Chapter 14

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Si Yichen’s friends all know that among the four children sent to Si’s family, there is one named Chen Xu, who is not liked by Si Yichen.
As Si Yichen’s friends, they will naturally not give Chen Xu any face, but Chen Xu himself is very low-key.
There are many people who know his name, but not many have seen him.

Especially these ladies of the aristocrats, they don’t know that Chen Xu is so good-looking, and naturally they did not realize that this person is the Chen Xu that Si Yichen hates, and thought he have the same name and surname, not to mention that Si Yichen often belittles Chen Xu in front of them, this also makes them think that the Chen Xu Si Yichen hates grades are very bad, and he is someone without any abilities.

“What? Show me.” Tong Jiaxi's reaction was bigger than that of Si Yichen.
He didn't believe that Chen Xu's grades would be so good.
He thought Chen Xu was even worse than him.
He had a bad result Chen Xu must have an even worse result.

Tong Jiaxi grabbed the phone, and on the screen of the phone was a photo of Chen Xu's ID, with sword like eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth.

He almost smashed the phone, it turned out to be Chen Xu.

he must have cheated!” Tong Jiaxi never thought that Chen Xu  got the highest score in the province.
If he cheated, who else could be copied, in short, this could not be Chen Xu's real results, he didn't believe it.

Tong Jiaxi's abnormality made Si Yichen even more uneasy.
He grabbed the phone in Tong Jiaxi's hand, swiped up and down, and carefully read the report.

That's right, it's Chen Xu, that's what he hates most, waiting to humiliated Chen Xu, he actually scored 738 points in the exam!

Si Yichen remembered that every time he ridiculed Chen Xu, Chen Xu's calm and lighthearted appearance, he don't know if he should laugh at himself.

Chen Xu was the top student in the college entrance examination.
He was contented with only 703 points in the exam.
What would his father think of him?

The more Si Yichen thought about it, the more anxious he get.
His proudest achievement was stepped on by Chen Xu.
He couldn't compare to Chen Xu.
Will his father going to give up him completely and turn to cultivate Chen Xu as an heir of the Si family?

Why is there Chen Xu? Why does Chen Xu appear in front of his father? If only there is no Chen Xu in this world.

“Young Master Chen…” The men and women present saw Si Yichen's aura getting lower and lower, and they were a little worried that he would not be able to withstand the blow.

After a moment of silence, Si Yichen suddenly raised the phone and slammed it on the ground.
He kicked the table fiercely, and the drink on it smashed to the ground.

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The girls screamed in fright.

Si Yichen slammed his fist on the table, and the back of his hand was cut open by glass shards, blood dripping all over the floor.

That night, Si Yichen was sent to the hospital, not only because of his hand injury, but also because he was so drunk that he had to go to the hospital for gastric lavage.

As for Chen Xu, Chen Xu has already fallen asleep at the moment, and he had no idea how Si Yichen abused himself.

The next day, Chen Xu heard from the servant that the old lady went to the hospital overnight and heard that Young Master Chen was injured.

This incident did not happened in the previous life, and Chen Xu's hand holding the milk cup paused in the air, “What happened to Si Yichen?”

The servant shook his head and said, “We don't know much.”

Chen Xu didn't ask any more questions.
After all, he only needed to know that Si Yichen was injured and he is on a good mood.
As for how he was injured, he didn't care.

After breakfast, Uncle Zhong suddenly stopped Chen Xu, “Young Master Xu, please stay.”

Chen Xu glanced at the person holding the measurement tool behind Uncle Zhong, and asked with doubt: “Aren't the measurements taken at the beginning of the year?”

Uncle Zhong smiled kindly and explained: “Young Master Xu is growing up.
It has been half a year, and the measurement is no longer accurate.”

It's okay to make regular clothes.
Making clothes does require accurate measurement and tailored clothes.
Chen Xu nodded in understanding, “Okay, where to?”

“Young Master Xu, please.” Uncle Zhong walked to lead the way.

As soon as the tailor measured Chen Xu's shoulder width, Si Ye came over.

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“Uncle Si, do you want to re-measure?” Chen Xu didn't see Si Ye during breakfast, and thought that Si Ye had already gone to work.

“I don't need to.” Si Ye walked over, took the tape from the measurer, and personally helped Chen Xu measure.

“Raise your hand.” Si Ye gave a serious order to Chen Xu.
Chen Xu felt a little strange, so he raised his hand obediently.

Obviously there are professionals, why did Uncle Si personally do it?

