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“Chen Xu, there's only a few days left before the scores are checked.”

“Why don't you bark like a dog for a few times, if I am in a good mood, maybe I can let my father spend money to put you into the university, and you can get an undergraduate degree, so as not to lose the face of our family.”

“Yi Chen is right, Chen Xu, don't be embarrassed.
After all, you are different from Yi Chen.
Yi Chen has been excellent since childhood.
This time his estimated score is more than 700.
You must be afraid that you couldn't even get a degree right?.”

Chen Xu's head was dizzy, his eyes turned black, his vision suddenly turned blurry, and his ears were full of noisy sounds, and when he listened carefully those sounds seems to be mocking him.

What happened? Isn't he dead?

Chen Xu shook his head forcefully, trying to shake the dizziness out of his head.

Isn't he dead? He was rescued?

How could it be possible, he clearly remembered that he was imprisoned in an abandoned factory by Si Yichen, and then the factory burned into a raging fire, and he who was inside was burnt to death.

“Hey, what are you pretending to die for? Can't you hear Yi Chen talking to you?”

As a familiar voice sounded, Chen Xu's shoulder was pushed a bit, he staggered and almost fell, but fortunately, he supported himself on the table next to him in time to stabilize his body, and his vision gradually became clear.

He saw a young man with his arms folded who rolled his eyes at him, “What are you pretending to be weak for? Maybe he secretly assess his scores, he was said to have scored too poorly, he was embarrassed, hahahaha…”

As soon as the young man's voice fell, he caused a lot of laughter around him.

In the crowd, Chen Xu clearly saw Si Yichen's face.
Si Yichen was holding a glass of red wine in his hand with a mocking smile on his face.

Suddenly, anger took over Chen Xu’s sanity.
He didn’t notice that Si Yichen looked too young at this time.
He just clenched his fists in anger.
When everyone didn’t react, like a sharp arrow thag flew out of a bow, he knocked Si Yichen to the ground with a punch, and beat Si Yichen to death without saying a word.

Chen Xu’s mind is full of what Si Yichen said to him before his death.
Because Si Yichen’s adoptive father, the current head of the Si family, Si Ye touched his head when he was a child, he was hated by Si Yichen.
, Si Yichen was jealous of him, because Si Yichen thought Si Ye was special to him, so he killed him.

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This reason is simply ridiculous.
What's more, Chen Xu was sent to Si’s house by his parents at the age of twelve.
Until his death, ten years later, he and Si Ye were not familiar with each other.
Their conversations were limited to a few words, nor did they get along when they're alone.

In Chen Xu's eyes, Si Ye was just a somewhat old-fashioned uncle.
If he was really favored by Si Ye, it would be fine, but the truth wasn't like that.
For Chen Xu, Si Yichen's revenge was completely irrational.

“Shen Xu! You're **** crazy! Stop it!” The people around finally reacted and rushed to pull Chen Xu away from Si Yichen.

But Chen Xu's eyes were bloodshot, like a mad dog, grabbing Si Yichen's neck tightly, unwilling to let go.

“Don't hurry up and get this lunatic away! Today is Yi Chen's birthday party, you can't mess it up!”

Chen Xu was forcibly pulled off from Si Yichen's body.
His eyes were gloomy, and his chest was constantly rising and falling because of heavy breathing.

“Shen Xu, what's the matter with you? Are you uncomfortable?” A gentle and concerned voice came into Chen Xu's ears, his arm was held by the man.

Chen Xu looked down at the other person, and then his gaze moved around again.

what happened?

Why do these people from his memory look so much younger? And their dress is a bit familiar.

It wasn't until Chen Xu saw Pan Qizhi's face in the crowd that he really realized that something was wrong.

Pan Qizhi obviously went to prison two years ago because of an accident.
How could he be here?

“Shen Xu? I'll help you go over there and take a break.” The young man beside him helped Chen Xu to walk aside.

Chen Xu stared at the beautiful, even looking a little feminine teenager in front of him with a calm expression.

His throat rolled and he swallowed, “Tong Jiaxi, is today June 15th?”

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Tong Jiaxi looked at him strangely, “Yes, what's wrong with you Chen Xu? Today is your birthday party along with Yi Chen.”

“I'm okay, I'll rest for a while.” Chen Xu walked to the chair next to him and sat down, his head in a mess.

If he was not dreaming, then he should have been reborn, and he was reborn at the time when he was eighteen years old.

Today is his birthday banquet with Si Yichen.
He and Si Yichen are also considered ill-fated.
They both had their birthdays on the same day, and they were both fostered in Si’s family, but the difference between them is that Chen Xu is at most a consignment.
Accompanying student, and Si Yichen, who is the son of Si Ye, the head of the Si family, is the young master of the Si family and the future heir of the Si family.

Although it was a birthday party for the two of them, it was actually just a birthday party for Si Yichen alone.
Either a family, celebrity or a friend of Si Yichen who was invited.
There was nothing wrong with that, all he got is the name(All he got was the name of the party 'Chen Xu and Yi Chen bday party').
Though, it sounds good to the outside world, and he can't say that the Si family wronged him.

“Drink something.” Tong Jiaxi handed the glass to Chen Xu.

Chen Xu was upset, realizing only after drinking that Tong Jiaxi handed him a glass of wine.

“Why are you acting so strange today? You hit Yi Chen on such a day.
Fortunately, we were in the garden.
If we were in the hall, this matter would not end well.” Tong Jiaxi took the initiative to talk and interrupted Chen Xu's thought of what he should do with the wine.

