Only he could help Si Ye get the money?

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Chen Xu doesn't think he has such an ability, but if he can help Si Ye, then he is willing.

“I am willing.” Chen Xu only briefly thought about it, and then decisively agreed.

He didn't hesitate to answer, and that made Si Ye laugh softly, “You promised so decisively, aren't you afraid that I will sell you?”

Chen Xu raised his head and looked at Si Ye innocently with a twinkling dark eyes, “Uncle Si, will you do that?”

Si Ye's heart suddenly softened.
This child always knew how to make him soft.
“No, I couldn’t bear it.”

Chen Xu leaned against Si Ye's arms and smiled.

“Something happened in the company recently.
Several old shareholders of the company were friends of my father, they now want to unite and force me to give up the position of chairman.
I don't have enough funds and need a lot of money to solve this situation.” Si Ye paused here, staring at the dark night outside the window, not showing what he was thinking about.

Chen Xu drew a distance from Si Ye and stared at Si Ye quietly, waiting intently for Si Ye's next words.

Si Ye retracted his gaze from the window and met Chen Xu’s eyes.
He stretched out his hand to hold Chen Xu’s warm hand, and said, “My father left me an inheritance when he was still alive.
If I use this inheritance, I can easily overcome this situation.”

“Is there a condition?” This information combined with what Si Ye said earlier made it so that Chen Xu canguess that if Si Ye wants to get his father's inheritance, he needs to meet a certain conditions.
And this condition, as Si Ye had said before, is something that he can help him achieve.

What could he do to help Si Ye meet this condition?

Chen Xu can't think of it yet.

“Yes, very smart.” Si Ye squeezed the palm of his hand, his eyes filled with a smile.

Chen Xu likes to listen to Si Ye compliment him.

“What is it?”

Si Ye's dark eyes met Chen Xu's line of sight, and Chen Xu's heart suddenly tightened at once.

“It's actually not difficult.
If I want to get this inheritance, I need to get married.”

This answer stunned Chen Xu.
Why did Si Ye's father make this condition? Is he worried that Si Ye will not get married and be alone for a lifetime?

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He recalled his last life.
When he was 22 years old, Si Ye, who was already 32 years old, was still single, and he was ranked No.
1 on the Internet's most wanted golden bachelor list for several consecutive years.
Thinking about it this way, Si Ye's father's concerns are not unreasonable.

“But what could I…” Chen Xu wanted to say how could he help Si Ye with this condition, but when he was halfway through the sentence, he suddenly reacted, Si Ye meant he wants to marry him?

Seeing his reaction, Si Ye smiled slightly, “You just agreed.”

Chen Xu suddenly wanted to go back to a few minutes ago and cover his mouth.
He really didn't expect Si Ye to ask him for such a big favor.

but you are my uncle Si…” How could he and Si Ye get married.

He didn't even talk about love and he jumped directly to marriage, it is such a big leap.

“We have no blood relationship, nor are we even relatives, why can't we get married?” Si Ye didn't back down and pressed on every step of the way.

Chen Xu's mind panicked a little, “But, I'm only eighteen years old, and I'm a man…”

“In our country same sex marriage has been legal for many years, and the the legal age for marriage is eighteen.” Si Ye saw the tricks and gave Chen Xu no room to back out.

Yes, same-sex marriage has long been legal, and the legal age for marriage has also been changed to 18.
He is now the age at which he can get married.

Chen Xu felt that he had been outwitted by Si Ye.

Seeing Chen Xu's ignorant and perplexed face, Si Ye couldn't help laughing, and raised his hand to rub his soft black hair, “Are you scared?”

“Huh?” Chen Xu was really dumbfounded now.
Was what Si Ye said just now all a lie?

*Knock Knock*
Uncle Zhong came in with two cups of milk and a plate of snacks, and then went out.

“Come here and eat something.” Si Ye waved at Chen Xu to go over.

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Chen Xu always felt that Si Ye's beckoning gestures and expressions seemed to be like teasing a child.

His drowsiness was frightened away by Si Ye, but while eating sweet snacks and drinking milk, Chen Xu relaxed a lot, and started to feel a little drowsy again.

