An Extra Who Rewrites From Scratch

Chapter 7: How The Fool Trains (1)

”I just went to make fun of them. The quest was, by chance, a wake-up call. ”

”Those guys? ”

”Since I failed my awakening surgery, people are looking down on me more. And seeing trash like guys also trying to become players, Im not sure Ill be able to live with that

Although he had never met Lee Cheol-joon before, Do-hyon did a good job. This was far more convincing than telling the lie that he realized his fathers might and decided to devote himself to becoming a player. ”But you went straight to the blank wall? ” ”When I saw the news, there were quite a few people who died trying to break it. I went there to take a look. Throwing the body… I thought it was going to be good, so I decided to go ”

At the end of the speech, Do-hyun shrugged.

Lee Chul-joon was still suspicious.

”Is it true that you woke up as a player? ”

”…yes. ”

I didn have to hide my awakening as a player.

If I said I wasn a player, I could live a comfortable life.

However, it was unclear whether Lee Chul-joon would leave his useless child alone.

In Do-hyuns answer, Lee Chul-joon did not ask anything else.

He did not seem to wonder what kind of characteristics his son had awakened.

”Take it. ”

Lee Chul-joon picked up the sword he had been leaning against the desk in his office and threw it to Do-hyun.

Tuk! Do-hyeon, who suddenly took the sword, asked. ”What is this? ” ”It is a gift. It is a fairly high-grade item, so your first equipment will not be enough. ” ”A gift? ” Dohyuns eyebrows furrowed. Even the original author himself was completely dumbfounded. Was Lee Cheol-jun such a person? ”Even if it was unintentional, it is true that he was awakened, so wouldn he need a weapon? ” ”… … . ” Do-hyeon looked at the received item without saying a word.

Rating: Rare

Attack: 24

– A sword with a curse infused with its blood while hunting humans. Since a vicious curse resides, if you are attacked even once, you will suffer from a terrible curse.

-Strength +2 when worn

-When attacking, there is a 10% chance to cause continuous bleeding.

-Induces a state of fear with a 10% chance when attacking.

Its an excessive item for a beginner who has just awakened. Dohyuns complexion hardened as he looked at the items. In Dungeons & Monsters (TL: It seems like the novel name has changed to Dungeons & Monsters), item grades are divided into 7 levels. Lesser, Normal, Advanced, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique. This sword was ranked 4th from the top. It wasn the highest level item, but the rare rating was quite high. It was too much for a novice player. Most importantly, there was no level limit. Rare grade items with no level restrictions were one of the most valuable items that each faction lit and raked. It was essential to increase the levels of the lower ranked players

”It means, he will be paying attention to me, but..….

The main point must have been to ask why he went to the wall of blank paper and how he was able to break the quest.

Do-hyun tried to look at the current situation as calmly as possible. Don get caught up in a moments greed. This man in front of me was very greedy. He was not fond of anything and never just gave anything away. He had to make a better choice. A choice that can stick even a little more to this inexorable world. Dohyun closed his eyes for a moment and opened his mouth. ”I don need this yet. ” ”It is not needed? ” At those words, Lee Cheol-juns eyebrows twitched. He seemed to think it was an unexpected word. Lee Cheol-jun, who was always relaxed, showed a puzzled expression for the first time. However, Do-hyun continued speaking calmly. ”It hurts my pride too much to get through the quest by touching a corpse. If I do it right later, give me something else. ” Lee Do-hyuns habit was, If I become a player, Ill do more!

He was a typical gambler with no skills and a strong sense of pride, aiming for one shot rather than a small harvest. Even if he neglected him, it didn mean that he didn even know his sons tendencies. Lee Cheol-joon, who understood the true meaning of Do-hyuns words, took back his sword. ”Huh, okay? Is that so? ” ”Anyway, I can even handle a sword properly now, so wouldn it be rather cumbersome? ” That was correct. Excessive items tended to become targets of others. And if you don have the strength to protect it, it can become poison. The item Lee Cheol-jun gave me was just that. First of all, what if this item is stolen by someone? Lee Cheol-jun would not hide his disappointment and would not only take the item, but also expel Do-hyun from the family. It is said that the children of the Mu Cheon family are carried away with their weapons taken away. Therefore, receiving this item now was not the best option for Do-hyun. ”Its annoying… So what do you want me to give you? ” From now on was the key. He dared to reject the item that the head of the Mu Cheon family gave him. Of course, I had to come up with an answer worthy of that refusal. Otherwise, it would be worse than quietly receiving the item. Do-hyun, who was thinking hard, said,

”The Mana Stone, the Servant of the Sega, and……. ”

Do-hyun asked for three things.

Lee Chul-joons eyebrows frowned deeply when he heard the last word.

It won be, but he thought he heard it wrong for a moment.

”Are all the three things you said for sure? ”

”Yes, thats right

However, the answer from Do-hyun was clear.

”I need it now. ”


It was the next day that the item Do-hyun asked for was delivered. The work was done quicker than expected.

The maid who visited, delivered the Mana Stone to Do-hyun and ran away quickly.

Not only in hospitals, but here too, nuclear waste is still handled.

With a ugly face, Do-hyun sat down at the desk in my room. Then he placed the magic stone on the desk and opened the skill window.

The skill level of the game Dungeon & Monsters was 7 in total, the same as the item level. Lesser, Normal, Advanced, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique.

And the first skill a beginner player acquires in the dungeon was a low-level or general skill.

However, that did not mean that only beginners were using low-level, general skills. Although the grade was low, there were some skills that were highly rated because of their efficiency or effectiveness. Establishing basic skills around it and raising the level was the key to improving skills.

