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After hanging up the phone, Si Yichen arrogantly said to them: “This is my home.
This is my banquet.
Chen Xu is not qualified to invite anyone.
I don't welcome you.
If you have any complaints, please go to Chen Xu.

The humiliating words of Si Yichen and the contemptuous eyes of the people around made the students blush.
Those who had a bad relationship with Chen Xu immediately began to curse, saying that Chen Xu really likes to pretend and make them lose face.
With such a big slap in the face, they definitely would not let Chen Xu go.

And those who have a good relationship with Chen Xu, but have a thin face, flushed and said: “People don't welcome us, let's go back.”

“Let's go, let's go, we poor people also have our pride, and we won't stay stubbornly and hug your thighs.”

The group of people watching the good show behind Si Yichen was full of mocking smiles, “That Chen Xu really regards himself as an important person.
No matter how good he is in the exam, Mr.
Si won't host a banquet for young master Chen.”

Just when Ke Xinghao and others were preparing to leave with low spirit, the overhead lights suddenly dimmed, and a spotlight hit the second floor.
On the magnificent spiral staircase, two slender and tall figures slowly walked downstairs from above.

Si Ye wore a custom-made suit with a lean waist and a sharp and calm face, like snow on the top of a mountain, cold and abstinent.

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Standing next to him was a young man.
The young man's suit and Si Ye's suit matched each other, with a golden rose brooch pinned on his chest, which was not tacky, but instead made him look noble.

With someone like Si Ye, only few people have the chance to stood side by side with him and not fell short in comparison, but at this time, when Chen Xu stand next to him, not only does he not fell short, but the temperaments of the two were exceptionally compatible.

As he walked, Chen Xu's soft black hair swayed, revealing a blue earring, looking like a vast blue ocean exist inside it, it's so beautiful that it is difficult to look away.

Walking down the stairs, Si Ye walked first.
He naturally stretched out his hand to hold Chen Xu's hand, and calmly walked to the center of the crowd with Chen Xu.

At this time the lights came on, and after a brief period of silence, a burst of noise broke out at the banquet.

The guests whispered to guess the identity of the teenager.
Someone recognized that the earrings on Chen Xu's ears were the pair that was bid out by Si Ye that day.
The six million earrings were given to this teenager.

Si Ye briefly said a few words, mainly to introduce Chen Xu's identity, “Welcome to Xiaoxu's college entrance celebration banquet.
I am very happy and honored that he has achieved good results in the college entrance examination.
I am proud of him.”

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Having said this, he turned his head to look at Chen Xu next to him, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and Chen Xu was watching him, and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.
Si Ye scratched the tip of Chen Xu's heart, turned his head, and continued to speak, “Today I mainly want to thank the teachers at Xiaoxu School for their cultivation of him.
I hope you can have a pleasant time today.”

After that, Si Ye stated even more boldly that he would donate two buildings and some teaching equipment to Chen Xu's alma mater, making the principal happily smile from ear to ear.

The principal took the initiative to come forward to express his gratitude to Si Ye, and even exaggeratedly praised Chen Xu in front of Si Ye, the compliments pleased Si Ye, and he was happy to add hundreds of new computers to Chen Xu's alma mater.
The principal felt that at this moment, he was ecstatic, as if stepping on the clouds, and when he looked at Chen Xu  it was like he's looking at the God of Wealth.

In the end, he shook hands with Chen Xu full of tears, “Student Chen Xu, it is an honor for our school to have you.”

Chen Xu's teachers and classmates spoke enthusiastically around him.
He couldn't spare any time to talk to Si Ye.
He turned his head in the middle of the crowd to find Si Ye.
Si Ye stood not far away, watching him quietly.
Lips opened and closed, and silently told him: “Go and play.”

The light shining on Si Ye's body, he doesn't know whether it was his handsome face, his calm posture, or the tenderness under his eyes, Chen Xu's heart swell at this moment.

Si Ye and Chen Xu drew a distance, and people flocked to him, “Congratulations, Mr.
Si, Young Master Xu is really great and smart.”

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“Yes, that's true.
The child at home is really inferior he only got four hundred points in the college entrance examination.
I have to work hard to find him a university.”

These people were originally just tentatively entered their flattering mode, but they didn't expect Si Ye to be not as indifferent and impatient as he was when he was flattered.
On the contrary, there was a hint of interest in his expression, and he seemed to them to continue and want to hear them sing praises .

Now they immediately understood that there really is a possibility for the Si family to undergo big changes.
Si Yichen was already someone from the past.
It is obviously this barely-known Chen Xu who is being favored.
Even Si Yichen did not look like how he usually do.
Chen Xu was greatly doted by Si Ye, and it can be seen with a glance that this Chen Xu is different.

Master Chen…
are you okay?” Si Yichen's friend never thought that he would have such a big slap on the face, inviting friends from the circle and letting them come to his college entrance celebration banquet.
He also ridiculed Chen Xu's classmates, and as a result, Mr.
Si was not preparing the banquet for him at all, but for Chen Xu, whom Si Yi Chen looked down upon.

Si Yichen's face is as gray as death, and the blood is flowing backwards all over his body.
How could this happen?

Is this banquet originally planned for Chen Xu and not for him?
[T/N : The seconhand embarassment I'm feeling right now]1

How could it be possible, obviously he was the heir of his father, didn't grandma say that she would not let anyone take his place? Isn't all the things his father done today enough to slap him in the face?

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While he felt furious, he also felt a deep sense of panic and powerlessness.

Chen Xu, it's all Chen Xu's fault! All of this should belong to him! His father's favor, the envy of others, and the position of the heir of the Si family are all his!
[T/N : Bear children are the worst]

Si Yichen was furious, and rushed towards Chen Xu in the crowd, “Chen Xu, why the fuck are you stealing my things!”

No one expected Si Yichen to have a sudden attack, and the girls around Chen Xu were even more scared by Si Yichen's outburst.

Si Yichen lost his reason.
He just wanted to get rid of Chen Xu.
As long as Chen Xu was removed, everything that belonged to him would return to him!

Chen Xu was pushed back by Si Yichen with his neck strangled, and his waist hit a table not far away.
He was pushed down on the table by Si Yichen.
The vase above was broken on the ground, and water and white roses were spilled.

Si Yichen had red eyes and flushed cheeks, like a fierce ghost from the underworld seeking revenge.
He thought Chen Xu would be scared and panicked like a dog, but Chen Xu calmly looked at him.
Even with a smile on the corners of his lips, the last string in Si Yichen's mind completely break at this instant.

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