they opened up the soul of gossip and asked him what the life of a wealthy family was like.

“Is it like it is shown on TV, the women are crazy and the man are a damaged ice king?”

Chen Xu: “…”

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“You don't watch the eight o'clock dog blood soap opera.”

Ke Xinghao asked him excitedly: “If you fall in love in the future, will your mother come out with a cheque and say that classic line?”

“Leave my son and take these three million.”

Chen Xu: “…”

He has never been in a relationship in his previous life, and he doesn't know if his mother will do it, but his relationship with his parents is very cold.
If he is in a relationship, his parents shouldn't care.

They played until the next day to check their scores before returning.
Chen Xu dragged his suitcase out, and the phone rang.
He took it out to see that it was Si Ye.

“Hello, Uncle Si.”

“Where are you?”

“Just got out of the station.” Chen Xu didn't see Si Ye for several days, but Si Ye would send a message to him every night in the past few days.
Sometimes he would say a few more words, and sometimes he ensure that he was in a safe place.

“Stand and don't move.” Si Ye's voice seemed to be stained with a smile, and Chen Xu's ears became warm.

Before he understood what Si Ye meant, he saw a man in a white shirt with a stand-up collar and black suit pants walking towards him.

“Yuanyuan, look at the most handsome guy!” Ni Shanshan patted Fang Yuan's arm fiercely, and Fang Yuan quickly turned her head to look.

“My god! He is too handsome, the school grass is going to be compared!” Fang Yuan covered her mouth excitedly, and the corners of her mouth couldn't stop rising frantically.

“No, no, no, I think the school grass will have the charm of this kind of mature man after a few years passed.” Ni Shanshan whispered to Fang Yuan.

Then they saw the superb handsome guy coming over and stopped in front of Chen Xu.
Their always cold and cool school grass, their brows and eyes curled up, showing a sweet and cute smile, “Uncle Si, why are you here? ?”

Ni Shanshan took a deep breath and grabbed Fang Yuan's hand, “Sister, hurry up and hold on to me”.

Fang Yuan trembled as well, going to a mother fan from a girlfriend fan, from now on we are all school grass' mother fans.

Si Ye naturally took the luggage in his hand, “Come and take you home.”

Chen Xu was startled, his heart filled with enthusiasm.

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Si Ye greeted Ke Xinghao as a respectable person, “Hello, I am Chen Xu's uncle, please take care of him.”

The five boys and girls blushed immediately at a loss, “No, no, Chen Xu is taking care of us.”

To Chen Xu's surprise, Si Ye actually let people drive two cars, one of which was used to take Ke Xinghao and the others home.

Ke Xinghao and the others blushed and get into the car.
It was the first time that the five of them took this luxury car.
They froze on their seats like wood until the driver kindly told them that there was something to eat next to them, and they could take it to eat.

“Have fun?” Si Ye sat next to him, with  enough space for another person's seat from Chen Xu.

This distance made Chen Xu relax a lot.
He was really afraid that Si Ye would pull him into his arms if he didn't agree with him.

“Yes.” Chen Xu took out a glass bottle from his pocket, with a fine yarn in it, and built a miniature “Dragon Palace” with shell pearls on it, which looked very beautiful.

Chen Xu put the small bottle in Si Ye's hand.
Si Ye was a little surprised, “Give it to me?”

“Well, I did it myself and I didn't do it very well.” Chen Xu pursed his lips, revealing a youthful smile.


Clean and bright, Si Ye's heart sped up.

“It's really well done, thank you, I like it very much.” Si Ye suddenly came over and kissed Chen Xu on the forehead.

Chen Xu's eyelashes quivered, and Si Ye had already left before he could react, and his ears were belatedly red.

Why does Uncle Si always like to have physical contact?

He lowered his head, and his soft black hair glided across his pale pink nape like a fine pearl.

Si Ye stared at the back of his neck, his eyes getting darker and darker, he wanted to take a bite on the fragile back of his neck, and leave his mark.

He(Chen Xu) wanted to cry, and he wanted to help his baby dry those tears.

But now he can't do anything, he will scare his baby away if he is not careful.

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In the days when Chen Xu was not at home, the rumors about him have been circulated and he don’t know which edition flew around.

