Arabia, 2020

6:00 A.m

”Huh..huh. ” panting

In a suburb of Beijing, you can see a young man doing some exercise

”38..39..40 huh,I think this is enough for today ”The young man said that, then stopped the push-ups and stood up, sweat pouring from his forehead and with his hair black as night and his green eyes glowing, it gave him an extra charm.

Then he took a water bottle next to him٠ ”Huh, really refreshing, ” he said

”Its a quarter past six and its going really fast. I think its best for me to come back right away so that I don be late for my first day of school ”The young man said that, then took his bicycle and sped off

The city of Beijing was not big and there were no striking sights, it was a city suitable for simple people

Then he quickly arrived in front of a house that, despite a modest house, was still better off than the neighboring houses

The young man got off his bike, then reached the door of the house, then knocked on it

knock knock knock

”No doubt its Ares, Ill open the door. ”A gentle voice answered from behind the door

, then opened the door, ”Brother, where were you, we have to eat breakfast quickly, or we will be late. ”The girl with long black hair and blue eyes was like the sea, so beautiful with her school uniform, it gave her a beautiful charm.

”Sorry, Maria, Im stuck with practice, but don worry, we still have an hour left, I guess- ”

”Quickly, quickly, go and take a shower, you are overflowing with sweat, my mother has prepared breakfast in advance, the first day is the most important day. We have to make a good impression on people. ” They tried to make Ares an excuse, but before he could finish, the girl named Maria pulled him into the house and hurriedly pushed him to the bathroom.

”Well, well, I will take a shower, and why the hurry? ”Ares replied with a smile and then went to the bathroom

Five minutes later Ares showered and then went to a room and put on his school clothes, his clothes were as normal as he flew in front of the mirror, ”Okay, I look good now, ” said Ares.

Then he went downstairs, ”Maria, you
e done, lets go, ” Aris said

”Wait, have breakfast before you go, ” a blond-haired, blue-eyed woman called out to Aris.

” huh okay mom ”Aris said and then went and sat down at the table in the kitchen

”Aris, hurry u

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