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 Chen Xu walked over calmly.
Si Yichen saw his calm face and thought he was unaware, unable to restrain the urge to show off, and deliberately said: “Some people are destined to be different when they are born.
No matter how hard they struggle, it's useless.”

Si Yichen raised his hand to tidy up his shirt, holding the manuscript in his hand, raising his head and chest, getting ready to go on stage.

Chen Xu glanced at him and didn't say a word.
Si Yichen thought his words got to him(CX) and was happy, then he heard the host's voice from the stage.

“Up next the freshmen representative…”

Si Yichen with victory in hand and a  face full of smug smile, was about to step onto the stage when he heard that the name called by the host was not his, but Chen Xu’s.

Chen Xu passed by him and glanced at him with half a smile, “You are right.”

Si Yichen froze in place, looking at Chen Xu's figure against the light in disbelief, walking step by step towards the stage.
That should be him.

Chen Xu caused a sensation as soon as he took the stage.
No one thought that the freshman representative would be this good-looking.
The commotion in the audience did not make Chen Xu panic.
He calmly said: “Please be quiet, thank you.”

However, when he opened his mouth, instead of calming down the students in the audience, he made them even more excited.

“My god! Why didn't anyone tell me that the freshmen representative is so handsome!”

“The voice is so good, it's a waste not to make a debut(as an idol) !”

“Didn’t you find that he is the zhuangyuan(1) in the province’s college entrance examination? Chen Xu! The most handsome zhuangyuan in the college entrance examination ! He was on the hot search!”

“What the fuck…
I said why does he look so familiar! Little brother is not photogenic at all! He looks much better in real life than in the photos!”

“Damn, this face value(2) kills the popular little fresh meat(3)  in one hit.
Okay, Xiang Xiu He(4) has to lose to him!”

It wasn't until the teachers came down to maintain discipline that the scene gradually quieted down, and then another thing happened that made them scream again; Chen Xu was not reading off a script!

And the way he spoke was steady and fluent.
He obviously only spoke on behalf of the freshmen, but he made this unpretentious podium abruptly turn into a stage with a flashing light.

After Chen Xu finished speaking, the audience continued to applaud, and some even stood up and whistled, making the teachers rush to discipline them.

After Chen Xu stepped down, Si Yichen was still stunned, he glared into Chen Xu's eyes as if he was about to tear him apart.

“You fucking did it on purpose!” Si Yichen stepped forward and grabbed Chen Xu's collar.

Chen Xu didn't fear him at all, and calmly responded: “It's just as it should be.”

This is undoubtedly a mockery of Si Yichen's inability to fight him head on, that he can only play tricks in secret.

“You! Chen Xu, you are very good, let's wait and see, sooner or later, there will be one day when you will stumble.” Si Yichen said in a desperate manner.

Chen Xu patted the wrinkles on his clothes, and said indifferently: “Then I will wait and see.”

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Seeing that even when he(CX) was threatened by him(SYC) and was still being so leisurely and at ease, not putting him(SYC) in his(CX) eyes at all, Si Yichen was itching with hatred, and felt helpless, so he could only sulk and turned his head to find trouble for Teacher Zhou.

When Chen Xu left, two people suddenly walked out from the corner.

“Did you get it?”

“I got it, we have tomorrow's headline!”

“That's good.”

After receiving his military training clothes, pants and shoes, Chen Xu returned to the dormitory.
Zhu Yaoyuan and the other three had already tried their shoes on in the dormitory.

“This sole is a bit hard.
If you stand in military posture for an hour, it will definitely hurt to death.” Zhu Yaoyuan tried the shoes on and said with distressed.

Tang Zhen on the side took out a pack of sanitary napkins from the suitcase and handed two to Zhu Yaoyuan.

Zhu Yaoyuan blushed immediately, “Tang Zhen, are you…”

His gaze shifted downwards.
Was Tang Zhen not only gay but had sex reassignment surgery? But he had never heard that a man who had that operation could still have a visit from their aunt (5)

“What are you thinking about? This is what I heard from the senior.
I bought a bag specially for this.
You use it to pad the shoes, it's sweat-absorbent,soft, and it's a military training artifact, okay?.” Tang Zhen couldn't help rolling his eyes.

“Oh oh oh, it turns out that's the case.” Zhu Yaoyuan took the two pieces shyly, and said thank you to Tang Zhen.

Tang Zhen also asked Chen Xu if he wanted some, and Chen Xu was not pretentious, “Thanks.”

