What if you have the chance to change the world?

A world where Humans a race that have live for a millennium. Have established a profound society.

Every people have established monarchy, from little childrens to adult the monarchy that they have set will never erode.

People that was excluded from it will never have the chance to join.

Even since high school, The feeling of loneliness , Betrayal , Helplessness i have already felt it.

They talked trash about me behind my back, they would pretend to get along with me only to find my weakness and expose it to others.

So ever since young i have never tried to make friends with people if they considered me a loser, i consider them as trash.

The current me completely lacked experience since, i never trusted people.

Now a opportunity have rose from the ground.

Would you try to change it? Even if it means Destroying the World?!

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