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Chen Xu calmly retracted his gaze and asked Wang Jian, “Did Sister Shuang find out what her name is?”

“I've already asked about it.
That girl is called Jiang Tingxue.
She is working during the summer holidays after the college entrance examination.” Wang Jian thinks that the best way to get closer is to gossip together.
Chen Xu looked cold and indifferent.
He didn't expect him to also like to listen to gossip when he gets familiar.

“Is that so?” Chen Xu replied casually, but Wang Jian was not on his mind.

Even the name is the same, it must be the same person.

But shouldn't Jiang Tingxue be abroad now? Why would she suddenly return to China and work in such a small place?

Jiang Tingxue is from the Jiang family, and the Jiang family is the family of Si Ye's grandfather's first wife, Jiang Mei.
At the beginning, Si Ye’s grandfather relied on the Jiang family to build the Si family.
It can be said that the Jiang family can take half of the credit for what the Si family reached today.

It's just that the Jiang family moved abroad after Jiang Mei's death and haven't returned to China for so many years.
Chen Xu remembers that Jiang Tingxue returned to China to graduate in designing, she studied jewelry design.
When she returned to China to find inspiration she met Si Yichen.

Si Yichen’s original surname was Tao.
Although he was adopted by Si Jinwen and his wife, after the death of Si Jinwen and his wife, he was adopted by Si Ye as a son.
However, he has no blood relationship with the Si family.
Naturally Ms.
Tao thought of a way to get him to approach Jiang Tingxue.
Jiang Tingxue is Jiang's family.
If Si Yichen can marry Jiang Tingxue and have children, no one can question Si Yichen's identity as an heir.

Before the death of Chen Xu in the previous life, Jiang Tingxue had become Si Yichen's fiancée.
As for whether they were married later, Chen Xu didn't know but if nothing unexpected happened, they must've tied the knot.

Chen Xu looked at the girl who was talking and laughing with Guan Shuang.
She was about her age and smiled beautifully.
She looked very simple and innocent, like she didn't know the realities of the world.

In this life, no matter what, this innocent girl can no longer be a victim.

Guan Shuang came over with three cups of milk tea.
Wang Jian winked at Guan Shuang, Guan Shuang raised a hand and slapped him, “Don't you have something to say to Chen Xu?”

“Yes, yes, see how forgetful I am.” Wang Jian took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Chen Xu.

“Re-introducing myself, my name is Wang Jian, and I am the product manager of YC brand.
I think your lips are very good-looking and suit our brand.”

Chen Xu has heard of YC brand, it is a local brand of cosmetics that has emerged  in recent years.
It has a strong momentum.
He remembers that Ni Shanshan and the others are using YC products.

“I remember that YC focuses on make-up.” Chen Xu can't think of a boy who suits YC.

Isn't the makeup brand more suitable for girls?

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Wang Jian moved his chair forward with excitement, leaning in front of Chen Xu, and said, “Yes, we have a new series of lipsticks going on the market.
I think you are very suitable to be a model.”

“I will be a model for lipstick? Are you sure you are not going to find a girl?” It's not that Chen Xu can't accept the idea, instead he simply feels that Wang Jian's decision may result in their brand's new lipstick being unsalable.

“No, no, no, I didn't expect you to be a cool handsome guy and have such backward thinking.
Gay marriage is legal.
Who says that lipsticks are only for girls, boys can also show off~” Wang Jian said and winked at Chen Xu, raising an orchid finger[1].

Chen Xu: “…” Had it not been known that Wang Jian had a daughter, he would really doubt Wang Jian's sexual orientation.

“A photo shoot?”

Wang Jian shook his finger and said, “A commercial video.”

Chen Xu didn't want to show his face.
He raised his brows and wanted to refuse.
Wang Jian quickly said: “If you don't want to show your face, we can just capture your lips.
After all, it is an advertisement for lip products.”

“My pay?” Chen Xu asked Wang Jian, propping his chin and raising his eyelids.

“It is a good deal.
After all, you are the person introduced by Shuangshuang.
I will definitely not scam you.” Wang Jian rubbed his hands and looked at Chen Xu with anticipation.

“That's good.” Chen Xu, who is not a procrastinator, readily agreed.

Wang Jian took out the contract from his bag and gave it to Chen Xu to sign.
Chen Xuz read it carefully before signing it.

“Sister Shuang, thank you.” Chen Xu said to Guan Shuang after Wang Jian had left.

Guan Shuang chewed the candy in her mouth, put her hands in her pockets, the corners of her mouth curled up, and said, “What are you doing, being so polite? I thought you would not come anymore.
Qingqing said that your family is not ordinary rich.”

“It does not belong to me.” Chen Xu had had this self-consciousness for a long time.
He was an outsider under the fence in the Si family, and he was even more like an outsider in the Chenfamily.
He had no place to call home, so he could only rely on himself.

The grievances and graces of the wealthy family are indeed not ordinary.
Guan Shuang heard his answer and was no longer interested in continuing the topic.

“Did you see the girl just now? Isn't she cute? Her name is Jiang Tingxue, her name is so beautiful.” Guan Shuang poked Chen Xu's waist with an elbow, and Chen Xu subconsciously avoided it.

“She might be straight.” It's not that Chen Xu deliberately attacked Guan Shuang.
After all, Jiang Tingxue could be chased by Si Yichen in the previous life, which is enough to show that Jiang Tingxue should have no thoughts about girls in that way.

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Guan Shuang said dismissively: “The pasta is straight before it gets wet.”

Chen Xu: “…”

“Sister, you're too fast.”

Guan Shuang patted him on the shoulder, and said freely: “Don't worry, I will chase her first.
If I don't succeed, then forget it.
Your sister won't hang on a tree.”