Tang Zhen saw that although he(CX) was aloof, he(CX) was not the kind of person who pretended to be noble.
He(TZ) couldn't help but smile at him, “You're welcome.”

“Wu Bin, do you want some?” Tang Zhen doesn't like Wu Bin too much and always feels that Wu Bin is a little gloomy, but they are all in the same dormitory.
They will live together for four years.
It is always good to be harmonious.

Wu Bin shook his head dumbly, “I don't want it, I don't want to be treated as a pervert…”

Although his voice was not loud, Tang Zhen, who was standing closer, could still hear it.
He was not a good-tempered person, and immediately became cold.
“You speak clearly? How am I perverted?”

Wu Bin was frightened and shook his neck and said, “It was originally the kind of thing that's meant for a  girl, how is it not perverted?”

“I fucking said this thing can absorb sweat and can be used as an insole.
Sure enough everything is dirty when the heart is twisted.” Tang Zhen returned to his seat after saying this.
Tn: Pop off king, drag him

Wu Bin cursed in a low voice: “Motherfucker, nauseating.”

When Tang Zhen heard these five words, his whole body exploded in anger, and before he was about to step up to beat him(WB) up, he was stopped by Zhu Yaoyuan.

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“Don't don't don't, Tang Zhen, we are all classmates and will live together for four years in the future, don't do it.”

“His mouth deserves to be beaten!” Tang Zhen was really about to hit him(WB) , Zhu Yaoyuan hurriedly pushed him to Tang Zhen's table.

Wu Bin was also obviously taken aback, shrunk his neck, lowered his head and said nothing.

Chen Xu walked to Wu Bin and said, “If you don't want to live in 302, you can find a counselor to change it.
It should be easier to change now when we just start class.”

Wu Bin heard Chen Xu's proposal and ignored him, probably without any intention of changing the dormitory.

“Since you don't want to change the dormitory, you should pay attention to what you say in the future.
It's not that the whole world is your mother and will tolerate you unconditionally.” Chen Xu doesn't like to be nosy but after all they are going to live together for quite some time and he doesn't want quarrels and fights to occur everyday all because of Wu Bin's bad mouth.


Wu Bin still lowered his head and said nothing, as if Chen Xu was bullying him.

Zhu Yaoyuan stood up and said, “It's fate for everyone to get together.
It's normal to have friction.
Just talk about it and solve it together.”

Tang Zhen curled his lips and said, “I don't want to have any fate with this kind of person.”

Zhu Yaoyuan glanced at Tang Zhen and begged him to stop talking.

“Well, seeing Yao Yao's face, I will be the bigger person and won't remember this misdeed.” Tang Zhenchao blinked towards Zhu Yaoyuan.

Zhu Yaoyuan: “Just call me Yaoyuan.”

“Okay Yaoyao.” Tang Zhen smiled sweetly.

Zhu Yaoyuan: “…”

“As long as you are happy.”

In the evening, every student went to the cafeteria for dinner.
Without Wu Bin, only the three of them went together.

“Chen Xu, how do you nourish your brain? You can actually score 738 on the exam!” Zhu Yaoyuan was surprised to learn that Chen Xu was the zhuangyuan in the college entrance examination this year in this province.

In that forum, the person named Si Yichen compared with Chen Xu was so weak that Chen Xu could no longer be called Xueba, it should be called Xueshen(6)

“Yeah, when you came to the stage to speak today, you were so handsome.
Now the forum is full of you.
That Si Yichen sank to the bottom and who knows where he had gone.” Tang Zhen was reading the post from alumni.

“Hahaha, they are all asking if you have a girlfriend, and there are many self-recommended ones.
Would you like to see Chen Xu?” Tang Zhen handed the phone to Chen Xu.

Chen Xu glanced at it and didn't take a closer look, “I'm not interested.”

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“Chen Xu, your peach blossom luck is too good, it'd be nice if you can give me half of it.” Zhu Yao, who was single since he was a fetus in his mother's womb, was envious.1

Tang Zhen pointed to himself and said, “I recommend myself!”

Zhu Yaoyuan: “…”

“Thank you for praising me, but the gender is inappropriate.”

Tang Zhen said in surprise: “This old lady is so beautiful, why aren't you moved(by his beauty)?!”

Zhu Yaoyuan was amused by his exaggerated expression, “Hahaha, I think Chen Xu is more beautiful than you.”

Tang Zhen glanced sideways at Chen Xu, and Chen Xu looked at him, which actually shocked Tang Zhen.

“No way, no way, this old lady definitely won't act inappropriate with a junior.”

