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T/n : I think I haven't mention this before so here it is.
I do not speak/read/write Chinese and English is not my first language.
Translation mistakes are inevitable, but I assure you I translate it as accurate as I could

I'd appreciate if you let me know any mistakes in the comment section.
Thank you for all the love

Chen Xu’s parents have three children.
The eldest, Chen Hao, is 20 years old this year.
He is currently in college.
The second child is Chen Xu.
The third child is a daughter, Chen Yuqi who is fifteen years old this year.
She is in the first year of high school.

To be honest, Chen Xu's relationship with his parents and his siblings is not very good.
After all, he was sent to the Si's house at the age of twelve.
After arriving at the Si's house, he rarely had time to spend with them.
In fact, even before he has come to the Si's house Chen Xu, who was still young, could also feel that his parents and siblings didn’t like him very much, and his elder brother would even take the lead in bullying him.

Chen Yuqi would ask him for money from time to time and because she is his little sister as long as she was not too much, Chen Xu would not refuse her.

Chen Xu transferred 200 to Chen Yuqi.
The Si family never treated them badly.
Not to mention the usual pocket money, even the red pocket given during the New Year is enough for Chen Yu to spend for a year, and it is more than enough, plus Chen Xu usually like to do some part-time jobs to make money, he is actually very loaded.
( unlike me I see(ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) )

However, in his opinion, Chen Yuqi is just a freshman in high school.
She doesn't need too much money.
The Chen family has never been harsh on Chen Yuqi's pocket money, so he will naturally not give her too much.

Chen Yuqi: Only two hundred? Are you taking me as a beggar?

Seeing the text from Chen Yuqi, Chen Xu's brows were tightly twisted.

Chen Xu: Chen Yuqi, pay attention to your attitude.

Chen Yuqi: What's wrong with my attitude? You eat and drink spicy food¹ at the Si's house, and when your sister asks you for some pocket money you can't bear it.
How could I have a selfish and stingy brother like you?

Chen Xu thought that Chen Yuqi was so angry that she will despise the two hundred yuan and would definitely not accept it.
He didn't expect that the next second Chen Yuqi would actually take the two hundred yuan and then blacklisted him.

Chen Xu looked speechlessly at his mobile phone, thinking that in his previous life, because he did not study economics but ran to engage in art, he was scolded by his parents for a long time, right until his death.
He and his family are basically in a state of no longer contacting each other.

He suddenly thought, if he got Si Ye's attention in this life, would the Chen family stick to him like a blood-sucking parasite?

It’s not that Chen Xu deliberately tried to judge them as harboring the utmost malice, but they felt that way to him.
Every time they met, his parents would not care whether he ate and sleep well, did he had a good time or was he bullied at the Si's house, they would always ask him if Si Ye had spoken to him, whether he had a good relationship with Si Yichen, and constantly instilled in him the idea that Si Ye and Si Yichen should be fond of him.

Early the next morning, Chen Xu received a call from the head teacher and asking him to go back to school.

Chen Xu finished washing and eating breakfast, and then went to school on his bike.

“Where are you going?” Si Ye asked him by pressing the window.

“School.” Chen Xu replied.

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“Come in.”

Chen Xu waved his hand to refuse, but the driver got out of the car and opened the door for him and asked him to sit in.

“Thank you Uncle Si.” Chen Xu sat in and said to Si Ye with his lips pursed.

“You're welcome.” Si Ye put his slender hands on his legs, his back straight.

It seems that at any time, Si Ye can always keep Yan Jin's manners², he will always be calm and composed, Towering like a mountain, deep like an abyss².

“Have you checked the results?” Si Ye knew Chen Xu's results, but he deliberately did not say anything.

“Checked it.” Chen Xu nodded and replied.

“Well, how did you do on the test?” Si Ye turned his head and looked at him.

