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This fist did not hit Chen Xu's face, but was instead easily avoided by him, “Master Zhou, what is this crazy antic early in the morning?”

Zhou Hongkuo panted heavily, his cheeks flushed with anger.
Without saying anything, he punched Chen Xu again.
Chen Xu grabbed his wrist and applied force on his hands.
The young master Zhou was full of cold sweat from the pain.

“You let me go! Chen Xu, you are really disgusting!” Zhou Hongkuo struggled hard, flushing with anger.

“Chen Xu, you let go of Hong Kuo! You don't confess your mistakes when you do such an ugly thing, and you dare to fight Hong Kuo, you are really good at it!” Si Yichen stood up from the crowd and accused Chen Xu.

Chen Xu looked at Si Yichen's eyes, like a freezing ice his gaze was frighteningly cold, “What ugly thing did I do? It's actually worthy of you so many people verbally criticizing me early in the morning.”

“You still dare to argue! Youyou, don't worry, boldly point out what he did, and we will support you.” The girl held on to a disheveled, trembling girl, and continued to encourage her.

Chen Xu's gaze fell straight on the disheveled girl.

He remembered this girl, it's her in the previous life, who framed him and tricked him into the room, wanting to do something bad.

This girl was named Xia You, a classmate of Zhou Hongkuo.
Zhou Hongkuo went to an elite school, while Xia You was a child born in an ordinary family.
With her excellent grades, she entered the elite school with a scholarship.
She can attend Si Yichen’s birthday party this time it was actually because Zhou Hongkuo knew that she was from a poor family and worked hard, so she was kindly asked to come here to work part-time.
At this time, the college entrance examination was over, and Xia You had time while lacking money, so she readily agreed.

Xia You was excellent in academics, and was introduced by Zhou Hongkuo.
Si Yichen asked her to frame Chen Xu.
It was a  complete pitfall.
Without knowing it in the previous life, Chen Xu went back to his room, if it wasn't for him suddenly contracting acute gastroenteritis.
After vomiting all over Xia You, he was sent to the emergency department of the hospital in the middle of the night.

At this time, Zhou Hongkuo, who was fuming in anger, had no idea that he was being used as a gun.

Xia You looked at Chen Xu tremblingly, crying and crying: “He…he he asked me to go to his room and clean it up.
I went without thinking much about it.
Unexpectedly…unexpectedly…he suddenly hugged me from behind….”

She seemed to have suffered a great grievance, cried so much that she could no longer speak, and buried her head in the arms of the girl who was holding her, sobbing.

“Don't say it, don't say it, we will definitely help you punish this guy who is inferior to a beast!” The few girls present are all Si Yichen's classmates, and they are also daughters of respectable families.
They are also girls and are strongly sympathize with Xia You's experience.
At this time, they wanted to kill Chen Xu a thousand times, they didn't expect that someone who looked like this and their heart would be so dirty.

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One of the girls stepped up and said to Si Yichen: “Young Master Chen, I don’t think this matter can be solved by the juniors.
I think it is necessary for the elders to deal with it.
Chen Xu’s behavior is completely illegal.
He should go to jail.”

“Miss Yu is right, you can rest assured that our family will definitely not shield such people.
A crime is a crime and should be severely punished by the law.” Si Yichen can be said to be polite to the lady and everyone present.

The person corncerned, Chen Xu, saw that these people didn't ask him anything, but directly convicted as guilty him and want to sent him to jail, which is really absurd.

His sneered voice sounded abruptly, causing everyone to look at him.

Zhou Hongkuo probably didn't expect such a brazen person to exist in this world, staring at Chen Xu in disbelief, “What are you laughing at? Do you still have a face to smile?!”

Chen Xu frowned slightly, raised his chin, his attitude was rebellious, “This is really interesting, I don't know with which eye did you saw me do something bad to this…maid? “

When he said the word maid, Xia You clenched her lower lip, her eyes covered with a haze.

“Could it be that Xia You would still use her innocence to deceive others!” Zhou Hongkuo saw Chen Xu's sophistry to death, and he despised him even more.

Chen Xu looked at Xia You with a smile, “This is hard to say, after all, some people have no bottom line for money.”

Xia You felt Chen Xu's gaze falling on her, and inadvertently looked at him.
The look that seemed to have seen right through her made her completely panicked.

“I didn't…
I really didn't…” she retorted as she cried, and with her trembling body, she looked really pitiful.

“Chen Xu, you are really disgusting! Scum! You dare to do it, and you pour dirty water on Xia You's head!” Zhou Hongkuo was angry, and rushed up again to try to fight Chen Xu.
Chen Xu listened to the people around him.
The accusation, abuse, they looked at him as if they were looking at scum.

Chen Xu blocked Zhou Hongkuo's attack, then kicked him to the ground, his eyes falling on Zhou Hongkuo like a piercing ice, “Fool.”

Zhou Hongkuo was stunned by him, and Chen Xu looked tall and thin, it could not be seen that such great strength was hidden.

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Chen Xu came down the stairs and walked towards Xia You step by step, “I never went back to my room last night, but I want to ask, what are you going to do in my room?”

