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“I heard that you sent Pan Qizhi back to Pan's house for the child of the Chen family?” Ms.
Tao tentatively asked.

“Is Yi Chen bothering you again?” Si Ye didn't answer Ms.
Tao's question directly, but instead mentioned Si Yichen.

Tao stared at him silently, and then said: “Yi Chen is still young, it is inevitable that he is not sensible.
If you teach him more as an elder, he can listen.”

“I see that he doesn't have the slightest regret.” Si Ye's voice was cold, and after a few words he said goodbye to Ms.

Seeing Si Ye leave, Tao Minzhi coldly said, “Go and check what Chen Shao and Pan Qizhi did to Chen Xu.”

Si Ye's words were telling Tao Minzhi that this incident was the fault of Si Yichen and Pan Qizhi.
Not only did Si Yichen not repent, he ran to her to complain, which made him angry.

After the death of Tao Minzhi's husband, only Si Ye and Si Yichen remained in the big house.
Si Yichen was the adopted son of her eldest son and the child of her natal family Tao family.
Apart from Si Yichen, no one was eligible to inherit the Si family.

Unless the child return.

At night, Chen Xu was lying on the bed and playing with his mobile phone.
The group had been discussing about going to the beach.
He turned over and planned to get up to drink a glass of water, and suddenly caught a glimpse of a pen on the bedside table.

Throwing the phone on the bed, Chen Xu picked up the pen, repeatedly turn it over in his hand, then opened the cover of the pen and made a few strokes on the white paper.

At this time, he was completely certain that this pen was exactly the same as the gift he gave to Si Ye's 32nd birthday.

He remembered that Si Ye had been using this brand of pens for ten years.
When Si Ye was thirty-two years old, Chen Xu didn't know what birthday present he should give Si Ye, so when he heard Uncle Zhong said that the pen Si Ye had been using all the time was broken, but that series had been discontinued a long time ago, so he personally flew abroad, went to the headquarters of this brand, and bought the only remaining pen at a high price.

Si Ye's birthday is November 1st.
At that time, the weather was cold and Chen Xu caught a cold because of it.
Fortunately, he was in good physical condition and covered his sweat all night.
The next day he got a good cold.

But not long after this, he was burned to death in the factory by Si Yichen.

Chen Xu noticed the words engraved on the inside of this pen.
He squinted his eyes and discerned carefully, “S…Y.”

“Si Ye.”

The pen that Si Ye gave him was actually Si Ye's own.
Chen Xu looked at the pen in the palm of her hand in astonishment, and she suddenly felt a hot potato in her hand.

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What does it mean?

Did his rebirth flapped the butterfly's wings¹, which caused Si Ye's attitude toward him to change drastically?

But he obviously didn't change anything.

No, the night he drank, he did a lot of things to Si Ye, and asked Si Ye to pet him shamelessly.

But is Si Ye the kind of person who agrees without hesitation when someone makes a request?

No, Si Ye is not that type of person.
He is notoriously cold-hearted.
In the past few years, Chen Xu has seen too many men and women who want to climb to boss Ye like how a moth fly towards light.
They are all rejected by Si Ye.
His family grew stronger under him, and Si Ye's authority became more unshakable.
There were countless people who feared him and fawned on him, but they couldn't even touch the corners of Si Ye's clothes.

Chen Xu didn't understand, and simply didn't want to.
He opened the drawer of the bedside table and put the pen in, got out of bed and drank a glass of water, brushed his teeth and went to bed early.

Si Ye held a video conference last night until after three in the morning.
He woke up late this morning.
When he went downstairs for breakfast, Tong Jiaxi, Sun Weiang and Si Yichen were all there.
As for Pan Qizhi, he packed his things and was sent back to Pan family yesterday.

No one in the Si family dared to sit at the same table with Si Ye for dinner.
There's a table for the juniors of the Si family and Si Ye's own table.
Only when everyone came to have a reunion dinner on New Year's and holidays, would Si Ye and his uncles and aunts sit at one table.

Seeing Si Ye appearing in the dining room, the three people who were eating breakfast stopped their chopsticks and stood up respectfully to greet Si Ye.

“Hmm,” Si Ye replied indifferently, when he didn't see Chen Xu's figure.

Aunt Liu led the servant to bring breakfast, and Si Ye asked, “Is Xiaoxu still sleeping?”

Aunt Liu, who was serving the food, immediately reacted and said with a smile: “Master Xu got up early in the morning.
He ate a lot of breakfast.”

Uncle Zhong stepped forward and reported to Si Yehui: “Young Master Xu said he would go out and play with his classmates for a few days, he ask me to tell you.”

Si Ye recalled the students he saw on the roadside yesterday.
Chen Xu should have gone out with them.
There were males and females.
He remembered that one of them was a silly boy who was Chen Xu's friend.

After Chen Xu's death in the previous life, he would go to visit Chen Xu's grave every year.
There was also a girl named Guan Qingqing who had a very good relationship with Chen Xu.
For a time, he thought that she was Chen Xu's girlfriend.

Si Ye nodded, picked up his chopsticks and ate breakfast.

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A few words made the three people at the next table feel like they experienced a stormy sea.

Si Yichen gritted his teeth and broke the chopsticks in his hand, his palm was pricked and blood oozes out.

Tong Jiaxi lowered his head and drank the porridge, dark cloud rolled in his eyes, and the pain on his feet had not disappeared, reminding him of Chen Xu's irony to him last night, his nonsensical fantasy was caught and break by Si Ye's own hands.

