Thats how my surroundings had become ever since the rogue had opened his eyes. Their total blankness scared me. I wanted to run, but the intensity of his gaze, and the need to see more than his eyes, rooted me in place.

No colour, just like water.

But I had seen. His eyes weren as colourless as they appeared to be. Now and then a purple dot would appear. He is having an inner turmoil, is what I tell myself ever time that dot appeared.

The eyes always tell you how a person feels, but not his eyes. His eyes leaves you frustrated, because you can see. His eyes are like staring at a glass of water, desperately trying to find something, anything in that liquid of nothingness.

Another thing I couldn explain was the internal heat I felt after I had seen his eyes. It was like my body was on fire, the familiar feeling of heat, but this type had me wondering. ou don go into heat until you have found our mate, and neither did m wolf and I recognize this man as ours.

*Then why did I feel this need to rip off my clothes and crave for skin to skin contact?.*

Cold shower didn help either. I had opened my windows, hoping that the air would be able to put out that fire, but the cold had been too much, that I wrapped a blanket around myself to protect my nudit from the cold.

Going to the pack doctor is important, and going to see the rogue is another.

Going to the dungeons is a bad idea and I am mad at myself for even considering it. If I went down there, I am going to want him to want me. Having a rogue touch me is as bad as it can get, and as much as I need a **ing relief, he isn going to be the one to do it. If he ever escapes, even if it is by mistake, the first thing he is going to do is touch me and I can let that happen.


Alpha Davidson is my **buddy. Anytime I needed a relief, he was the one I went to, without the slightest hesitation.

At times, our intimacy would reach a point where he was close to marking me. I worried what his mate would think of him, of us if she found out. Davidson had given up on his mate the first time he **ed me. I know he wants me as his mate, his luna, but I am not going to jeopardize my matebond and his, just for some few hours of fun.

His eyes widened when he took my scantily clad form at his doorway. If he is surprised to see me, then I have come at the wrong time.

He didn kiss me back when I kissed him and I am sure something is wrong and I just hope it isn what I think it is.

It was just a few moments of touching here and there, before Davidson pushed me away. I used m hands to cover what I could. The internal heat has lessened, but it was still there. I am no longer cold, just dirty.

”You have found her, haven you? ” m voice is sad as I spoke, my heart breaking.

”Cersei ”, he says softly.

”Don call me that David ”.

”I can help it. Its not my fault you cut your hair like that ”.

”It has grown longer ”.

”You still need a haircut ”.

”Don try to change the subject David. We have to talk about it ”.

”She doesn even want anything to do with me. She called me a slut and burnt my mattress after learning about us and the others ”.

I chuckled softly. ”I do have to agree with her David. You are a slut ”.

”Thats not the point and you know it. I don want us to end and you know it ”.

Sometimes, I wonder how David still maintained his alpha position. Womanizers don stay on top for that long.

”I don want to be the other woman David. We all have to make sacrifices at some point. Having a mate is a good thing. You need a luna David and I can fill that spot, not when she is here. Goodbye David and thanks for tonight and all those other nights ”.

I shed a tear as I shifted into my wolf. David is the only alpha who thought I deserved to be alpha.


The painkillers weren helping. Cody had prescribed them for me, telling me it would help with the headache and the heat. I had taken a shot of tequila, but even that didn help.

A week had passed since I left my heart at Davids place. I won lie, I was beginning to like David. I would have accepted his proposal but it wouldn be fair to anyone.

A knock on m door snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly scrambled around for an piece of clothing. Nudity had become a thing for me, especially in my alone time.

The robe wouldn cover much but I am not letting whoever that is on the other side look at my body. I flung the door open.

”Eyes up here buddy ”.

Pink stained his cheeks as he cleared his throat.

”What do you want at this time Bradley? Shouldn you be asleep or something? ”.

”Um, Alpha Beckett is here ”.

”Is he alone? ”

”No. He brought someone with him ”.

I furrowed my brow. What did Beckett want at this time? And that too with a stranger? He was the first alpha who didn want me around, but thanks to my awesome self, I didn let him push me around.

Him, together with the other alphas, Davidson included, watched in silence for the arrival of my mate. There was this this sick belief that my mate was the only one who would be able to force me into submission since the other alphas couldn do it.

”Um, okay ”, I said, gesturing for him to step aside as I started to move forward.

Bradley stood rooted in his spot. ”Er.. my lady don you think you should put on something before we leave ”.

I patted his arm. Look at him getting all concerned.

”Don worry yourself Bradley. If Beckett can handle some skin, Id skin him alive ”.

Swallowing painfully, he nodded.

Beckett wasn smiling by the time I reached the living room. He wore his signature look.

”The least you can do on my lands is smile ”.

His frown only deepened when he took in my appearance.

”A man only smiles when he is happy ”.

”So you have finally admitted to your long life unhappiness. Man, am I glad ”.

”My happiness is none of your concern. I didn come here in the dead of the night to discuss my happiness ”.

”If not, why did you disturb my sleep? ”

Truth be told, I wasn sleeping and haven been for a while now. Having a rogue on my lands is unsettling, nut it wouldn cost me my sleep. The internal heat was something I couldn handle.

Giving myself an orgasm only made things worse.

”The council didn agree with me when I didn want that clubhouse. Now look what it has done to my son. Look, see for yourself what your stupid clubhouse has done to my source of pride and joy ”.

He is ugly.

That was the first thing I noticed. I knew that even without the sideburns, scars and a blind eye, he would still be ugly.

That was the highest form of ugly.

Without blemish, and still be ugly.

If I was his mother, I would have thrown him to the wolves. Not wolves, since he was a wolf, but to death itself.

Not able to hold it, I laughed.

Beckett frowned at me. ”Are you done? ”

”This is your source of pride and joy? Now I know why you have been unhappy all your life ”.

While Bradley was doing all he can to suppress his laughter, Beckett was building his rage.

I don know if it was me or something else, but Beckett didn shift.

But he didn leave quietly either. After putting a hole in my wall, he left frowning.

”What was that all about? ” I ask Bradley.

He shrugs. ”I don know, but I am advising you my lady. You ought to be careful of that man. He is very angry and might stir up trouble. ”

Awww. ”Its nice to know that someone cares about my sorry arse. But don worry yourself about me Bradley. They don call me alpha for nothing. Now go to sleep Bradley. Tomorrow is going to be a long day ”.

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