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Chapter 6 Holy Void

Xela and Niloc have very close ties to the area because there families lived there up to three years ago. Xelas family selected because Xelas name was spread throughout the land. Nilocs family deserted him when he was young and he lived at an orphanage until him and Xela came to this dimension. Their they were taken in by families of humanoids and were taught how to use energy moves.

”Steven its time Xela and I teach you about Space and time abilities. ” Niloc demanded. ”So from now on we are your masters, we will teach you everything we know if you teach us everything about the human world.

”Alright but I can teach you everything because I focused most of my life on studying this place ”. Steven explained ”But I have found some things and I will never be able to explain how it feels. I am however able to teach you everything that I have experienced ”.

” Fine then but you will teach us about democracy dictators and wars in the human world. Also…. ” Xela transformed into Cyber Falls a being of infinite computer knowledge. ”If you lie we will find out and no matter how powerful you become Niloc and I will defeat you ”.

”We also may or may not kill you or just torture you ” Niloc threatened.

”Sheesh, okay but it you don have to hurt me Im stuck here anyway ” Steven explained.

Many weeks later we join our heros again walking through the forest of fire. Where the meet many strange fire elves. Then after a big fever that started with Xela and moves to Niloc. It took week of rest and training Steven. They continue to walk further deeper in the forest a fire lord in being born and Niloc, Xela and Steven watch the miracle happen. By two days time steven can see the frost land border from the top of a mountain where he is training against Nilocs energy attacks. Pretty soon Steven is ready for physical attacks and this is interesting.

”Come on weakling try to even hit me when use this. ”A bolt of lightning hits the ground and sends hundreds of sparks that makes Xelas hands glow. ”Go Gyro Thunderbolt ” with a crash of his fist Xela sent a shock wave that broke a mountain down to gravel. ”I told you were weak and until you can do that, so you
e weak. ” Xela declares.

”Okay, I will try to do that but don count on it ” Steven complained. ”Go Gyro Thunderbolt ” Stevens arms started to glow and the mountain turned to a type of crystal, and fell down in dust.

”Woo, that was the Electron Gyro Thunderbolt, move ” Xela said stunned. ” Thats pretty high Rank ” Steven gave a puzzled look at Xela. ” Oh right I never told you about the Ranks. You see power levels are measured in Ranks of Power you see Ranks Is referred as plain Ranks sometimes. Ranks are your ability level with your power many people when the power up enough they gain abilities which can be measured in Ranks. ” Xela got a bottle of water from the back pack. ” Ahh that feels good. In terms our Ranks are like in your video games with levels as the higher you get the better you are. But, many time lower Ranks will when by what power they are relying on mental, physical or special like energy ” Xela finished his ”workout ”.

”Well ” Steven started ”I understand but what Rank do you think I am ”.

”Maybe ” a voice said from behind ”Rank 15 at the highest ”.

” Oh come on Niloc he must be higher than that when you and I changed into rank 20 forms he was closer than that ” Xela said with a tone of frustration.

”No he can be he didn even transform until that accident in the woods he is most likely sternly at rank 15 ” Niloc also said with anger in his voice.

”Why don we just check my rank I mean isn there anything that can do that ” Steven begged. Then both Niloc and Xela looked at him like they were going to kill him.

”If you can stop us you won be harmed but if you can you will be hit we won kill you that would be to easy ” Niloc said.

”Okay I will see what I can do ” With a brief breeze a raging wind came from the sky transforming Steven into world wind warrior. The true power of the planet in the from sky to the ground. Was about to be unleashed. ”With the howling winds I unleash the power of the sky Go Howling Storm Dragon Slash, ” Steven commanded.

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