Si Ye measured the arm length for him, and Chen Xu was about to put his hand down, when he heard Si Ye’s voice from behind him, the voice was low and sweet, very close to his ears, so close that he felt a little itchy in his ears, he want to scratch it.

“Don't move.”

Chen Xu froze, and saw a pair of plain white slender hands sticking out from his armpits, and a tape around his chest.
Si Ye was measuring his bust.
It was normal, but Chen Xu suddenly have an illusion of being held in Si Ye's arms.

For the first time, he knew that taking measurement is not so boring.
The perfume scent on Si Ye has been lingering around his nose.
It is not strong, and even more faint because of the distance, it is a bit like something, which makes Chen Xu couldn't help but slightly probe to smell the fragrance on Si Ye's body.

“Don't move.” Si Ye raised his half-closed eyes, and his dark pupils looked aggressively towards Chen Xu.

This look made Chen Xu's heart beat hard, as if being thrown from a high altitude, panicking to death.

His eyes dodged and looked away, and the tips of his ears couldn't help being stained with an intoxicating red.

Uncle Zhong and others standing next to each other bowed down their head, pretending to be calm.

But there was turbulent waves in their heart, especially the two people taking measurement.

How is this measuring the body, this is clearly flirting!

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It is said that the head of the Si family is cold and indifferent, no matter what handsome man or beauty is sent to the door, he will not be moved.

What kind of indifferent man, look  so lustful and aggressive, he can't wait to eat the little beauty on the spot!

“Look up.” Si Ye wrapped the tape around Chen Xu's neck, and Chen Xu obediently lifted his chin, revealing his slender, white neck.

Fragile and beautiful, Si Ye eyes darkened when the boy looked at him defenselessly.

The fingertips slid across Chen Xu's neck.
The delicate skin feels very good and makes people greedy.
Si Ye tightens the tape.

“Cough…” Chen Xu felt the tape a little tight around her neck.

“Sorry, is it too tight?” Si Ye and Chen Xu stood face to face, close enough for Chen Xu to see the turbulent undercurrent in those eyes.

Suddenly, Chen Xu felt his throat dry, tight and constricting, and have an urge to escape.
He was like a prey being watched by a beast, and his fur was trembling.

Chen Xu licked his dry lips, steadying his voice, “A bit.”

“Then I'll be gentle.” Si Ye's voice was gentle and easy going, but his eyes were not like this, his eyes were full of possesiveness, lust and desire.

“Okay.” It was strange that Chen Xu felt the threat and danger, but at the same time he also felt an excitement like never before, stimulation he cannot bear to part with.

It was just measuring his body but after all the measurements were finished, a thin sweat came out on Chen Xu's back, and the end of his eyes was flushed with water.

It made his eyes more and more like peach blossoms in April, shining brightly.

“Drink some water.” Si Ye handed Chen Xu a cup of warm water.

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His voice called back Chen Xu's soul that have flown away, “Thank you, Uncle Si.”

Chen Xu took the glass of water with both hands.
He seemed to be extremely thirsty.
He drank all the water in the glass in one breath and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Why didn't Uncle Si go to the company?” Chen Xu had nothing to say.

Si Ye stared at him with a light smile in his eyes, “Today is the weekend.”

It’s surprising that Si Ye would give himself a vacation.
As everyone knows, Si Ye is a workaholic.
He works almost every day throughout the year.
Even if he is sick, he has to have a video conference in the hospital.
He actually took a vacation today.
It’s like the sun rose from the west.

“Oh.” Chen Xu nodded.

“Is there anything going on for a while?” Si Ye asked actively.

Chen Xu shook his head, “No.”

He had been interviewed by the media before.
Later, because of the gimmick of “the most handsome college entrance examination topper”, his school was surrounded by a lot of people, and they all came to see him.
Chen Xu didn't go to school again, and there were even many entertainment companies agents calling him and asked him if he had any plans to enter the entertainment industry.
Chen Xu certainly did not have that plan.
In this life, he had already planned that he would major in economics, so that in the future he would completely crush Si Yichen and kicked him out of the game.+

There are also many publishing houses who want to publish his notes and call him to ask him if he has any intention to cooperate.
Chen Xu's notes can only be understood by himself, so he won't take them out to mislead others.

Tomorrow he will go to Guan Qingqing's sister to do a part-time job.
There is no special arrangement today.

“Then accompany me outside.” Si Ye lowered his head to look at him.

Chen Xu was taken aback, nodded and agreed, “Okay.”


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