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Si Yichen noticed Pan Qizhi's gaze and stared back fiercely, “What are you looking at me for? Pan Qizhi, do you know her?”

Pan Qizhi's was fiercely stared by Si Yichen's eye.
He knew that Si Yichen was warning him.
His eyes were rolling quickly, and a large bead of cold sweat oozes out on his forehead, “I don't know, I don't know her.”

His denial made Xia You dumbfounded.
Even though it's summer season she had the illusion that she had entered the cold winter.
“Pan Qizhi, you obviously threatened me to cooperate with you to frame Chen Xu, otherwise the school would cancel the quota for my studies.”

Xia You’s words made everyone present stunned in disbelief.
They looked at Pan Qizhi.
Pan Qizhi was surrounded by people.
He was confused and bluffed and said to Xia You loudly: “You are talking nonsense! It's clearly your own vanity and wanting to climb a branch to become a phoenix¹, deliberately framed Chen Xu, what does that have to do with me? !”

Pan Qizhi thought, anyway, Xia You had no evidence to prove that he had instructed her to frame Chen Xu.
He could retreat as long as he didn't admit it.

What he said made Xia You tremble all over, pointing to Pan Qizhi and could not speak for a  while, “I knew it! You rich people are a pack of dogs, what you said is not true.
Fortunately, I recorded your words, Pan Qizhi.
You ruined me, don't think about living well.

In Pan Qizhi's horrified gaze, Xia You took out her mobile phone and played a recording.
After a burst of noise, Pan Qizhi's voice came from the recording.

“Didn't your dad get laid off? Your mom doesn't have a job.
As long as you do one thing for me, you can get one million after it's done.”

“What do you want me to do?” Xia You asked vigilantly.

“It's not difficult.
As long as you enter Chen Xu's room for a while, sleep with him, then frame him and say he forced you, you can easily get this million.”

“What if I don't agree”

“I heard that you got the quota of the school's talent cultivation plan, I think you must really need this quota.” If the first million is a temptation, then this statement is bright and threatening.

“Okay, I promise.” Xia You needs this quota, and also the one million.

“Damned girl, you fucking dare to calculate against me!” Pan Qizhi didn't expect Xia You to record their conversation.
He rushed up furiously, trying to beat Xia You, but was stopped by the bodyguard beside Xia You.

Uncle Zhong stood up and said solemnly: “Master Qizhi, please pay attention to the occasion.”

This sentence obviously cooled Pan Qizhi, he suddenly remembered that Si Ye was still here.

“Si…Uncle…” Pan Qizhi looked at Si Ye tremblingly.

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Si Ye glanced at him with an indifferent expression.

“Uncle Zhong, send him back to Pan's family and tell Mrs.
Rong that our family can't afford such a child.”

Uncle Zhong responded with respect, and walked to Pan Qizhi with his bodyguard, “Master Qizhi, please.”

Pan Qizhi thought that there was a problem with his ears, Si Ye actually wanted to kick him out of the Si family.
He was completely panicked, and he looked at Si Yichen like an abandoned dog.

Si Yichen didn't expect that this event would blow up in this direction either.
Even though Pan Qizhi was a despicable person, he was a good dog.
Without Pan Qizhi, it would be inconvenient for him to do many things.

“Father, Qi Zhi was also confused for a while.
He must know that he was wrong.
Please forgive him this time.” Si Yichen pleaded for Pan Qizhi.

If Pan Qizhi is really kicked out by Si Ye today, then Pan Qizhi's good days will be over.
Don't even think about wanting to hang around in City A in the future.
Not only Pan Qizhi himself, but the Pan family will also be implicated.

Si Ye’s attitude is the vane of the upper class society in City A.
When he sneezes, the stock market can be shocked.
What's more, he drove out Pan Qizhi, who came to Si’s house at the age of twelve or thirteen.
The outside world didn’t know what's exactly happen but they would be able to guess what it is.