In short, now in the upper-class circles of City A, almost everyone knows that Si Ye drove Pan Qizhi back to the Pan family for Chen Xu, and the Si family’s subordinates also realized that there was one more person they wanted to curry favor with, and Young master Yichen might be out of favor.

But many clear-headed people just listened to it as a joke.
As long as Ms.
Tao stays in one day, Si Yichen can't easily fall out of favor.

Si Ye was just acting upright, and he was doing business.
After all, this incident was originally Pan Qizhi's fault.
It was not protecting Chen Xu, but protecting the face of the Si family.

What's more, how could Chen Xu be regarded as a green onion¹, how could he suddenly get Si Ye's attention?

“That stupid Chen Xu didn't take the opportunity to please his father.
He actually ran out to play, and deserved to be stepped under my feet.” In the days when Chen Xu was absent, Si Yichen's anger finally subsided.
He was determined to wait for Chen Xu to return, father must have forgotten Chen Xu a long time ago, and tomorrow is the day to check the results of the college entrance examination.
When that happens, everyone will congratulate him, and his father will also see that Chen Xu is just a thing that is not on the table.² How can he be compared with him.

He was going to have something to eat tonight, to celebrate in advance, Si Yichen was going to the kitchen to explain how he likes to cook some dishes tonight, when he heard the sound of cars outside.

It's his father who is back!

Si Yichen trot out excitedly, why did his father come back so early today? Did he come back to help him celebrate in advance?

“Father…” He just shouted the word, and his smile freeze on his face.

The person who got out of the car was not his father, but Chen Xu.

Chen Xu turned his head and glanced at him, recognizing his mouth shape, as he wanted to call “father”, Chen Xu curled the corners of his lips with a smile, and silently mouthed to him, “good son.”

Suddenly, Si Yichen was so angry that he almost have a seizure.
He was about to attack when he saw a familiar figure coming down from the other side of the car.
It was Si Ye.

The appearance of Si Ye was like a basin of cold water falling from the sky, the kind with ice added, making his blood freeze.

Si Yichen didn't know how he got back to his room.
Why did his father come back with Chen Xu? What spell did Chen Xu cast on his father?

He was frantic with jealousy and bit his nails with red eyes.

This is different from what he thought.
He is obviously so good.
Why doesn't his father want to pay more attention to him? What is good about Chen Xu? He is inferior to him in everything, why should his father be so good to him?

It didn't take long before he heard the sound of the car driving away again.
He hurried downstairs and asked, only to know that his father had returned to the company.

So my father made this trip specially to send Chen Xu back?

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Si Yichen couldn't believe it, it was hard to believe this fact.

Envy and anger clouded his mind.
He gritted his teeth and rushed to the door of Chen Xu's room, like a robber, banged hard on Chen Xu's door.

The door was hit by Si Yichen, and when he thought Chen Xu would not dare to open the door, the door opened.

Chen Xu stood inside with a cold face.
At 1.78 meters tall, he was half a head short in front of Si Yichen, but Chen Xu's momentum was not at all inferior.

Si Yichen didn’t say anything.
He didn’t come to Chen Xu to speak with logic.
He raised his fist and hit Chen Xu’s face.
Chen Xu grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the room.
The door was slammed with a “bang”.

Close the door and hit the dog.

After Chen Xu throw him out of the room, Si Yichen was still confused, what's the matter?1

He was hit without being able to fight back by the little white face Chen Xu?

Si Yichen was in so much pain that he slumped in the corridor motionlessly until Tong Jiaxi came back and stumbled to help him back to the room.
Si Yichen forbade him to call someone over because he couldn't afford to lose to that person.

Was beaten by Chen Xu, tell him what face he still has.

“Damn, when the score is announced tomorrow, I must hang up Chen Xu's grades and laugh at it.” Si Yichen said viciously while rubbing the medicine.

After midnight, Si Yichen got up to check the score, 703, which was almost the same as his estimated score.
He jumped out of bed and rushed to the door of Chen Xu's room to hit his door, wanting to taunt him for the first time, but after knocking on the door for a minute, Chen Xu did not respond.

At this time, the maid responsible for cleaning on the second floor passed by and told him: “Master Xu usually goes to bed at ten o'clock.”

Si Yichen: “…” Fuck! Is Chen Xu an elderly person? He went to bed at ten o'clock!


What do they think Chen Xu is?

Something that cannot even be considered.

T/n : This is a double rebirth!!

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