He had always been indifferent, but at this moment he actually had a little urge to show off.
He wanted to tell Si Ye that he was better than Si Yichen, and wanted to replace him.

“The test is okay.” Chen Xu suppressed his impulse and said calmly.

The corners of Si Ye's lips have a faint upward tilt.
Don't think that he hasn't seen the thoughts of his baby.

“Really? That's good.” Si Ye deliberately refused to accept the move and did not continue to ask.

Chen Xu was a little annoyed to see Si Ye stopped there.

Thinking that he was actually 22 years old and still so naive, he really shouldn't be like that.
When the news comes out, Si Ye will naturally know that Si Yichen is not as good as him, so why should he be like a child trying to attract the attention of adults? He is not the same as Si Yichen.

When Chen Xu lowered his head, his soft black hair looked messy and fluffy, and when Si Ye see that he eagerly wanted to rub with his hands.

Without further teasing the child, Si Ye took the initiative to ask him, “How many points did you score?”

Hearing Si Ye's voice, Chen Xu regained consciousness, “Seven hundred thirty-eight.”

He saw Si Ye's face with a smile, and gently touched his head, “Xiaoxu is great.”

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Si Ye's palm was slightly warm, which made Chen Xu reluctant to give up on it.
His eyes were slightly widened and he looked at Si Ye in a daze.

At this time, he suddenly realized that he, like Si Yichen, was eager for a compliment.

He didn't have it before, and he didn't enthusiasts ask for it.
That's because he had long been discouraged.
He had long understood that his parents would never be able to praise him.

Chen Xu's eyes glowed with warmth, and he reached out and grabbed Si Ye's wrist, pulled it down from the top of his head, and then buried his face in his palm.

“Uncle Si praise me again, OK?”

Si Ye suddenly hugged him into his arms, lowered his head and kissed the top of his hair, “How come you love to act like a baby so much.”


Chen Xu refused to admit, “I don't.”

“Okay, you're not.” Si Ye touched the back of his head gently, coaxing him gently, “Xiao Xu is very powerful, Uncle Si was not as good as you back then.”

“You lie, Uncle Si has graduated and joined the company at my age.” Chen Xu's mind is still clear, and he didn't believe Si Ye's rainbow fart³.

Si Ye smiled and said, “But I haven't taken the college entrance examination.”

“If Uncle Si takes the college entrance examination, he must be higher than me.” Chen Xu said with certainty.
Si Ye's is recognized as a genius.
He started his business abroad with his classmates at the age of fifteen.
He finished university at the age of eighteen and returned to China to assist father Ye managed the company.
He took over the Si family from his father at the age of 20 and became the youngest patriarch of the family.

And in just a few years, the Si family with serious internal strife has been dealt with in an orderly manner.
It can be said that the Si family has been brought back to life.

Si Ye smiled and did not speak.
He went abroad when he was twelve years old and did not take the college entrance examination.
He received foreign education.
His mother always disliked foreign education methods, thinking that it was idle and time-consuming, so no matter what Si Ye achieved and no matter how good he was, in the eye of his mother he couldn't compare to his eldest brother.

Speaking of Si Ye's deceased eldest brother, Si Jinwen was also the number one in the college entrance examination, and Ms.
Tao is very proud of that.

Si Ye could not understand Ms.
Tao's feelings before, but now he can probably understand.

Chen Xu asked the driver to stop him at an intersection that was a short distance from the school, and did not let the driver stop the car at the school gate.

“About what time will you be done, I will ask the driver to pick you up.” Si Ye asked before Chen Xu left.

“No, Uncle Si, I'll take the subway back in a while.” Before going to school, Chen Xu was either riding a bicycle or taking the subway to catch a train.
He has long been used to days without luxury cars.

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Chen Xu was unwilling, and Si Ye would not force him.
He watched Chen Xu walk into the school before Si Ye asked the driver to drive away.

As soon as he walked to the gate of the school, Chen Xu saw the school holding a banner to celebrate him being the topper at the provincial college entrance examination.