Others also wanted to help Pan Qizhi plead, anyway it was a classmate, isn’t Chen Xu okay? Even if you want to punish Pan Qizhi, you don’t need to be so cruel, don't mention them even their elders will be smaller in front of Si Ye, let alone them.
They didn't have the courage to talk to Si Ye.

Si Ye lightly glanced at Si Yichen, which made Si Yichen felt cold all over his body.
Si Ye's gaze was like a Taishan mountain pressuring him from the top, making it difficult for him to resist.
Is his father suspecting that he was also involved in it?

“He should admit his mistake, and all of you should apologize to Chen Xu.” When Si Ye said this, the men and women present shivered.

Someone began to say sorry to Chen Xu.

“I'm sorry, Chen Xu, I wronged you, so I shouldn't listen to the villain's words and easily believe it.” The one who said this was Miss Yu, who stood up for Xia You's justice before, she didn't expect her kindness to be taken as an advantage by others, Xia You and Pan Qizhi are particularly detestable now.

“Chen Xu, it was my fault just now.
I wronged you and almost hurt you.” Zhou Hongkuo was red with embarrassment, and said with his neck shrunken: “Otherwise you would beat me again!”

Chen Xu looked at him as if he's a fool, and said coldly: “No need.”

With a few words, Si Ye resolved the issue that had been making commotion since early  in the morning, and then he walked straight out.
The driver was already waiting outside the door.

Before leaving, Si Ye even specially told Chen Xu, “I asked the kitchen to prepare a hangover soup for you.
Remember to drink it later.”

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Chen Xu is still a little confused, what happened last night? How did he feel that Si Ye was very nice to him today?

“Oh, okay, thank you Uncle Si.”

Chen Xu nodded obediently, his dumbfounded look made Si Ye's heart soft, and he remembered the way the child acted like a baby last night, and the sweet taste of wine in his mouth.

“You're welcome.” Si Ye raised his hand and rubbed his(Chen Xu) fluffy black hair.

After Si Ye left, Chen Xu's hand remained in the place Si Ye had touched, a bit bewildered, and he felt a hint of warmth.

Early in the morning, a series of actions that Si Ye made to Chen Xu made Si Yichen eyes red.
At the age of twelve, Chen Xu came to Si's house, and his father touched his(Chen Xu) head and let him in Si's house.
At the age of eighteen, his father touched Chen Xu's head again, and continued to support Chen Xu.
For Chen Xu, he sent Pan Qizhi back to Pan's house.

Why! How can Chen Xu's this bastard get his father's love! His father had never done these things to him.
He tried to improve, just to win his father's praise, but Chen Xu could be noticed by his father without doing anything.

Jealousy swallowed Si Yichen's rationality, and he rushed out without thinking, chasing after Si Ye, wanting to get an answer.

Why is he not as good as Chen Xu? Why should his father be so good to Chen Xu? Can you also touch his head? Compliment him and say that you did a good job?


Hearing Si Yichen's voice, Si Ye stopped and handed the briefcase in his hand to the secretary.


“Father, did you really stay with Chen Xu last night? Are you really protecting him?” If Si Yichen is in his right mind, he would definitely not dare to ask such words at this time.

Si Ye furrowed his eyebrows and turned sideways, his icy gaze fell on Si Yichen, “Are you questioning me?”

In an instant, Si Yichen's forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.
He clenched his trembling fist, licked his lips, and said, “I don't dare, I just want to know the truth.
The third floor is your place.
No one dares to do go there casually, how can Chen Xu stay with you?”

Si Ye turned around and walked a few steps, stopping in front of Si Yichen.
A pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in Si Yichen's eyes with his head down.
“That's not something you should care about, don’t have any idea, your position is not so secure.”

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The car drove away from Si Yichen's sight.
When the time came, the fountain in the garden sprayed clear water into the sky, and returned to stillness after the third times.

