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Chen Xu was awakened by his phone.
He closed his eyes and reached out to take the phone from the bedside table.
The dazzling light made him uncomfortably wringled his brows.
After a little adjustment, he saw the caller ID clearly.
It was his head teacher.


“Have you checked the score?!” The head teacher's voice sounded very loud, causing Chen Xu, who had not yet woken up, to subconsciously move the phone away.

“Not yet.” Chen Xu went to bed early last night and had no time to check his scores, but he had experienced it in his last life and knew how many points he had scored without checking.

“You passed the exam and you're score is 738! The province's college entrance examination topper will definitely be you!” The head teacher said excitedly, with an obvious joy in his voice.

“Oh, thank you teacher.” Chen Xu's very calm answer made the head teacher a little embarrassed, “You got 738, are you not happy?”

“O, happy.” Chen Xu couldn't help but yawned, and a teardrop squeezed out of the corner of his eye.

head teacher:”…”

The head teacher instructed him to carefully consider where he should apply for college admission.
If he can't decide it, he could go back to the school and ask the teacher.
Chen Xu responded with a word to everything the teacher said.

After hanging up the phone, he originally wanted to go back to sleep, but when he put on the quilt and lay down for a while, he found that he couldn't sleep anymore.

Sighing, Chen Xu got out of bed, put on slippers, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

It was still early, and Chen Xu went out for an hour's walk.
The air in the morning was good, and there was a gardener in the garden who was trimming branches and leaves.

“Is that Young Master Xu?”

“It seems to be, why did Young Master Xu get up so early today?”

“I heard that the results of the college entrance examination is publish today, maybe he didn't do well in the exam, and he is venting his emotions.”

“If you say that, it's really possible.
I heard that Young Master Chen had an estimated score of more than 700 points.
The total score is only 750 points.
Master Chen is really amazing.
With Master Chen to compare, Master Xu must feel embarrassed.

“I think this time Young Master Chen will definitely be able to break the round¹ in front of the Master.
Anyway, I am not optimistic about Young Master Xu.”

When Chen Xu was running by, he faintly heard the two gardeners whispering, but he didn't care what the two were talking about.

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The morning sunlight seeps into the house through the glass, and a tall figure stands by the window on the third floor.

Si Ye looked down at Chen Xu, who was running on the first floor, from the window.
The figure was very small.
In fact, he did not see Chen Xu's face clearly, but this did not prevent him from standing here for nearly ten minutes.

He remembered Chen Xu was the province’s college entrance examination topper in his previous life, but because of Xia You’s incident, it was not convenient for Chen Xu to be in the limelight at that juncture.
He did not accept media interviews and made no appearance.
In addition to the art school Chen Xu attended later on basically, not many people know that Chen Xu is the topper in the college entrance examination in this province.
And because of the same word in the name and surname many people even think that it was Si Yichen and he became really popular, but Si Yichen score was 703.

[T/n: aii the last sentence was really hard to put in words(at least for me).
Basically people think the topper is Yichen, because his name also have Chén '' different stroke but same tone as Chén '' in Chen Xu, while the Chén in Chen Xu is a surname and means faithful/sincere]

Those applause and praise should have belonged to Chen Xu.

Si Ye went inside and ordered Uncle Zhong to make preparation for a banquet at home, celebrating the entrance examination results.

“Do you want to invite all the teachers of Young Master Chen? Or should I ask Young Master Chen?” Uncle Zhong subconsciously thought that this college entrance banquet was held for Si Yichen.
After all, Young Master Chen was very good since he was a child.
It should be celebration for Young Master Chen.

“It's not for Si Yichen, it's for Chen Xu.” Si Ye lowered his voice, revealing a bit of displeasure.

Uncle Zhong's mind was blank for a moment.
Fortunately, his years of work experience made him come back to his senses immediately, “Sorry Sir, should I ask Young Master Xu to draw up the guest list?”

Si Ye thought for a while, “No, don't tell him about this for now.”

“Yes.” Uncle Zhong thought that Mr.
Si is going to surprise Young Master Xu.

After explaining everything, Si Ye looked out the window again.
Chen Xu was no longer visible.
He decided it's time to go downstairs.

Si Yichen, Sun Weiang, and Tong Jiaxi have all sat at the table.

Tong Jiaxi's face is very bad, he failed the exam, and Uncle Si will definitely be disappointed with him.

Different from Tong Jiaxi's face as gray as death, Si Yichen's face was full of excitement that could not be hidden, and he was eager to tell Si Ye that he had scored 703 points on the exam and wanted to be praised by Si Ye.

Sun Weiang was on his own and have nothing to do, he holds the tablet in his hand, looking at today's breakfast menu.

When the three saw Si Ye coming downstairs, they all stood up and greeted Si Ye.
Si Yichen looked at Si Ye expectantly, hoping that he could take the initiative to ask how he did in the exam.

However, Si Ye was as cold as ever, nodded, then walked to his seat and sat down.

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The smile on Si Yichen's face collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and suddenly became as dejected as Tong Jiaxi.

“Uncle Si, morning.” Chen Xu took a shower, with mist on him, and the milky scent of the shower gel reached Si Ye's nose.

The corners of Si Ye's lips raised slightly, and he waved to him, “Morning.”


Chen Xu saw his movements and thought he had something to say to him, but didn't ask him to walk over, so the servant helped him pull the chair away.

Si Ye naturally put the menu in front of him and asked him, “What do you want to eat?”

It’s not that Chen Xu didn’t have dinner at the table with Si Ye, it’s just that he and Si Ye were the only two at that time.
Now Si Yichen and the other two are here, Si Ye still let him(CX) come over to have dinner with him(SY) , clearly telling others, he(CX) is different.

