ay also painted little prongs on the blade so it wouldn look boring if it was just the blade.

The characteristics were ”fatal injuries ” and ”bleeding ”. He wanted the opponent not to die immediately, but to suffer like the other angels he killed.

Shay still needed a suitable name and since the dagger was based on blood, he called it ” Bloodlust ”. When Shay wanted to finish the dagger, however, he still had to specify a time to ”bleed ” because otherwise you would bleed until you died and that would have come over Shays souls. He set the time to 20 seconds and the system agreed, using 36 souls to materialize the dagger.

A short time later Shay had his second weapon in hand and after a short practice with the dagger he went looking for enemies to kill. Shay set off and was already really excited to make his first kill with the dagger. He didn run long and already he saw his first target. It was a Minotaur, which was killing animals.

Shay snuck up from behind and used a surprise attack to take out his opponent. Shay jumped on the Minotaur and hit it directly in the back with his dagger. The Minotaur noticed it too late and bleeding kicked in. The Minotaur felt its regeneration not kick in and panicked. However, Shay was surprised that he didn die immediately, so he went straight to the next attack. The Minotaur let out a loud roar, which rang in Shays ears. Shay didn let that stop him and aimed for the Minotaurs legs.

Shay slid to the ground and cut the Minotaurs knees, causing him to fall to the ground. Shay quickly ended the fight by slitting its throat, so Shay gained another soul.

Shay kept walking around the area until he saw more angels that were in a group. Shay was sure that he would defeat them and walked towards them. In total, Shay could see 12 angels, which was more than double the ones he killed earlier.

Shay walked towards the group and immediately the angels saw him. There were many different angels that were in front of Shay. From Minotaur to Gryphon, even Elves were on the scene. Shay didn really care what kind they were though, because to him they were all souls. The group just laughed, walked up to Shay and one of them wanted to kill him. The angel fell down in front of the others when they heard a sound that came from Shay. He used Inferno again and since he had enough ammunition, it wasn bad to not have to move for once, besides Shay could practice aiming that way to be more accurate later.

Shay picked up the soul. The angels thought that they were dealing with an angel who had been in heaven for several decades, but Shay was only one day old. Therefore, the eleven angels had to get serious and took out their weapons so as not to suffer any more casualties. Shay was pleased when he saw that each of them had a weapon, as this would make it more exciting, but now had to act much more carefully than before. This time it was not Shay who attacked, but the opponents. It looked as if they knew each other for a long time, because they fought coordinated and had certain roles in the fight. So there were fighters who were in the front, in that case there were seven of them. Then there were supporters who stood in the back and supported, but most of all they cast spells on their allies or curses on their opponents. Shay felt like he was in an online game where you defeat tough bosses together, and considering that in the games supporters were very important, Shays goal was to kill the supporters first.

That said, Shay took advantage of ”cursed time ” and sprinted to the elves who were playing supporters here. They tried in vain to cast spells on me so I wouldn reach them, but they were light spells and considering that angels serve light, it makes no sense to cast those spells. Shay didn complain because that made it much easier to wipe out the group.

Shay took ”Inferno ” and shot at the 3 elves, when suddenly a person with a magic shield blocked the shots. Shay was happy that the fight would not be over so quickly after all. He would feel fun again when he killed them all. Shay now had to decide whether to kill first, the guard or…there is no or. The supporters were still annoying. They weakened his attacks and so he kept moving forward and kept shooting with ”Inferno ”, in between reloading to be armed.

Shay went into close combat and took out his dagger to stab the guard, but he also had a sword. Seems like thats the best of the bunch, but not enough for me. Shay laughed at him and continued stabbing him. The guard couldn attack well himself because he is very heavy, so the supporters have to cast spells to make him last until the gryphons that represented the warriors were here. Shay went on the attack, shooting at the elves while stabbing at the guard with his dagger. Unfortunately, the guard couldn block both and so he had to choose when to protect and he chose himself because he was an EGOIST. Nobody could stand such persons and thats why the supporter had to die, which made Shay happy, because now the guardian feels why they are actually so important. Because the guardian didn realize that he could only keep up so well against Shay were the buffs from the elves.

Now he was a dead man and Shay stabbed him several times until the guard had no stamina left.

Shay was about to strike the final blow, however, at that moment the gryphons arrived and as a surprise, there was a gryphon who could cast spells and revive an elf. Shay finally realized that this fight was not going to be very easy, so he hoped that it would be extra fun if he killed them all.

He brought out Inferno and activated Cursed Time to approach the Supporters again, but to no avail, there were too many standing right here. He had to defeat the gryphons first, then slay the guardian. The gryphons attacked Shay and Shay tried to parry and dodge some of the attacks while sometimes shooting at the gryphons, unfortunately this didn work so well with such a crowd of enemies and Shay also had to take injuries for killing a gryphon.

Shay used again cursed time, which was already ready again and used this short moment to disappear from the circle, so that he does not have to concentrate on all sides.

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