Chen Xu nodded, wondering how to prevent Si Yichen and Jiang Tingxue from getting together.

Tell Si Ye? But how would he explain that he knew Jiang Tingxue?

But thinking in a positive way, maybe Jiang Tingxue returned to China in the previous life and did not meet Si Yichen until three years later.
If everything still follows the trajectory of the previous life, he should have taken down Si Yichen after three years, so naturally there was no need to worry that Si Yichen would harm the innocent Jiang Tingxue.


Chen Xu thought that he would still not see Si Ye today, but he did not expect that he would go back tonight.
He heard Uncle Zhong say that Si Ye had already returned.

He glanced at the third floor, wanted to find Si Ye, and thought of the ban on Si Ye, and suddenly he was a little bit awkward.

Uncle Zhong approached him thoughtfully and said: “The master said if you come back, please go upstairs to find him.”

“Thank you Uncle Zhong.” Chen Xu immediately walked briskly to the third floor.

Uncle Zhong stood down and looked at Chen Xu's back with full of emotion.
It seems that the Si family is really going to add a wife.

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“Uncle Zhong, was that Chen Xu on the third floor just now?” Si Yichen came back from the company after a busy day.
As soon as he walked in, he faintly caught a glimpse of Chen Xu's back disappearing in the corridor on the third floor, and asked Uncle Zhong with a gloomy expression.

“Young Master Chen, yes, the master has something to do with Young Master Xu.” Uncle Zhong respectfully took over Si Yichen's coat and bag.

Hearing Uncle Zhong’s affirmative answer, Si Yichen's teeth were itching with hatred.
He suffered and toiled in the company, but Chen Xu was at home to flatter his father.
At this moment, he didn’t know how Chen Xu pleased his father, but his father was really fond of Chen Xu.

Si Yichen was so angry that his chest hurts, and the blue veins on his forehead bulged.
He calmed himself, wait, wait, he must let Chen Xu be ruined, and never have the chances for a turnover.

Chen Xu didn't know how Si Yichen downstairs was so annoyed, he was a little confused at the moment.

“This is a marriage agreement.
See if there is anything that needs to be added or removed.” Si Ye put a contract in front of Chen Xu.

Chen Xu stared at the contract in front of him for a long time before he recovered.
Si Ye was not joking with him.

“Do not interfere with each other's private life, but we should always maintain affection for the outside world?”

Si Ye nodded and explained: “Yes, you can't let the company and the Si family suspect our relationship.
I won't interfere with your private life, but if you have someone you like, I hope you can tell me first.
If I need to come forward to explain at that time,I can do it too.”

“Okay.” After hearing Si Ye's explanation, Chen Xu agreed after a little thought.

He looked at the above treaties one by one, these treaties are basically more biased towards him, and even after the end of the matter, he will give Chen Xu 300 million yuan as reward and compensation.

Chen Xu almost dropped the contract in his hand.

“Uncle Si, this is wrong, right?” Although Chen Xu has not been short of money since he was a child, he will still be shocked when he sees 300 million yuan.

Si Ye turned his head and took a look, and said calmly: “Yes, three hundred million is indeed a bit small.
I don't have much cash in my hand for the time being.
I will give you some real estate and cars later.”

“No, Uncle Si, you don't need to give me money.” Chen Xu was really afraid that Si Ye would give him a plane and a yacht.

“No, you are only 18 years old.
You can't make yourself suffer too much.
I can only think of this way to make up for you.” Si Ye stared at Chen Xu earnestly.

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Chen Xu's heart moved, and he didn't continue to refute Si Ye.
Three hundred million would be three hundred million, anyway, he won't accept it until then.

He picked up the pen and signed his name happily, and Si Ye stared at the back of his furry head, the smile in his eyes getting deeper and deeper.

“In fact, there is another way.
As long as we don't get divorced, I don't have to worry about others despising you for getting a divorced at a young age, and you don't need to feel that 300 million is too much.
The best of both worlds.” Si Ye said in Chen Xu's ear.

Chen Xu's ears reddened, and he couldn't answer.
After a long time, he said, “Uncle Si, you are teasing me again.”

Si Ye wanted to say that he was not teasing him, but seeing the child's red ears, after all, he was reluctant to tease him too much, and shut his mouth obediently.

After signing the contract, Chen Xu asked Si Ye when they were going to get the marriage certificate.  He was eager for Si Ye to get the money, the sooner the better.

“So anxious to marry me?” A meaningful smile appeared in Si Ye's eyes.

Knowing that Si Ye was joking, Chen Xu couldn't help but feel that his ears were burning.
“You still have the intention to tease me.
It seems that the company matter is not so urgent.”

Seeing the annoyance of the boy, Si Ye took Chen Xu's hand, bent over to get close to him, pleaded and apologized, “I was wrong, don't be angry.”

“Thank you Xiao Xu for being so caring.” He took the person into his arms, bowed his head and kissed Chen Xu's forehead.

“Be careful that I don’t usurp the throne.” Chen Xu said a little bit fiercely with a blank expression on his face.

Si Ye was thinking that his boy could really be so cute, and he couldn't help pressing the person in his arms and kissing him several times.

“No need to usurp the throne, as long as you say the word, I will pick the stars in the sky.”

“Uncle Si, how do you know?” Chen Xu was unmoved, even thinking that Si Ye was a prodigal son in love.

Si Ye didn't understand, he felt that he had a generation gap with his boy, and then he heard his child say something particularly unpleasant.

“Uncle Si, are the two of us a couple of old husband and young wife?”


[1 (pinyin lánhuāzhǐ) : A hand gesture, where the tip of the thumb gently touches the distal part of the middle finger and the remaining fingers are slightly flexed, making the hand resembling the petals of an orchid flower.
It is considered a sign of grace and femininity.

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