“Uncle Si, is it true that you are short of money?” Chen Xu asked with worry.

“Yes, and what I said about the inheritance from my father is also true.” Si Ye nodded slightly, wringing his brows and taking a sip of milk.

Chen Xu held the cup in both hands, he was quiet for a while, turned his head and asked him, “Will you find someone to marry?”

Si Ye didn't answer him immediately.
The brief silence and waiting made Chen Xu feel anxious.
He didn't want Si Ye to marry someone else.

Chen Xu pursed his lips, licked the milk stains on his upper lip, and said solemnly: “Uncle Si, I can marry you.
When the company turns over, can we get a divorce?”

His answer surprised Si Ye, “You are only eighteen years old.
Do you know what it means to be married? Later, when you meet someone you like, how can you explain clearly that it'll be your second marriage?”

“It doesn't matter.
Compared to my future imaginary partner, you are more important to me.” Chen Xu lived to twenty-two in his last life and never met a person who moved his heart.
He thought maybe he was such an indifferent person that he will not be moved by anyone in his whole life.

Si Ye reached out and rested his head on his shoulder, whispering in his ear in a low voice, “Not stupid.”

His voice penetrated from his ears to his heart, creating a fiery blush on Chen Xu's cheeks.
How could Uncle Si's voice be so nice.

Chen Xu, who had drunk milk and eaten snacks, was held by Si Ye, and soon fell asleep in his arms.
When Si Ye released Chen Xu, he found that this guy was sleeping soundly in his embrace.
He kissed Chen Xu on the forehead, picked him up, walked into his room, and put a quilt on him.


This is the second time Chen Xu has slept on his bed.
Unfortunately, for the second time he couldn't eat this guy.
Si Ye wiped Chen Xu's slender eyelashes with his fingertips and whispered, “Don't let me wait too long.

When Chen Xu opened his eyes the next day the surrounding scene was a bit strange, this is not his room.
He rubbed his eyes, and after a while, he remembered that this should be Si Ye's room.

He fell asleep last night?

Si Ye didn't send him back to his room, but let him sleep here? He slept in Si Ye's bed, where did he(Si Ye) sleep last night?

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The scents of Si Ye's perfume can also be smelled on the pillow.
It is faint and smells really good.
Chen Xu couldn't help turning his head and taking a deep breath.

It smells good.

After doing this series of actions, Chen Xu suddenly realised what he had just done.
It was so stupid, he looked like a pervert.

Chen Xu blushed and jumped off the bed, put on his slippers and hurried downstairs.

Fortunately, he didn't meet anyone on the way, and escaped other people's gossip.

Back in his room, Chen Xu took a shower in the bathroom.

He had gotten a lot of information from Si Ye last night, and now that he thought about it carefully, if he and Si Ye got married, it would actually be a good thing for him.

He and Si Ye will become partners, and the two would have interests involved which was far more reliable than like now where he is relying on Si Ye's illusory love.

He didn't really want to be Si Ye's heir, all he wanted was not to let Si Yichen sit as the heir of the family head.
As long as this goal is achieved, it doesn't matter what identity is used to achieve it.

After thinking it through, Chen Xu went downstairs to eat.
Tong Jiaxi and Sun Weiang were sitting at the table for breakfast.

Seeing Chen Xu coming downstairs, Tong Jiaxi ignored him.
Sun Weiang greeted Chen Xu with a look in his eyes.
Chen Xu walked over and pulled a chair to sit down.
After ordering breakfast, he took out his mobile phone to play for a while, and waited quietly.
The servant brought the breakfast.

“I heard that you received the admission notice from A university, congratulations.” Sun Weiang took the initiative to speak to Chen Xu.
He usually doesn't care about anyone, and he has no relationship with anyone.
His blessings are much more sincere than others.

“Thank you.” Chen Xu remembered that Sun Weiang was in his sophomore year and was studying new media.
The school was next to University A, the campuses are close to each other.

After a brief exchange between the two, Chen Xu's breakfast was served, and the whole table fell silent again, with only the sound of utensils clashing against each other.

