An Old Spirit

The Town Massacre

Ren Alatar received the power of the spirit called Nightmare. This spirit is known as the strongest and most feared of all. After such a feat, he moved to the nearest uninhabited area and began his training.

Nightmare – Hey master, when will you summon me? I want to see you please.

Ren Alatar – Wait a minute Nightmare, since I got this power, it is difficult to move around, I still can control my physical abilities.

Nightmare – Master make sure you stay relaxed while moving. If you stay rigid all the time, you will never be able to use your full potential.

Ren Alatar – Oh thank you Nightmare, I feel faster now. Okay, now come out Nightmare.

Suddenly a spirit in the form of a woman appears, she had white skin, red eyes, black hair and a long black dress. She wore high-heeled shoes and was extremely beautiful due to her aura.

Ren Alatar – Wow Nightmare, you are magnificent! If you were an ordinary woman, I would marry you.

Nightmare – Thank you very much Master, now lets focus on improving your skills. Imagine a stats menu and see your skill points like in a game.

A large screen appeared before Alatars eyes. Ren Alatar currently possesses 800 of strength, agility, intelligence, vitality and -999 of faith thanks to his superhuman power.

Ren Alatar – My God, it makes me look like I am cheating.

Nightmare – Ahahah nothing more expected than me, after all I am the strongest spirit of the Dark Ages.

Ren Alatar – Okay, now Im going to try some spells on these trees.

Alatar stretched his arm towards a tree and said:

Ren Alatar – Levitation!

Immediately the tree came out of the ground and Alatar could control it freely. He discovered that his punch could break mountains and could overcome the sound barrier. With his mind, he could reverse spells cast by other people and repel spells against them, it was as if he had a protective barrier around him. After so many practice, Alatar said:

Ren Alatar – Apparently I must be rank S? No, I can get above S! I am an SSS!!!!!

Nightmare – That is why I chose you as my Master, no one else could control these powers, only someone with ambition and hatred for humanity.

Ren Alatar – Well I could fight empty-handed myself, but that alone does not guarantee me invincible, I need an armor and a weapon, both need to be extremely refined to the point of being indestructible.

Nightmare – In that case I can give you any armor and weapon you want, Master.

Ren Alatar – If I say what I want in the armor and weapon, can you create it for me Nightmare?

Nightmare – If that is your wish, I will do it Master.

Ren Alatar – Ok, in this case, starting with the armor, create a black cloak of those common ones, add immunity against poisons, resistance against melee attacks XII, resistance against magic and spells V, increase strength and speed by 50% when I am at half my life, and +20% stealth.

Nightmare – As you wish.

A cloak appeared from a black magic circle.

Ren Alatar – Ok perfect, now for my sword I want you to create a dragon slayer, but I don want a big one, make it a medium one, light and easy to handle. Add 6 petals of Yggdrasil for a 200% increase in magical strength, so Ill have a thousand strength. Add range increase by 10%, increase sword sharpening by 25% and add a black fire enchantment, so that my sword can burn my enemies. Last I want you to paint the sword completely black and add purple neons, so this dragon slayer will become a dark dragon slayer.

Nightmare – And everything is ready Master! Please give it a try.

Alatar put on his cloak and equipped himself with the dragon slayer, ran with all his speed against a green goblin found in the middle of the night. He was so fast to kill the green goblin and turning it into dust in less than a second. At this moment, he felt invincible and unable to be defeated and said:

Ren Alatar – Now with this power I will start by getting followers, to fight by my side, I will continue on my journey towards the day I will rule the World! Now its time to start the hunt!

End of chapter 2

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