p. I don want to be late. ” As he was eating breakfast, Maria called out to him

”Yeah, yeah, Im done. ” He took a few more bites, took his bag and walked out, Maria was already waiting outside.

”You seem excited, ” Aris said with a smile

”Yes, Im looking forward to it, ” she replied with a happy expression on her face

I think shes the only one Im longing for, Aris thought with a helpless smile,

”Well, since you
e excited, lets focus a bike, well be there fast, said Aries.

”Okey ”she said

”Okay mom, we
e leaving now. ”

”Take care of yourselves. ”

Then Aris got on the bike, ”Maria, Ride behind me. ” Then Maria got up

The school to which Aris and Maria belonged was not far away, and it would take about a quarter of an hour to reach it. On the way, although this city was not flowery, Maria did not prevent him from enjoying its view, and a smile rose on her tender lips.

”Boy, watch out!! ”

But this atmosphere is broken by screaming

As Aris was driving across the street the light was red but a speeding truck came quickly towards him and behind him were a few people running behind the truck quickly

They were led by a person wearing a fox mask whose speed was very fast as a blink. It seemed he was the one who shouted. He was advancing quickly, trying to reach Ares and his sister to save them, but his speed was not enough to reach them.

Damn, I can save them like this I have to hurry up thought the masked man and then as he stepped foot on the ground his body started emitting tiny sparks of blue light

[LV2: Super Speed]

He ran quickly, leaving behind a few pictures and sparks

His body shot like lightning, his speed was so fast that he left people behind and quickly approached the truck, but the truck was close and it would hit them both. The truck and the man were on one level. If the man wanted to save them, he had to push them.

”Its our fault, I have to save them even if— ” the man said, his eyes emitting a spark, and he bent over to save the two children but before he could take action.

When I laid eyes on the boy leading him, his eyes widened in shock, then he heard a voice [reinforcement: strength]

An aura emanated from the boys body and his eyes shone with a light of gold, then when he took his foot off the pedal and stomped on the ground


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