The three of them went to the cafeteria and were photographed all the way.
The aunt in the cafeteria saw Chen Xu and said enthusiastically: “This kid is really handsome, but he's too thin.
Come and eat more.”

So this scene of the difference in fate of people appeared.
Chen Xu's dinner plate was full, but other students wondered whether the aunt in the cafeteria had Parkinson's disease.

“Wow, Chen Xu, Auntie is so partial to you, she gave you so much.” Zhu Yaoyuan took the dinner plate and sat down beside Chen Xu enviously.

“I haven't eaten yet, you can have it?” Chen Xu actively pushed the plate in front of Zhu Yaoyuan.

Zhu Yaoyuan said pleasantly, “Really? Great, thank you.”

When Tang Zhen came over, Zhu Yaoyuan suddenly saw that there were only two dishes on his dinner plate, both of which were all vegetarian dishes.


“You actually like to eat vegetables!”

Tang Zhen said dismissively: “I want to lose weight.”

Zhu Yaoyuan took a look at Tang Zhen's figure, “You are so thin, what more fat do you need to lose?”

“You straight guys* don't understand.” Tang Zhen said and used chopsticks to pick up a stir-fry cabbage and put it in his mouth, eating with relish.
Tn: Degoratory like cishet guys 3

The next morning, just as dawn breaks, they heard an alarm ringing, and Chen Xu turned over and pulled the quilt up to cover his head and continued to sleep.

“Chen Xu get up soon!” Zhu Yaoyuan passed by Chen Xu's bed and saw that he was still asleep.
Relying on his height, he quickly pushed Chen Xu.

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After a while, Tang Zhen stepped on the chair and pushed him, “Get up!”

Chen Xu reluctantly sat up and rubbed his sleepy eyes.

His black hair was messy from sleep, and his skin was pale and not shiny as he just got up.
Tang Zhen looked at his face carefully, it's like swallowing a whole lemon.
Tn: He's feeling sour from envy

A group of people hurriedly went downstairs to assemble.
Because they took too long, they were fined to stand for half an hour in military posture.

After a day of military training, many people were tired and paralyzed.
Chen Xu was okay.
He usually exercises and doesn't feel tired at all.
He walks lightly and takes the toiletries into the bathroom to take a bath.

“Chen Xu is simply a devil, I'm exhausted, he still has the strength to take a bath.” Tang Zhen looked at Chen Xu's body shape and thought he was just as weak as himself, but he didn't expect him(CX) to be more fierce than Zhu Yaoyuan.

“I can't do it anymore, my legs are sore.” Zhu Yaoyuan was sitting on a stool and massaging his legs, his body was covered with slimy sweat that made him uncomfortable, and he was going to go in and wash later when Chen Xu finished washing.

Chen Xu took a bath very quickly, and he came out without delay.
After all, he was not at home, and he could not take a leisurely bath.

As soon as he went out, he heard his cell phone ring, and hurriedly walked over to see that it was Si Ye who was calling.

Without Chen Xu even knowing it, the expression on his face suddenly became softer, as if it was covered with a gentle moonlight.

1.Zhuangyuan  variously translated into English as principal graduate, primus, or optimus, was the title given to the scholar who achieved the highest score on highest level of the Imperial examination.
Today, the Chinese mainland will call the students who get the first place in liberal arts or science in their province as the zhuangyuan in the college entrance examination

Level of attractiveness

Entertainment Idols, usually popular because of their looks

Probably a made up celebrity for the novel

Getting their period.
And yes FtM still can get their period.

Translator note :  First and foremost, I apologize for the long wait.
I have bunch of reasons, big and small issues.

First the big one, It's my two second last semester and my classes started this week and I am really nervous about my studies.
To add that my college relocated campus, and the new campus is literally so far away plus I can't drive nor do I have a license so I have to spent so much money on commute, fvk this.
Who make the world so big? 1

Which bring us to another issue, anxiety and stress.
I have to quit my part-time/side jobs to make more time to study and I don't know what to feel about it.
It feels like I'm making bad choices after bad choices and it's taking a toll on my fucking health.1

The small issue is, I might have Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Mood Disorder and I am not sure if I want an official recorded diagnosis, I know it's the right thing to do but in reality there's still prejudices against having psychological issues(illness and disorders) and I'm not ready to fight that head on.
If I don't actually have neither of them,hopefully I guess I'm just depressed and that's something curable so that's great.

Anyway my uploading schedule gonna be fvked, I apologize in advance.

Sorry for the unnecessary info dump.

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