At this time, Si Yichen had just returned to normal, realizing that his back had been drenched with cold sweat, and shuddered when the morning wind blows.

He walked into the house in a daze, his father was warning him, and he was also defending Chen Xu.

Pan Qizhi was sent back to Pan's house, and his father said something like this to him.
Does his father really intend to let Chen Xu be the heir?

No, he has to talk to his grandma.

Chen Xu's room has been thoroughly cleaned, and the sheets and quilts have been changed.
He went to the bathroom and took a shower.
As soon as he changed his clothes, the door of the room was knocked.

“Master Xu, your sober soup.” The servant brought the sober soup into Chen Xu's room, and told him to drink it while it was hot, then gently closed the door and left.

After a bowl of hangover soup, Chen Xu felt a little more comfortable and his mind was clearer.

He remembered that the bottle of wine he had drunk last night was a sweet wine, and the alcohol contained was not high, but his reaction afterwards was very unusual.

That dryness, heat, the feeling of turmoil all over the body, anxiously wanting to find an outlet, is too strange, even if he's is drunk, it shouldn't be the reaction.

Unless someone drugged him last night.

Chen Xu sat in front of the window sill, carefully recalling what happened at the same time in the previous life.

In the previous life, he didn't fight with Si Yichen, and when he was ridiculed in the garden, he didn't care.
After that, they entered the hall, and Chen Xu's parents pretended to give him a birthday present and said a few words to wish him a happy birthday.
If so, how did he go back to the room after that?

After he was intoxicated with a lot of alcohol, Tong Jiaxi handed him a glass of water, and then told him in a low voice that Si Yichen seemed to be planning to punish him, so that he should go to the room to avoid him.
At that time Chen Xu was also tired, he took the opportunity to return to the room, at that time Xia You was already waiting in his room.
Only then did he suffer from acute gastroenteritis.
He vomited all over Xia You and was sent to the hospital.

In this life, Tong Jiaxi handed him a glass of wine.

In the previous life, he didn't notice his effect of the drugs, maybe because he vomited, he went to the hospital.

Therefore, there was no second person besides Tong Jiaxi who could drugged him.

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“How could it be him?” Chen Xu muttered to himself.

When Chen Xu was twelve years old, including him, there were a total of four children staying in Si's family.

Sun Weiang is the eldest at the age of 20.
He is the nephew of Si Ye's late sister-in-law.
He has a more neutral attitude and likes to be alone.

Pan Qizhi was 19 years old and was the child of the second wife of Si Ye's grandfather.
In order to accompany the prince to study, he had to repeat a grade and Si Yichen became his classmate, and he was Si Yichen's number one attendant.

Tong Jiaxi was eighteen years old, and attended the same school as Si Yichen, in different classes, looks delicate, and has a weak personality.
Apart from Chen Xu, Si Yichen loves to bully him the most, but Chen Xu is under the eaves, doing more is not as good as doing less, too lazy to talk to the group of Si Yichen, but Tong Jiaxi has no guts to resist.

In Chen Xu's eyes, Tong Jiaxi was quite pitiful.

It took him two lives to realize that he had actually looked in the wrong way.
Tong Jiaxi was not a small white flower, his mind was deeper than Chen Xu had imagined.

*Knock Knock Knock*

A knock on the door brought Chen Xu's thoughts back to reality, and he got up to open the door.

Who will come to see him?

As soon as the door opened, Tong Jiaxi was standing outside was revealed.

The author has something to say:
Si Yichen: Why! Why can Chen Xu be loved by my father! I want it too!

Si Ye: Ugly rejection.


It's from an ancient poem, the original sentence is 旧巢共是衔泥燕,飞上枝头变凤凰。
The meaning of this sentence is 1)Every swallows used to live in the old nest, and also carried the mud to make their nests.
2)Until one day they flew on the branches and became a phoenix with a hundred times the worth.
Simply put the meaning of 想要飞上枝头变凤凰 is someone want to be very powerful with great efforts.

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