And they put not only one banner, Chen Xu looked a little embarrassed, and he wanted to turn his head and leave.

The gatekeeper recognized Chen Xu with his sharp eyes, and shout out to him loudly: “Isn't this the topper in the college entrance examination!”

When he shouted, reporters from the TV station who were interviewing the teacher immediately swarmed over.

“Student Chen Xu, are you student Chen Xu?” The reporters' microphones slammed into Chen Xu's face with excitement.

Chen Xu took a step back, “Hello, I am Chen Xu.”

The reporters looked at Chen Xu in surprise.
They didn't expect this year's college entrance examination topper in this province to look so handsome! They just thought about the title, called “the most handsome topper in the college entrance examination”, it will definitely be a big hit.

Chen Xu wore a white shirt and black trousers today.
His hair was freshly cut, neat and tidy, without any accessories on his body, his lips were red and his teeth were white, he look gentle and handsome.

Won't lost to the popular youth idols at all.

Chen Xu was forced to do an interview, and even the principal came later, boasting and praising Chen Xu.

How could he not boast, their school is an ordinary high school, how many years did it take to have this college entrance examination topper, the teachers and students in the whole school regard him as a treasure.

Walking on the campus, no matter to which classmate you ask or mention about Chen Xu, they know him.

“You are only in the freshman year of high school, how can you be so clear about senior Chen Xu?” the reporter asked curiously.

The girls laughed and said, “Senior Chen Xu is the school grass, and the forum is full of posts about him.”

The reporters suddenly realized that he is both school grass and college entrance examination topper.
This Chen Xu is too powerful.
Obviously, he can rely on his face, but he decided to rely on talent.

Si Yichen’s friends are helping him to celebrate, and Tong Jiaxi is also there, but Si Yichen has been sullen and drinking gloomily.

“Young Master Chen, after taking such a high score on the test, why do you drink like that?” A young master of some family grabbed Si Yichen's shoulder and teased.

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“That's right, Master Chen is not satisfied with the scores, right? How can this let us scumbags live? My dad scolded me yesterday and prepared to stuff money for me to go to college.”

“Come, come, today is to celebrate for Chen Shao, all raise their wine glasses.”

Listening to the praise from the people around him, Si Yichen's mood gradually improved.
Chen Xu is nothing.
After his father knows how bad Chen Xu is on the exam, he will understand his excellence and only he is the heir of the Si family!

“Hey, Master Chen, Mr.
Si will definitely give you a celebration banquet? Remember to invite us there when that happens.”

“Chen Shao has done so well in the exam.
Si will definitely give Chen Shao a celebration banquet.
We just need to remember to give gifts.”

Si Yichen was quite sure about this.
Even if his father didn't mean to do it, his grandma would mention it.
After all, this is a major event.

When the time comes, everyone will come to celebrate his success, and Chen Xu will definitely not be able to lift hia head up.

As long as he thinks of humiliating Chen Xu, Si Yichen feels in a great mood.

“Our province's college entrance examination topper this year came out, wow, seven hundred and thirty-eight, are they even a human.” A girl swiped her phone with a look of surprise, and then she suddenly screamed and covered her mouth.

“Gosh! This is too good looking!”

“What? What?” The girls leaned forward excitedly.

“Wow! So good-looking, and still the topper in the college entrance examination, what kind of immortal is this!”

“Do he really not consider about debut with this look? I will support him right away!”

“Girls like to exaggerate, how good looking can they be.” The boys gathered around in disbelief.

Then they calmed down suddenly and raised his head to look at Si Yichen.
Si Yichen was a little doubtful, then he heard a girl say: “Huh? He is also called Chen Xu.”


Eating delicious food and drinking expensive liquor
2. 山峙淵渟 shān zhì yuān tíng : An idiom, meaning dignified and solemn with noble character

Irrational praises

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