Compared with Si Yichen and Tong Jiaxi's hatred of Chen Xu, Sun Weiang was more surprised.
He didn't understand why Si Ye suddenly paid such attention to Chen Xu.
Is this Si family really going to change?

He subconsciously looked at Si Yichen.
Si Yichen noticed his gaze and stared back with red eyes.

No one can shake his position.
That Chen Xu is nothing, he is his father's child, and Chen Xu can only be an outsider.
Si Yichen, overwhelmed by jealousy, has completely forgotten Si Ye's warning to him.

As for the main character of the topic, Chen Xu is now on the train, and is about to reach the destination.

“We're almost here, pick up all the luggage quickly.” Ke Xinghao urged.

“Haozi, don't rush, wait until I finish playing this last hand of cards.” Wang Chengyi, with his face covered in paper, still nailed his eyes to the card in his hand.

“One three.” Guan Qingqing had two cards left in her hand.

Upon seeing this, Wang Chengyi drew out four cards, “Haha, four fours, blow you up!”

Guan Qingqing lost two cards, “A pair of kings.”

Wang Chengyi was stunned, looking at the two kings thrown by Guan Qingqing in disbelief, “Damn!”


“Lao Wang, your hands are too stinky, you are not the chief.” Ke Xinghao mocked mercilessly.

With a ponytail, Ni Shanshan was holding her mobile phone and came over from Chen Xu with a smile on her face, “Wang Chengyi, I suggest you let the school grass lend you a hand.
He is simply an Ouhuang².
He just helped me draw an SSR.
come out.”

“What?! Shanshan, you are too much, you secretly let the school grass draw the card for you! I want to ask the school grass to draw! I will send ten consecutive shots!” The short-haired girl quickly took out her mobile phone and offered it with both hands.

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On the contrary, Chen Xu patiently helped them draw cards one by one, and didn't care who the phone was passed over.
When he finally arrived at the station, he handed it over and faced a stranger's face.

The other party smiled embarrassedly, “Handsome guy, thanks.”

“It's okay, I only pulled out an SR.” Chen Xu waved his hand.

“Wow! Handsome guy, you are really an Ouhuang, I can't even get SR.” The girl was about to ask Chen Xu for contact information.
The people in front got out of the car one after another, and the people behind were also urging.
After she got out of the car, she looked around, and there was no trace of the Ouhuang.

She sighed, took out her mobile phone and shared with her little sister that she just met a super handsome little brother, the key is still an Ouhuang!

Chen Xu and his party took the subway twice to arrive at the place to stay.
They booked a homestay with a room for three girls and a room for three boys.

As soon as he put down his luggage, Chen Xu's mobile phone lit up, and when he picked it up, it turned out that Si Ye had sent him a message.

Uncle Si: Have you arrived?

This kind of paternalistic care makes Chen Xu a little uncomfortable, but he doesn't hate it.

Chen Xu: Just arrived at the place to stay.

Si Ye did not continue to send messages, but made a call.
Chen Xu panicked, staring at the caller ID before answering.

“Uncle Si…” Chen Xu stood up and went to the outside balcony to call.

When Wang Chengyi and Ke Xinghao saw him go out, they looked at each other.

“Old Chen, his uncle called him?”

Wang Chengyi nodded, “I heard he called uncle.”

Although Ke Xinghao claims to be Chen Xu's good brother, he is not clear about the specific situation of Chen Xu's family.
He has never met Chen Xu's parents.
Every time the parent meeting, the position of Chen Xu's parents is empty.
Ke Xinghao's parents say they If they have a son like Chen Xu, they will wake up from a dream laughing.

In addition, he had never heard about his parents from Chen Xu's mouth.
Ke Xinghao subconsciously thought that Chen Xu's relationship with his family was not very good.
As Chen Xu's friends, they were afraid to upset him, so they always avoided this topic.

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So who is this Uncle Si from Chen Xu's mouth this time? He seems to have a very good relationship with Chen Xu, because Chen Xu's  way of calling uncle Si just now sounds too good, and he doesn't have the majesty of her elder at all.

He don't know how well-behaved Chen Xu is, being checked by Si Ye.

From where to go with whom he'll go, for these few days, and where they'll stay, Chen Xu was forced to tell Si Ye.

“The law and order over there is pretty good, but if you encounter a situation that you can't cope with, don't go head-to-head and call me immediately, got it?” Si Ye solemnly exhorted.

In his previous life, he had lived to be 22 years old and now he was reminded like he's a child.
His ears were a bit hot.

“Well, I see.” Chen Xu nodded obediently.

“Come home quickly, don't let Uncle wait too long.” Si Ye deliberately lowered his voice, hearing Chen Xu's heartbeat speed up.

He responded casually, “Mm.”

He probably heard his panic, and a faint laugh came from the other end of the phone, which leave people breathless.

Until Chen Xu and Si Ye finished the call, Chen Xu's ears were still hot.
He lowered his head and rubbed his red ears, and said to his heart why he couldn't help but tease.

He stood outside for a while before going in.
Even so, Ke Xinghao asked him as soon as he entered the house, “Is Lao Chen getting sun-dried outside? Your face is so red.”

Chen Xu glared at him and knelt down to unpack his luggage.

Ke Xinghao stared at him for no reason.
Monk Zhang Er couldn't figure it out.
Why did Lao Chen stare at him?

Wang Chengyi came from the girl's side and said excitedly: “Fang Yuan said just now that there is a famous bar nearby.
How about going to see it at night?”

Butterfly effect
2. 欧皇(pinyin ōuhuáng) : literally translate to Emperor of europe, slang for a lucky player.
It's popularized from an online Japanese game Kantai Collection

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