Of course, there are skills related to the characteristics that can be obtained when awakening as a player. Most of those skills were growth-type skills. Depending on the growth of the player, the end could be grand or weak. Therefore, all skills related to characteristics had a consistent commonality. As it is a growth-type skill, it is inevitable that it will be weak at first. Most skill ranks related to traits are initially classified as low. So, from the beginning, it was not possible to see a great effect in the battle. That was common sense.

At this moment, except for Do-hyun, a player with only one singularity.

Grade: Low

Level: 1

– Allows the player to maintain the minimum dignity as the original author.

-Provides the player with the minimum talent hands-on for drawing so that the player can use the character ranscendence of the original smoothly.

-Provides the minimum talent sight for the player to observe objects and phenomena. [Condition] Open when the players talent is weak. Dohyuns eyebrows moved as he looked at the skill description. I was very upset when he was confirmed and killed because he was not good at drawing until he came to the novel. Anyway, the next skill… … . Dohyun looked at the next skill.

Grade: Low Level: 1

-Provides the necessary pigment to the player.

-Provide the color desired by the player in the right place.

-As a pigment imbued with mysterious magic, when the player as the original author edits an object or phenomenon, the correction success rate is amplified by 5%. They
e good for low-level subjects. The above two skills were created immediately after completing the quest of the White Paper Wall. And Do-hyun immediately sensed it.

These skills will play a huge role in his future moves. It was this skill that aided Do-hyon, who seemed to have no talent. Even if it had grand characteristics such as ranscendence of the original, it was useless if the actual drawing skills were poor. This is because the correction success rate is proportional to the drawing skill. Therefore, although these skills are initially low-grade, In reality, they were more effective than any other skill of any rank for Do-hyeon. This is because the above two skills are related to this last skill.

Rating: Unique Level: 1

– You can simulate objects or phenomena by drawing anything.

-However, when drawing a battle doll, you must use human blood as a medium. A part of the soul of the drawn person is trapped in the papyrus, and all his knowledge and experience are lost to the player. In a word, it was a simulator where experiences could be shared. In the case of humans, there was a limit to saving blood. Even considering that, it was a skill that could be called a balance break. Isn this enough to keep me alive without dying?

Dohyun smiled satisfactorily as he looked at his skills. Since the start of Dungeon & Monsters, the number of unique rank skills has never exceeded ten fingers. Such a unique level of skill came into my hands. There was no way I couldn be satisfied. And this was the core skill of the characteristic Transcendence of the Original. Now that Ive obtained the magic stone and the blood of criminals, Ill have to go ahead with the work quickly.

Dohyuns eyes shone with enthusiasm. The reason why Lee Cheol-jun asked for a magic stone and a criminal from Sega was to use this skill properly.

”Are all magic stones grade C? ” Dohyun picked up a magic stone. One of the reasons players enter the dungeon is this magic stone. Manastone was useful even in modern times as an energy resource. It was also more efficient than lithium-ion batteries. For this reason, magic stones were mainly used to produce high-end products rather than mass-produced products.

Of course, there were many other uses besides replacing the battery. So, players caught monsters in the dungeon or found and sold magic stones hidden throughout the dungeon. It was because the income was quite good, enough to accumulate wealth. And all of the magic stones that Do-hyon has now were grade C.

It was a good product that was well worth it. Of course, not all magic stones were graded. Most of the time, there was no grade because the product had no value. Considering that, if it was a C-class, the size and the accumulation of magical power were quite large. ”Nevertheless, this is a reward given by the head of the Mu cheon family, but it is not worth much. ” Do-hyeon looked carefully at his magic stone and narrowed his brow. He is Lee Cheol-jun, who came can easily enough give rare-grade items. I couldn understand why he showed such a stingy attitude when he gave me the magic stone. He thought he could give something bigger. He solved the failure of the awakening surgery by himself. Wasn he living up to his expectations for what his poor son had exerted?

However, when he saw the magic stone grade, he thought he was going to miss it. It was because I thought that he might have bought Lee Cheol-joons guard with a suspicious attitude. Are you going to watch me for now? Do-hyeon was sad and put his magic stone down on the desk. And put his hand into his arms. Whatever I want, I already have it in my hands. Sufficient puzzle pieces have been assembled to carry out the plan. He had nothing more to be greedy for. ”The blood of ten people… … . ” Do-hyeon fiddled with his blood sample in his hand. It was the blood he had received from the sinners of family. Segas criminal. players or the general public; It was a stigma engraved on those who could not repay what they borrowed from the Mu Cheon family or who damaged Segas prestige, regardless of their rank. In the case of players, when they couldn do their part as much as the items they received or the skills that helped them grow, in the case of ordinary people, when they leaked Segas secrets or borrowed the power of Sega, they would become criminals. Among them, the players that Do-hyeon chose were the players. ”Ten players will suffice. ” Dohyun immediately activated the skill Papyrus of the Original. < Recognizes 4 C-class mana stones I did. > < The amount of magic equivalent to 4 C-class magic stones is absorbed into the players body. > Dohyuns actions did not stop there. He activated the skills related to the characteristics one after another. Do-hyeon put the blood of Segas criminals on his brush. A skill was activated on a cheap brush soaked in the blood of a criminal. Thanks to the skill The Original Authors Overcoat, the brush spit out ink like a fountain pen without any other tools. The brush swam freely across the white papyrus. What was expressed in the red ink was a human figure. A figure of a person was drawn on exactly one papyrus. Dohyeon then drew ten people on a total of ten drawing papers. While collecting the brush, Dohyun looked down at the finished paintings. His eyes were filled with happy emotions.

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