Chen Xu had just received two commissions, and after breakfast, he went back to the room to paint.
He continued to paint until noon.
The servant knocked on the door and asked him if he was going to have lunch now.
Chen Xu took a look at the time, and it was already half past twelve.

He ate lunch in the room because Sun Weiang went out.
Tao had arranged for Si Yichen to go to Si’s subsidiary for an internship.
There were only two people at home, Chen Xu and Tong Jiaxi.
Chen Xu didn’t want to see Tong Jiaxi’s face at all, he didn't even walk past the door.

The summer vacation is very long, and Chen Xu made good use of this time while doing part-time jobs and learning financial knowledge by teaching himself.

Guan Qingqing’s sister, Guan Shuang, had a friend who saw his picture and wanted to work with him.
Guan Shuang sent him a message and asked him what his decisions were.

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He worked part-time with Guan Shuang for three years in high school.
Before, Guan Qingqing thought that Chen Xu’s family was very poor.
When she recommended Chen Xu to her sister as a model, she specifically asked her sister for a long time to raise Chen Xu’s salary.
At this point, Guan Shuang originally thought that in Guan Qingqing's eyes her crush is like Xi Shi[1], but when she saw Chen Xu herself, she was willing to give Chen Xu a higher salary.

They have been working very happily together for the past three years, and Chen Xu has been under the care of Guanshuang, and it is not good to rejecting Guanshuang’s friends directly, so he agree to meet the other before making a decision.

When he reached where Guan Shuang was, from a distance Chen Xu saw a muscular man with a pink hairpin standing next to Guan Shuang.

“Chen Xu, this is my friend Wang Jian.” Guan Shuang is different from her sister Guan Qingqing.
She has short, neat hair all the year round.
She has a blue flower tattooed on the back of her left hand, and she is 1.73 meters tall.

Chen Xu's eyes are always attracted by the pink hairpin on Wang Jian's head, but his face is very calm, “Hello, I am Chen Xu.”

Wang Jian probably noticed Chen Xu's gaze, smiled and took off the pink hairpin from his head, and explained, “This is my daughter's hairpin.
It's cute, isn't it?”

Guan Shuang pointed to Wang Jian and said, “Don't look at this guy's sturdy physique, he is a daughter's slave, and his moments[2] are all pictures of his daughter.”

Wang Jian narrowed his eyes with a smile, “Of course I have to show off my daughter's cuteness.”

Guan Shuang walked in front, and the three of them entered a milk tea shop, “What do you drink? My treat.”

“Thank you for the matcha milk cover.” Chen Xu said indifferently.

“Okay.” After Guan Shuang asked Wang Jian, he went straight to order a drink.

Wang Jian teasingly looked at Guan Shuang's back, and said to Chen Xu: “The new clerk in this store, Guan Shuang is teasing her.”

Chen Xu followed Wang Jian's gaze.
Guan Shuang was joking with a girl with long black hair.
Fortunately, Chen Xu didn't drink water, otherwise he would definitely be choked to death.

The girl Guan Shuang teased turned out to be Si Yichen's future fiancée.

[1] Xi Shi Xi Shi (Hsi Shih; Chinese: 西施; pinyin: Xī Shī; Wade–Giles: Hsi Shih, lit. '(Lady) Shi of the West'), according to legends, one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China.
She was said to have lived during the end of the Spring and Autumn period in Zhuji, the capital of the ancient State of Yue.

In traditional stories, Xi Shi was named Shi Yiguang (施夷光).
She was discovered by the Yue minister Fan Li and given to King Fuchai of Wu by King Goujian of Yue in a sexpionage operation which successfully brought down the State of Wu in 473 BC.
This account first appeared in Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yue published five centuries after the conquest, and is completely absent in earlier works such as Guoyu, Zuo zhuan, and Records of the Grand Historian

(Source : Wikipedia) 

[2] wechat functions, like stories on Instagram.
The Chinese translation of Moment is known as “Friends' circle”, which means users can share and get access to accepted WeChat friends' information, creating an intimate and private communicating circle within the users' choice of close friends

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