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“What's the matter?” Si Ye stepped forward and took him by the waist, leading him to the parking lot.

Chen Xu pulled out of his thoughts, shook his head, and said, “It's nothing, it's just a bit unreal.”

“It's good to get used to it in the future.” A smile appeared in Si Ye's eyes, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

Considering that they have to deal with the group of people in the company, in order to catch them by surprise, the two will not make it public for the time being.
Although today is the day for the two of them to obtain the certificate, after receiving the certificate, the two will go their own way and do their own things.

Sending Chen Xu to the YC company downstairs, Si Ye drove back to the company.

“Chairman, won't celebrate with the young master?” Secretary Jiang asked suspiciously at the red light.

“Forcing it too much will backfire.” Si Ye is very clear that Chen Xu has no love for him now.
His move is just to tie Chen Xu first, and not fasten him.
If he is too urgent, he will make Chen Xu run away.

Secretary Jiang nodded thoughtfully and reported to Si Ye: “Chairman, Miss Bai wants to have dinner with you, what is your decision?”

Si Ye didn't remember who the Miss Bai in Secretary Jiang's mouth was.
He thought of this person for a while, and indifferently refused: “No time.”


Although Si Ye is clean and good at self control, there is much talk about his rumored girlfriend.
There are always some people who want to cling to him.
They will deliberately say some vague and thought-provoking words, which makes people mistakenly think that they and Si Ye have something- he always ignores these rumors.
Unless it creates a big wave, he generally won’t pay attention to it, he doesn’t bother to pay attention to these people.

Thinking back to the last time Chen Xu asked him if he would marry Bai Churui, Si Ye looked up from the computer screen and asked Secretary Jiang, who was driving, “How long is the contract between the company and Bai Churui?”

Secretary Jiang thought for a moment and replied: “It should be ending in early September this year.”

“Hmm, there is no need to renew the contract.” Si Ye didn't want a dispensable person to affect Chen Xu's mood.
In his previous life, he also heard some rumors that Bai Churui would marry him.
Chen Xu also asked him about that, the problem must've stemmed from fake news.

Secretary Jiang put his hand on the steering wheel and said, “Yes chairman.”

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Bai Churui is a new actress, and her career is on the rise.
As long as she does not die, the prospects should be good.
Logically speaking, the company should renew the contract, but since Si Ye has spoken, Secretary Jiang naturally dare not refute Si Ye's decision.

Chen Xu walked into the YC company, and the moment the receptionist at the front desk saw him, she felt her eyes light up and thought he was a newbie who had just debuted.

“Hello, I am looking for Wang Jian.”

The receptionist held back her excitement and dutifully asked Chen Xu if he had an appointment.

“Okay, I will help you contact Manager Wang, please wait a moment.” After the front desk dialed the phone, Wang Jian explained the situation.

“Manager Wang will be down immediately.
You can wait in the lobby on your left.” The receptionist led Chen Xu into the lobby and brought him a lot of snacks and drinks.

Her eyes were full of little stars.

“Thank you.” Chen Xu was a little uncomfortable with her enthusiasm, and nodded slightly at her.

“You're welcome, I'll be at the front desk.
You can call me if you have trouble.” The young lady at the front desk feels that her heart is going to melt.
Where is this good boy from? She is going to steal thischild.1

To get the marriage certificate today, he needed to take a photo.
Chen Xu deliberately styled his hair, wore a white shirt, and did not wear any accessories on his body.
His skin was white, with ivory glow in the sun, and his peach blossom eyes looked ahead with brilliance.
Sitting on the sofa without talking he looks very well-behaved.

“A little beauty just arrived, sitting in the lobby waiting for Manager Wang.”

“Where is the little beauty? You didn't tell me to see it!”

“I don't know where Manager Wang found the little beauty.
He looks so beautiful! He looks better than Xiang Xiuhe!”

“Anyway no matter how good-looking, how can an amateur compare with Xiang Xiuhe, Xiang Xiuhe is very popular.”

“If you don't believe me, wait for him to come out and see for yourself.
Anyway, I think he is better-looking than Xiang Xiuhe.
If the little brother makes his debut, I will definitely be his fan!”

The two young ladies at the front desk were talking quietly when they saw Wang Jian striding into the lobby, leading a slender and tall young boy out soon after.

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Wang Jian said something to the other party with a look of excitement.

“Um—where did the little prince come from!” Just now, she did not believe that the newbie’s good looks would surpass Xiang Xiuhe's, so the front desk lady covered her mouth and suppressed the urge to scream.

The young lady at the front desk next to her smiled triumphantly: “Look, I told you he's pretty.”

Chen Xu didn't notice the excitement of the two receptionists, and followed Wang Jian upstairs.
Wang Jian introduced the company to him and told him that the commercial shooting was very simple, so he didn't have to be nervous.
Chen Xu has the experience of performing on stage, so he is not nervous about it.
He nodded calmly and looked around with interest.

It took Chen Xu two days to shoot the commercial, and the effect made YC very satisfied, and they even asked if Chen Xu had any plans to enter the entertainment industry.
Chen Xu shook his head and said that college will start some time later.

The employees of YC Company were surprised that Chen Xu had just passed the college entrance examination.
They thought that Chen Xu had grown young.
It turned out that he was really young.

