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Chen Xu glanced at Lu Hai's departing back, and asked Yuan Ren, “Has Brother Ting been doing this often recently?”

Because of the college entrance examination, Chen Xu and Ke Xinghao did not practice and perform with them for some days.
Xia Xiaoting and Lu Hai had quarreled before, it seems that the situation has not eased, but worsened.

Yuan Ren take a sip of his drink and said, “Well, many bands have been secretly contacting Xiao Ting recently.
He thought we didn't know, but Lu Hai just didn't say the truth.”

“Brother Ting shouldn't be the kind of person who doesn't care about loyalty.” Ke Xinghao still remembers the first time he came here, how handsome Xia Xiaoting looked while holding a guitar, the band was not well-known at that time, and everyday all of them happily crowded in the basement to practice.

After the practice, Xia Xiaoting would also invite them to drink ice-cola.

Yuan Ren twitched the corner of his mouth into a wry smile, and did not answer Ke Xinghao's question.

Ten minutes later, Lu Hai came in, his face was still a little red, he was obviously really angry, “He is not coming tonight, Xiaoxu it's on you.”

Chen Xu is a brick¹ in the band, you can move him wherever he's needed.

“Yes.” Chen Xu agreed without asking the reason.

Seeing Lu Hai in a bad mood, Ke Xinghao dared not ask him what happened.
Yuan Ren silently handed Lu Hai a glass of water.

“Thank you.” Lu Hai took it and drank it.

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Because Chen Xu had to be the lead singer, they won't have a drummer, so the songs selected for the night cannot be accompanied by drums.

As night fell, Chen Xu changed his clothes.
Lu Hai sprayed his hair with a one-time dye, making dark purple streaks, and got some gold dust on it, which sparkled.
He wore a black loose vest with a fishnet around the waist.
Chen Xu's white and lean waist can be seen through, he also wore a loose black leather jacket on top, and a string of necklaces clanging around his neck.

“A beauty doesn't need a knife to kill, and ecstasy depends on his waist, tsk tsk tsk.” Ke Xinghao stared at Chen Xu's waist for a moment while supporting his chin and said with emotion.

“Don't love me, it won't bear fruit.” Chen Xu said coldly.

“Hm, don't fool around, it's time for us to play.” Lu Hai took the bass and walked in the forefront.

As soon as they went out, the screams of the audience engulfed them.

No one realized anything until Chen Xu reached the position of the lead singer, eh? No, isn't the lead singer Xia Xiaoting? Why did they change people today?

Before they could protest, they were suppressed by Chen Xu's high-pitched voice.

“Damn, is he really a fucking human? How does he sing like that?”

“The new brother is so handsome! I am falling in love again!”

“Fuck! This is not a new brother, this is the drummer young Xu!”

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“Fuck, did young Xu originally look so good?! I missed a billion yuan²”

“He looks so good, why should you want to stay at the back, such an inconspicuous place?!”

Xia Xiaoting stumbled into the bar and at a glance he saw the shining Chen Xu standing in the center of the stage.
Without him, the band could continue to perform.
He originally wanted to teach Lu Hai and the others a lesson and let them recognize their places, but at this moment he felt painfully slapped on his face.
It was as if Lu Hai and the others were telling him that this band is the same whether you are in it or not, and you are the dispensable person.

“It's amazing.”

Chen Xu washed his hands in the bathroom, and before he raised his head he heard a familiar voice from behind.

He paused and stretched out his hand to turn off the faucet, and calmly pulled a piece of paper to dry his hand, “Is brother Ting done?”

Seeing that Chen Xu didn't accept the move, Xia Xiaoting didn't get annoyed.
Instead, he stepped forward and leaned forward to talk to Chen Xu's ears, “You were really charming on the stage just now.”

Chen Xu stepped aside and moved away from him.
He coldly stared at Xia Xiaoting.
With a cynical smile on his face, Xia Xiaoting put his hands in his trouser pockets and raised his eyebrows at him, “Really don't want to think about trying with me? I have very good skills and I'll make it pleasurable for you.”