“I think it's me who needs to call the police.”

Xia You's eyes flashed.
She did wait in Chen Xu's room all night last night, and Chen Xu never came back, but Pan Qizhi said to her that it didn't matter, let her continue.
She just acted in such a play.

“Chen Xu, even if you want to quibble, you don't have to tell such low-level lies, right ?” Pan Qizhi said gleefully.

Chen Xu glanced at him and said, “Is it true or not ? You will know if you check the monitoring.”

Everyone at the scene looked at each other, Chen Xu looked calm, did things really turn around?

Xia You heard Chen Xu say to check the monitoring, her heart suddenly fell into a panic, she subconsciously looked at Pan Qizhi, this is what Pan Qizhi told her to do, Pan Qizhi gave her a relieved look.

“Master Chen, there was a temporary power outage last night, and the monitoring data is gone.” The servant at home was also very surprised, how could the monitoring data disappear after the power outrage.

Hearing this, Chen Xu frowned, he doesn't need to think to know that it was all planned by Si Yichen's group.

The only person who can prove his innocence now is the person who was with him last night.


The last person Chen Xu saw in his memory was Si Ye.
He also woke up from Si Ye’s bedroom this morning.
In other words, he was likely to be with Si Ye last night, but it was obviously unlikely.

The Patriarch of Si's family who manages everything, he can't get in touch at this moment.

“Chen Xu, if it's as you said, you didn't go back to the room last night, where were you last night? Can someone testify for you?” Sun Weiang, who had been watching the show without speaking, asked.

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Sun Weiang, like Chen Xu, was also a child raised in Si's family since childhood, but he and Pan Qizhi are somewhat related to Si's family, while Chen Xu and Tong Jiaxi are completely outsiders.

Chen Xu closed his lips and did not speak.
If he said he was with Si Ye last night, no one would believe it, and Si Ye would not necessarily testify for him.

Seeing Chen Xu's silence, a gloating smile appeared on Si Yichen's face, ” hen Xu, didn't you say Xia You framed you? If you are really innocent, can you say where you went last night?”

Those present who thought things might turn around were completely disappointed with Chen Xu.

“I thought he just had bad grades, but his character is so poor.”

“If the other person's character is good, send it to the four children of Si's family.
Why doesn't Master Chen take him to play alone?”

“It's disgusting, could it be that he thinks since the Si family is powerful, he bullies an ordinary person, and he can get away with it, right?”

“It must be so! Fortunately, we ran into it.
We must not let Xia You be bullied for nothing!”

These seventeen or eighteen-year-old children now regard themselves as Xia You's savior, the incarnation of justice, and want to punish the villain Chen Xu for Xia You.

Sun Weiang always felt that something was wrong.
He frowned and walked to Chen Xu's side and asked him, “Where did you go last night? Did you just come down from the third floor?”

Tong Jiaxi on the side heard Sun Weiang's words and looked sideways at Chen Xu, his eyes gloomy and unclear.

On the third floor, everyone knew that it was Si Ye's place.
You can't go to that floor without Si Ye's permission.
Even Si Yichen had been there only a few times.

“He was with me last night.” A cold voice suddenly came from the stairs.

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The tall and straight figure walked down from the third floor.
He was wearing a tailored white shirt with stand-up collar, buttoned to the top, revealing a slender neck, and a black suit jacket on his strong forearm.
, walking down calmly.

The hall, which was originally a bit noisy, was silent in an instant.
With the appearance of Si Ye, the atmosphere gradually stagnated.

Si Ye walked to Chen Xu's side, took out a pen from his suit jacket and put it in Chen Xu's pocket, “Your birthday present has fallen.”

Chen Xu looked at the pen he put in his pocket, wondering, when did Si Ye give him a birthday present?

“Thank you Uncle Si.”

The corner of Si Ye's lips curled up, smiling as if it's nothing, “You're welcome.”

His attitude towards Chen Xu made everyone present reacting in what can be called a horror.
Si Ye, who has always been incapable of emotions and anger, actually smiled at Chen Xu and gave him a birthday present!

The key is that he said Chen Xu had been with him last night? !

“Uncle Zhong, take this lady to the hospital for an examination.” Si Ye called the butler Zhong Hou.

“Yes, sir.” Uncle Zhong has been working in the Si's house for decades.
He has seen many girls like this who want to climb the dragon and be a phoenix¹.
He skillfully called someone to take Xia You away.

“Don't touch me! Don't come over!” Xia You was completely panicked.
She stayed in Chen Xu's room all night by herself.
Her body was clean and there were no traces.
If you take her to the hospital for an examination, then she is done.

Those who wanted to help her felt that something was wrong with her reaction.

“Pan Qizhi! I don't want to go to the hospital, stop them!” Xia You panicked and went to find her allies subconsciously.

Seeing Xia You rushing towards him, Pan Qizhi feels like he is falling into the ice cellar, what should he do? Uncle Si will definitely not let him off easily!

Frightened, Pan Qizhi looked at Si Yichen beside him.

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