After receiving a decent payment, Chen Xu took the money and went to the shopping mall, and finally bought a silver tie clip with a small diamond inlaid on it, a low-key luxury.

After Si Ye went home in the evening, Chen Xu went downstairs wearing slippers.

“Why haven't you slept yet?” Si Ye naturally put his hand on Chen Xu's back and asked in a low voice.

“Waiting for you.” Chen Xu did not reject Si Ye's intimacy, and he was very comfortable.
He didn't know how dark and turbulent Si Ye's heart was when he said these two words to Si Ye with his face up.1

Chen Xu followed Si Ye up to the third floor.
Si Ye seemed to have no intention of working for the night.
He went straight into the bathroom and let Chen Xu play outside for a while.
He took a shower first.

Chen Xu nodded obediently, and when Si Ye entered the bathroom, he wandered outside.

He slept in Si Ye's room twice, but both times he hurriedly left, and it was his first time to observe Si Ye's room carefully.


Si Ye's room was mainly black, white and gray, a large room with a cold feeling.
Chen Xu's room was about one-third the size of Si Ye's room.
There was a door next to it that led to the study.

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Chen Xu walked to the bar and craned his neck to look at the cabinet.
There were many types of wine on it, most of which were spirits[1].
A bottle of sweet wine was placed in the middle, very conspicuous.
Chen Xu took a closer look, he remembered that this was the bottle of wine he drank the night he was reborn.
Unexpectedly, it was such a coincidence that Si Ye also liked to drink it.

“Want to taste it?” Si Ye's voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Chen Xu turned his head when he heard the sound, and suddenly didn't know where to put his gaze.

Just after taking a shower, Si Ye was wearing a loose bathrobe, and his exposed calves looked strong and masculine.
As he walked around, his chest became wider and wider, and his symmetrical abdominal muscles were faintly visible.

He was holding a towel in his hand and wiping his black hair casually.
The water droplets on the tip of his hair fell down the bridge of his straight nose, and droplets of water blossomed on his sunken collarbone.

The male hormones rushing towards his face made Chen Xu, who had thought that the room was too big, suddenly find it difficult to breathe as if the room was now too small.

Chen Xu lowered his gaze, “No, I'll just look.”

“Really, I can help you mix up the drinks.” Chen Xu didn’t know if it was because of just taking a bath, but Si Ye's voice sounded extraordinarily sexy and charming tonight.1

Before Chen Xu had a drink, he was already a little bit drunk.

Si Ye walked into the bar, scanned the cabinet, and reached out to take down two bottles of wine.
His movements were skillful but not too dazzling, it made people look intently and be reluctant to look away.

“Please.” Si Ye put a glass of blue and white layered wine in front of Chen Xu.
[Wait, there’s a blue wine? I didn’t know that…]

“Thank you.” Chen Xu took the wine and took a sip to taste.
The taste of the alcohol was not strong, but more fruity, as if to coax a child.

“It’s  delicious.” Chen Xu finished the wine that Si Ye had given him in one gulp, and said to Si Ye quite provocatively.

Si Ye burst into laughter.
He was worried that the child would be drunk, but the child didn't appreciate it at all.

“Do you remember what you did when you were drunk last time?” Si Ye asked teasingly.

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The question made Chen Xu's cheeks hot.
He remembered telling Si Ye to pamper him when he was drunk.

“Dare to get drunk?” Si Ye joked when he saw him flush.

Chen Xu's rebellious mind was aroused by him, “If I talk nonsense next time, please don't take it seriously, Uncle Si.”

“Should I really not take it seriously?” Si Ye stared at Chen Xu meaningfully.

After a while of silence, Chen Xu raised his hand to touch the back of his hot neck, and said: “If you have something to do with it, don't take it seriously.”4

“Do you know you are arrogant now that you are pampered, little boy?” Si Ye crossed the bar and rubbed his soft black hair.

The hair in front of Chen Xu's forehead was pressed down because of Si Ye's movements, blocking his eyes.
The unclear vision failed to allow Chen Xu to catch the smile on Si Ye's face.

“Isn't my uncle used to it?” Chen Xu admitted that he was arrogant after being pampered, but he didn't want to change.

Si Ye chuckled and kissed Chen Xu on the head, “I am used to it.”

Chen Xu feels that he is a little bit intoxicated.
Didn't he drink fruit wine just now? Why is he a little dizzy?

“Uncle Si, I'm dizzy.” Chen Xu raised his head, his eyes were red, and even his lips were red and moist.

“Who made you drink so hard, little drunk.” Si Ye squeezed Chen Xu’s nose, came out of the bar, picked up the person, and Chen Xu subconsciously hugged Si Ye’s neck and buried his face in his arms, he hummed coquettishly.

Si Ye put the person on the bed and was about to get up, but found that he could not move, Chen Xu hugged his neck and did not let go.

“Hey, let go.” Si Ye coaxed the little drunk patiently.

However, the little drunkard is not obedient.
Not only does he not let go, he also puts his face up and rubs Si Ye's face, like a little fluffy animal, “Don't go.”

Si Ye’s heartbeat sped up suddenly, his gaze travelled down Chen Xu’s face, and finally fell on Chen Xu’s ruddy lips.
He could still smell a hint of wine, his throat rolled, and after a moment of hesitation, he still couldn’t resist Chen Xu, and slowly lowered his head.

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