“I'm not interested.” This is not the first time Xia Xiaoting has said this kind of ambiguous words to Chen Xu, as early as when Chen Xu joined the band for the first time Xia Xiaoting showed interest in him, but at that time Chen Xu was still a minor, Xia Xiaoting only dared to show his interest, it was the first time for such a blatant invitation.

Xia Xiaoting walked closer step by step, pushing Chen Xu to the corner, he was so close that Chen Xu could smell the rich perfume mixed with the smell of wine on him.

“Brother Ting, you are drunk.” This band is Lu Hai's painstaking effort.
The days they could play together are few and far in between so Chen Xu doesn't want to make trouble with Xia Xiaoting at this point.

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Xia Xiaoting didn't seem to understand Chen Xu's warning, he bent his head down, trying to kiss Chen Xu.

Chen Xu stared at him calmly, watching him lower his head.

“Shame on you, I've never met anyone like you.”** As soon as Chen Xu's voice fell, Xia Xiaoting was punched in the jaw by Chen Xu, and he took a few staggering steps back from the pain, obviously not expecting Chen Xu to land such a hard punch.

[**T/n : It seems there can be two translation.
The one I used or “You reject my offer to save your face, I've finally see it today( see his rejection) Both is used in a really unfriendly way]

“Fuck your mother, you dare to beat Lao Tzu!” Xia Xiaoting's original anger broke out under the fuse of this punch.
He clenched his fist and rushed up to punched Chen Xu's face, and Chen Xu grabbed him his wrist and easily resolved his moves, he twisted his hand back behind him, raised his leg and stepped on Xia Xiaoting's foot.

Xia Xiaoting's face touched the ground, and the whole person was forced to squat on the ground, his chin knocked on the floor tiles, and the pain made him cry.

What he didn't expect was that Chen Xu didn't let him go.
The collar on the back of his neck was lifted, and the whole person was dragged to the toilet.
Xia Xiaoting didn't even know where Chen Xu gott such strength from when his body is so thin, at this time he suddenly recovered and knew to be scared of the situation.

Chen Xu dragged Xia Xiaoting to the toilet like a dead dog, and then closed the door of the cubicle.
The enclosed space suddenly made Xia Xiaoting cold all over his body, and his charming thoughts instantly disappeared, “Xu…Xu, I Wrong, I was wrong, how about you forgive me this time? I drank a lot of alcohol today, my mind is not clear, be the bigger person, don't bother with a drunkard like me!”1

Chen Xu turned a deaf ear and pulled him by the hair and pressed him into the toilet.
Under these series of actions, Chen Xu didn't say a word, but was quiet and silent.
This silence actually made Xia Xiaoting soften all over.

“I'm sorry…
I'm sorry…
I was wrong, I was wrong!” Xia Xiaoting struggled and cried so much that his snot and tears were all mixed up.
[T/n : Ew]1

Chen Xu squatted down and stared into his eyes, “Do you still want to sleep with me?”

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There was no change in his tone, but it made Xia Xiaoting's hair stand up in fear.
He shook his head like a rattle, “I don't want it anymore, I don't want it anymore, it's me who is obsessed and bold, I never want to think about it anymore.”

Chen Xu nodded, and then asked him, “Do you still dare to bail on Brother Lu?”

Xia Xiaoting shook his head, “I dare not.”

“If you want to go, please make it clear to Brother Lu.
He will not chain you to prevent you from leaving.
Don't make any noise behind our back.
If I catch you doing it again, it won't be as simple as drinking toilet water.” Chen Xu on seeing Xia Xiaoting remaining silent, he pulled his hair and asked him coldly, “Understood?”

Xia Xiaoting's pain was terrible, where could he dared to not understand, he agreed to whatever Chen Xu said.

*Knock Knock*

There was a knock on the door outside, and Chen Xu stood up.


one of the most widespread constructive materials in the world, brick is, with no doubts, very versatile.
I hope this explains 

Missed a great opportunity.

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