Obviously it was Si Yichen who was rude, and the first to talk cheap, but others would only ask Chen Xu what's going on with you.
He could bear it before, but how can he not bear it today.

Chen Xu snorted coldly from her nose, and said indifferently: “He has a cheap mouth.”

Tong Jiaxi looked at Chen Xu dumbfounded, and Chen Xu smoothly picked up a bottle of wine next to him, pondered to himself, and ignored Tong Jiaxi.

Like him, Tong Jiaxi was also sent by the family.
He was raised with Si Yichen since he was a child.
He said that he was Si Yichen's playmate, but he was actually a servant of Si Yichen's, a messenger.

Tong Jiaxi looked at him a few times and said, “You should go back to your room early.
Yi Chen will definitely come to trouble you when he get back.”

“He is going to entertain guests tonight.
He shouldn't have time to go upstairs to your room to find you.”

“Yeah.” Chen Xu replied indifferently, and after drinking the bottle of wine, his mind finally became clearer.

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He fixed wrinkled suit, got up and went back to the room.

“I'll send you off.” Tong Jiaxi stepped forward to help him when he saw this, Chen Xu raised his hand and waved him away, “No.”

His attitude was extremely cold and he didn't know if that was good or bad.
Tong Jiaxi bit his lower lip, his face was a little pale, “Then you should rest early.”

Chen Xu’s alcohol tolerance is not bad, but he doesn’t drink much, because he breaks down when he gets drunk.
He has always followed the principle of not causing trouble to himself.
Generally, he will not easily get drunk in front of outsiders.
If you want to drink you can do it behind closed doors.

The moonlight shines through the clouds and falls beautifully  on the terrace on the third floor, a plain white slender fingers, lazily hold a cigarette, white smoke curls up, and soot slowly falling on the pure white rose petals.

Everything that happened in the garden was seen by the man.

There was a short laugh in the dark, deep and sexy, like a whisper in a lover's ear.

“Where is Chen Xu that dog?” Si Yichen, who returned to the garden after treating his injury, did not see Chen Xu on his left or right.

Tong Jiaxi pursed his lips and said, “He drank some wine and went back to the room.”

Hearing Tong Jiaxi's words, Si Yichen's eyes lit up, he raised his hand and patted the back of Tong Jiaxi's head, “You kid, you're doing a good job hahaha…”

Tong Jiaxi squeezed a dry smile on his face, and the moment he lowered his eyelashes, the pleasing eyes became dull and unclear.

“Damn, that idiot Chen Xu had eat the courage of a leopard and dared to hit me,does he think I'd let him go without giving him a lesson.
He really regarded himself as a big shot.” Although Si Yichen said so, he and his underlings had prepared this from a long time ago, and if Chen Xu beat him today, he would have to give Chen Xu a “great gift.”

“Yi Chen, people are ready, after tonight, that kid's reputation will be completely ruined.” Pan Qizhi is Si Yichen's top dog, and if Si Yichen wants to kill, he will be to hand him the knife.

“I’ve long been annoyed with that slander, but he was fake, having him run errands for Yi Chen was his fortune.
He actually dared to disobey Yo Chen.
He deserves to go to school with a bunch of poor people, and he can’t even go to college.
It's a shame.”

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“After all, he came from a small family.
Did you see his parents today? When they fawn over Chen shao, they looked like two dogs hahahaha”

Chen Xu didn't know the things happening in the garden.
At this time, he felt like he was stepping on the cloud, and his body was inexplicably hot.

Sure enough, he shouldn't drink alcohol, Chen Xu, who had calmed down, pressed his temples with his palms, tried to stay awake, and walked to his room.

He need at least three bottles of alcohol to be drunk.
Why is he so drunk with one bottle?

Chen Xu staggered to the door of his room, and when he reached for the key, his hand suddenly stopped.

Everything was as if the pause button was pressed, and after about thirty seconds, Chen Xu took the key back into his pocket.

How could he forget that in this room in the previous life, Si Yichen prepared a gift for him, and almost ruined him.

He once didn't understand why he harmed him, but Si Yichen's accusations and disgust towards him before his death allowed him to find the answer.

Chen Xu didn’t know which direction he was going.
He stroked the wall, took off his jacket, and then unbuttoned his waistcoat.
On summer nights, it’s not cold to wear only a shirt.
His forehead is already covered with fine details.
Chen Xu raised his slender neck, his skin was glistening, delicate and white, and there was a small red mole on the tip of his nose.
The cold face was a bit flushed, looking really pretty.

There was a small drop of sweat hanging on the tip of his nose, and the heat he exhaled was very hot.
Chen Xu leaned against the cold wall, and his enthusiasm was temporarily relieved.

A faint fragrance of flowers penetrated into his nose with the wind, Chen Xu opened his eyes, his eyelashes like crow feathers were wet with sweat, and the scene before his eyes seemed to be shrouded in mist, and the door beside his was slowly pushed open, a tall and long figure appeared in his sight, misty, like an illusory bubble.

After seeing the person, Chen Xu subconsciously stood up straight, “Uncle Si?”

His limp body could not support him to stand upright, instead he fell forward and smashed into the man's arms without any hindrance.

The author has something to say: I'm writing a new story, rubbing my hands in excitement, and a wave of favorite comments?

I'm here to remind you again,  rebirth, sweet pet, new year! The age difference is 10 years.

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