Inside a huge castle, sitting on the throne figure of a very handsome man who seems to be in his early twenties looking calmly at the court, on his side tens of extremely gorgeous women sitting on a similar throne looking at him with a smile while armies of dragons, demons, angels and all races kneeling in front of him,

”Rise ”

He spoke softly, even if it wasn loud everyone present was able to hear it and began to stand up on their legs, and few demons holding a group of 5 tied humans dragging them and making them kneel.

All of them were badly injured and looking up at him with eyes full of anger and confusion.

”Why, why did you betray humanity Alan, we all knew you for years how could you do this? ”

Not able to endure any longer an orange haired man with orange eyes shouted at the man sitting on the throne.

Alan said nothing but gave a smirk and looked at him with a clear despise,

”This isn you Alan and how can you all allow this, Elena at least you should say something? ”

”What do you want me to say Sam, do you want us to kill every single race and make them slave for humans? ”

”No-no thats not what I meant ”

A pink haired beauty sitting on one of the thrones spoke with a frown while not hiding her annoyance in her tone, got up and walked her way to Alan and sat on his lap while he just embraced her in a deep kiss.

Sam who saw this was shocked and his mind went blank and other 4 people behind him spoke

”How can you talk like this to Sam, Elena ”

”It isn late now Alan, I will talk with his Majesty he will surely forgive you for this Alan please stop this immediately ”

”Hahahaha ”

Breaking the kiss Alan looked at them and began to laugh and looked at them with playful eyes and snapped his finger and a holographic screen appear out of no where.

In it a middle age man was kneeling on the ground and whole face was swollen and covered with bruises and his own blood and behind him a beautiful blonde woman expressionlessly holding a dagger on his neck standing behind him.

”You mean him ”

”His Majesty? ”

”Ms. Watson? ”

”The king? Olivia what are you doing? ”

Ignoring the shouts of them, Alan looked straight at the women and softly spoke

”I promised you that you will get your revenge, I kept my promise, i will be waiting for my reward tonight

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