Agent Cherry

curious (adj) eager to know or learn something.

”Are you done? ” Blossom asked as she knocked on the door of the washroom.

”Give me a minute! This top is too tight. Oh **, I think its stuck! ” the girl said, running her fingers through her short hair, as the cotton top she borrowed from Blossom was stuck on her chest.

”Should I come in, do you need help? ” Blossom asked with worry.

”Ah no, its fine. Let me do it on my own. ” The short haired screamed from inside struggling to pull the top down.

”Calm down, Tasha and let me help you. We need to hurry up. Open the damn door! ” Blossom yelled, placing her hand on the knob.

”Yah! Im an undercover agent you freak! Don take my real name. ” The girl spoke with panic to which Blossom just rolled her eyes and twisted the knob to open it.

”Yah! How did you enter? ” Tasha said, looking at her through her mirror reflection.

”You did not lock it, asshole! ” Blossom said walked towards Tasha who stood there tired of all pulling the top down.

”It wasn an automatic lock? Fuck bro! I need to be more careful. ” Tasha said shaking her head.

”How dumb could you get? Where would you find an automatic lock in a hotel in a remote village? ”

e a genius, Cherry! I am proud to have raised you this way. ” Tasha wobbled her lips like a dramatic aunt and flipped her short hair that could barely reach her shoulders.

”I ain no genius, its just you
e dumb. ” Blossom said rolling her eyes playfully.

”Yeah whatever, now help your senior to pull this off! ” Tasha said in an ordering tone, her nostrils flared up.

”Fine! Just stay put and don move. If I could just jiggle it out a little, then I c- ”

”Stop explaining things to me, its already weird as **! ” Tasha interrupted.

”Oh okay! ” Blossom said, placing her hands at the tip of the fabric to pull it harshly.

”Ah! Wait it hurts. Fuck! Pull it slowly! ”

”I am trying, okay? Stop yelling. ” Blossom said still tugging onto the fabric.

”Its my hormones that are acting up. Not my fault. Why you had to be so big? ” Tasha whined, pointing at the girls body type, probably. While Blossom placed one hand at the back of her top.

And thud!

Both Blossom and Tasha turned 360° towards the sound that echoed from the doorway.

”Oh! I am so sorry maam. You called for the room service and the entrance door was open and I heard some shreiks, so I just came in unannounced to check on you. I didn know you were doing- Nevermind, Im sorry! ” With that the bellhop rushed out of the room with her cheeks burning red.

”What was she saying and why did she blushed? ” Blossom asked frowning innocently at her senior.

Tasha pressed her lips tight to control herself from bursting out laughing at the messed up situation they were in. I mean, with Blossoms hands all around Tasha and their faces inches apart, who wouldn interpret it that way?

”She must have misunderstood us. ” She said making the younger more puzzled but soon she realized their position and backed off. As Tasha bursted out laughing, Blossom was flustered. Oh, our innocent agent. Okay, Tasha stop laughing, I don want to die with our leads hands.

While the senior was busy laughing, she pulled the top with all her strength, glaring at her. Tasha stopped instantly, realizing it had finally fitted her.

e so strong, my little kitten. ” Tasha said winking at her from the reflection.

”Fuck off! ” Blossom spoke, storming out of the bathroom.

”Heres your passport and your new identity. You will be heading back to Australia as my sister and make sure to be ready by 6 in the morning. We need to catch an early flight. ” Tasha informed her and put the credentials on the table for Blossom to pick up.

”Tash! ” Blossoms voice trailed off as she sat beside Tasha on the couch and interlocked her fingers.

Tasha hummed in response, indicating the girl that shes listening.

”Why aren you asking me? ”

”About? ”

”Why didn I try to return? ”

”I am pretty sure you had a reason. Plus you were one of the best agents at our base. Its fair enough to leave some decisions to you. ” Tasha said, placing her arm on the youngers shoulders.

”Thanks, Tash. You are the best! ” Blossom smiled as her senior just shrugged her shoulders, giving her a Yeah-I-am look.

”Lets just sleep. We have a long flight to catch tomorrow. ” Tasha mumbled getting up from the couch and heading to the bed, saying, ”By the way, you know that Im a bi- ”

Before she would have finished, Blossom exclaimed, ”Imma sleep on the couch tonight! ”

Tasha chuckled at the brunettes flustered face and told her that she was joking as they laid on the bed together, drifting to sleep.

Blossom turned sideways, her back facing Tashas as she exhaled sharply, gazing afar lifelessly when all she could think of was that one name.

Ryan Gates.

”Gotcha! ” Honey screamed with enthusiasm as her computer screen gleamed with a green pop up. She immediately turned towards Shauns table to tell him the good news but the male was dozing off his chair, his neck hanging over the headrest of the chair and mouth parted.

Honey chuckled at the mans sight but cleared her throat and put on a straight face. She didn mean to observe his facial features but couldn resist and started admiring how adorable his cheeks were. Her eyes landed on his ajar lips as a tingly feeling rushed through her spine.

”They look so soft, ” Honey squealed internally but then composed herself. I swear the control this girl has on her emotions!

Honey picked up a pile of folders and dropped them on Shauns table, making loud thud sound.

”What the actual fu…uuckkk, ” Shauns curse elongated as he saw his face inches apart from Honeys. Widening his eyes, he jumped a little.

”Good morning sir! ” Honey exclaimed.

”Did you just mock- ”

”No, I just intend to wake you up from your nap, sir. ” Honey reasoned immediately fixing her posture and smiling naively. More like teasing him.

”Whatever, Ill let it slide since its your first day. But trust me, if the reason isn important, then Im gonna screw you. ” Shaun growled as he turned his chair to face her desktop.

”I would love to be screwed then! ” Honey said grinning ear to ear.

Shaun perked an eye brow at the girl but shrugged off the words and looked at the screen.

”I hacked into the railway cameras! ” Honey squealed.

”Holy Moly! This quick?! ” Shaun exclaimed.

”Yeah, I know it took me hours but- ” Honeys blabbering was interrupted by Shaun as he pulled the girl into a sudden hug.

”I would love to screw you for this. ” Shaun smirked, leaving the room towards Stephens office to inform him.

While Honeys hiccup didn stop for the next minute. Her cheeks were flushed red and her heart was rumbling in her ribcage.

This mans dangerous, girl!

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