Sure enough, before Chen Xu sat down, he felt two fiery eyes on his back, it must be Si Yichen and Tong Jiaxi, they must have hate him to death.

Si Yichen and Tong Jiaxi were still expecting for Chen Xu to have some self-awareness, and they saw Chen Xu's this lifeless fellow, actually sitting down!

Not only does he sat down casually, but he also took the tablet that Si Ye handed over and carefully looked at the dishes for this morning.

The attitude is so arrogant and proud, not putting other people in his eyes at all.

Even Sun Weiang, who had always been indifferent, was shocked.
What is going on? Why is Uncle Si so kind to Chen Xu all of a sudden? And Chen Xu actually accepted all this, didn't he worry about Si Yichen making trouble for him?

“What does Uncle Si want to eat?” Chen Xu asked while sliding the page.

“Choose what you like to eat, I'm not picky.” Si Ye took a sip of coffee.

Chen Xu looked up at him and noticed that Si Ye had not added a single sugar to the coffee he was drinking.

Order the dishes, Chen Xu put the plate aside.

“Young Master Xu, your milk.” The maid brought a glass of milk and put it next to Chen Xu.

Chen Xu remembered that he didn't ask for milk, and he was eighteen, and he didn't need a glass of milk every morning to grow his body.

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“I want coffee too.” Chen Xu said to the maid.

The maid glanced at Si Ye embarrassedly.
Si Ye put down the coffee in his hand and said to him, “The kids should drink milk obediently.”

Chen Xu, who had lived to the age of 22 in his previous life, was still treated as a child by Si Ye, and his ears couldn't help but become hot.

“Uncle Si, I am already eighteen.”

Si Ye watched him with a smile, but Chen Xu couldn't help being defeated by Si Ye watching him like that, and drank milk obediently.

He said in his heart that he even drank alcohol, and he was still a kid.

Si Yichen was sitting at the other table, watching Chen Xu and Si Ye talking and laughing, and almost bend the fork in his hand.

Tong Jiaxi was so jealous that his eyes were red.
There was no one beside Si Ye, but now Chen Xu sat next to Si Ye.
He couldn’t imagine how he would be treated specially by Si Ye in the days to come.

A breakfast was dark and rough, and of course Chen Xu and Si Ye had a good time.

“I'm leaving.” Si Ye raised his hand and rubbed his soft black hair, rubbing his black hair into a mess, and the messy hair in front half covered Chen Xu's beautiful peach blossom eyes.

Chen Xu was born with a pair of indifferent yet affectionate peach blossom eyes, which always gives people a feeling of affection, but his pupils are dark and bright, clean and clear, like a newborn baby.

“Ok, see you later uncle Si.” Chen Xu obediently waved goodbye to Si Ye.

Seeing him such a cute amd well-behaved appearance, Si Ye always tried to restrain the urge to hug him in his arms and hug him tightly.

“See you later.” Even Si Ye reluctantly had to leave.

Just as Si Ye went out, Si Yichen start making a fuss.

“What kind of ecstasy soup did you make for my father to drink?! You can make him spoil you so much.” Si Yichen cannot explain this matter with any common sense.
Chen Xu have no ability, such a person who was inferior to him in every way.
What method did he use to make his father treat him differently?

Chen Xu grabbed his wrist and exerted force on his hand, which caused Si Yichen to loosen his collar immediately.

“Uncle Si spoils whoever he wants.
Is it your turn to interfere?”

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“Chen Xu! I'm going to kill you!” Si Yichen was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

However, these five words successfully evoked the hatred that Chen Xu suppressed.
He grabbed Si Yichen by the collar and dragged him towards him, his face like frost, and his eyes sharp like a cold knife was hidden in them, “Si Yichen, don't think that everyone in this world is going to be used to you.
Let's see who kills who first.”

His eyes were too sharp and his attitude was too serious, causing Si Yichen, who had originally spoken harshly, to subconsciously persuade him.
He felt that Chen Xu really wanted to kill him, not just speaking harsh words.

Si Yichen's lips were whimpering and his body stiffened.
He knew that he shouldn't back down and he should refute it, but his throat was unable to make a sound for a long time.

Chen Xu pushed him back, put his hand in his trouser pocket, and left.

Tong Jiaxi, who was originally waiting at the door of Chen Xu to ask him for an explanation, saw Chen Xu who was cold all over, his body shivered with instinct, did not dare to speak, and slumped to the side.

He felt that Chen Xu in this state was the same as the twisted murderous maniac in the rainy night in the movie, they seemed to make people shiver from the bones.

Chen Xu calmed down and stay in the room alone for the whole morning, and after a few strokes on paper he gradually emerged from that hatred.

He wanted to retaliate against Si Yichen, but he also wanted to live well, and it was not worth to waste his life for that scum.

When he slowed down, focused his attention on the drawing paper, and looked clearly what he was drawing, he was startled, a little unbelievable.

Before he knew it, he actually drew a portrait of Si Ye, which was still highly completed.

Is he crazy?

Chen Xu's cell phone suddenly lit up, and someone sent him a message.
He thought it was Ke Xinghao and the others, but when he clicked it on, it was Chen Yuqi.

Chen Yuqi: Second brother, I have no money.
Give me some affection².

** the entrance examination is Gaokao —China's national level college entrance exam, notoriously infamous for being one of the hardest exam in the world and the hardest in China.
There's no threshold for pass/fail but you have to be in the top 0.05% to get into the top ranking college/universities.

1. 掰回一局 – break back a round, winning a game back after previous loss
Seem to be a coy way of asking money

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